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Hemp Cord Spools

Hemptique Hemp Cords are an environmentally friendly alternative to synthetic cords. Available in several colors and thicknesses, our hemp cords are all colorfast and free of AZO-dye.

Hemptique is Your Source for Sustainable Crafting Supplies

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  1. #10 Hemp Cord Spools
  2. #10 Variegated Hemp Cord Spools
  3. #20 Hemp Cord Spools
  4. #20 Variegated Hemp Cord Spools
  5. Glitter Hemp Cord Spools
  6. Metallic Hemp Cord Spools
  7. Magical Collection Hemp Cord Spools
  8. #48 Hemp Cord Spools
  9. Hemp Thread 2-ply 6pc Mini Spool Bag Set
  10. Hemp Cord Mini Spools Multi-Packs
  11. #20 Hemp Cord - 3 Mini Spools
  12. Magical Collection Mini Spools Pack