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Hemp Bath

Hemptique’s all-natural hemp kitchen and bath items are soft to the touch and extremely durable. Additionally, all of our hemp products are anti-fungal, anti-bacterial, and absorbent. The washcloths are 100% hemp and come in three trendy knit patterns. The bath and hand towels are equally luxurious consisting of 88% hemp and 12% cotton. Both are designed with a braided loop for easy hanging.

Hemptique is Your Source for Sustainable Crafting Supplies

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  1. Hemp Washcloth Style #1 (HWCSHW1)
  2. Hemp Washcloth Style #2 (HWCKN11)
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  3. Hemp Washcloth Style #3 (HWCSW1)
  4. Hemp Knitted Hand Towel
  5. Hemp Soap Holder
  6. Hemp Scrub Glove
  7. Hemp Toiletry Bag
  8. 100% Hemp Knit Bathrobe - available in 2 colors
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