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Premium Linen Thread


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New from Hemptique, premium linen waxed thread made from the finest Egyptian flax. Thread made from flax is similar to cotton but stronger, stiffer, more sunlight resistant, and faster drying. Linen thread does not stretch, it’s very strong and durable, and due to the way the natural fibers are twisted together, it knots very well. Fabrics sewn with linen thread can be laundered at 60° C and ironed on high. Use for hand sewing, leather stitching, bookbinding, beading, lacing, tatting, embroidery and more!

Linen thread is available in two sizes: 12/3 (approx. 1mm thick) and 18/3 (0.6mm). Coming soon 25/3 (0.4mm).

Note: The first number is the thickness of the thread. The higher the number, the thinner the thread. For example, our 12/3 thread is thicker than our 18/3 thread. The second number is the number of strands that are twisted together. All of our threads are 3ply.

  • Material: 100% Flax Fiber
  • 12/3 (1mm) | 127 yards
  • 18/3 (0.6mm) | 172 yards
  • Bleached & Lightly Waxed
  • All Natural and Eco-friendly
  • Multi-purpose, Long-lasting, and Durable
  • Comes on a 2.25 in. Vintage Inspired Wood Spool
  • Use for leather sewing, leather stitching, jewelry making, etc.

*Due to the manufacturing process, thread may vary slightly in length.

Hemptique Linen Thread

Premium Flax Linen Thread

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