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Hemp Kitchen & Bath

Hemptique's all-natural hemp kitchen and bath items are extremely durable and soft to the touch. In addition, all of our hemp products have antifungal, antibacterial, and absorbent properties.

Hemptique is Your Source for Earth-Friendly Kitchen and Bath Products

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  1. Hemp Oven Mitt
  2. Hemp Pot Holder
  3. Hemp Napkin
  4. Hemp Kitchen Apron
    Sold Out
  5. Organic Cotton Bakers Twine Spool
  6. Hemp Cooking Twine
  7. Hemp Washcloth Style #1 (HWCSHW1)
  8. Hemp Washcloth Style #2 (HWCKN11)
    Sold Out
  9. Hemp Washcloth Style #3 (HWCSW1)
  10. Hemp Knitted Hand Towel
  11. Hemp Soap Holder
  12. Hemp Scrub Glove