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A t-shirt made of hemp is not only a comfortable fabric to wear but also a stylish and trendy clothing option. When talking about sustainability, hemp is the #1 fabric choice. Whether you are a picky user or only want something that feels good on your skin, pure hemp or hemp blend t-shirt can be the ideal option.

Humankind used hemp to make clothing for millennia. Sadly, the last 80 years had represented a missed opportunity since passing the Marijuana Tax Act in 1937, when the USA banned the growth, possession, and sale of hemp and cannabis. Now that hemp cultivation is back on track, it is time to start hemp fabric production again, as it contributes to water conservation and removes the harmful microfabrics from the soil and water.

This post will deal with the benefits of hemp t-shirts, their pros and cons, and hemp cloth care. We will walk you through everything you need to know about hemp and provide you with the valuable insight you need about this great fabric.

Stay with Hemptique to determine if a hemp t-shirt has a place in your wardrobe. Embrace a truly eco-friendly lifestyle through your day-to-day choices and become a natural fiber convert!
8 reasons why you should be wearing t-shirts made from hemp

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Hemp fabric is a textile made from the crop in the Cannabis Sativa plant family. It’s made of the long inner fiber of the stalk known as ‘bast.’ Upon processing, these fibers are turned into yarn and eventually into fabric. Hemp is one of the fastest-growing crops, and it grows much faster than cotton.

The plant goes from seed to harvest in about four months and can produce up to 1500 pounds of fiber per acre. In addition, the hemp plant needs less water, pesticides, and herbicides than conventional cotton. Some data say hemp uses 40 times less water than conventional cotton.

Due to its amazing characteristics, it outperforms cotton in various ways. As we are looking for solutions to environmental problems, hemp seems to fit well in that plan.

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The fact that hemp ropes were used for ships should give you an idea of material durability. If it can be a perfect choice for maritime usage, then you can correctly assume that your favorite tee can withstand the elements too. It will probably be a very long period of time – we are talking about decades, more accurately, up to 20 years with proper care.

And as an added bonus, your hemp t-shirt will get softer and softer with each wash without losing its durable nature.



Hemp is a naturally light and porous material, so your favorite t-shirt is highly breathable. It can be a perfect choice for sports activities, as it will keep you cool during warm weather.

How is that? Well, when looking at the individual strands of the hemp fiber, you can see that they are structured as tiny catacombs. It allows more air to pass through the material and enables moisture passage from the skin to the atmosphere.


  • Growing hemp prevents pesticide pollution

  • Hemp helps restore soil fertility

  • Hemp can produce biodegradable plastics

  • The hemp plant absorbs toxic metals

  • Hemp can be made into renewable biofuel

  • Hemp fabric contains no chemicals

  • Hemp can be used for building materials

  • Hemp can reduce the effects of carbon emmissions

  • Cultivating hemps prevents deforestation

  • Industrial hemp conserves water

  • Hemp supports sustainable farming proctices

  • Growing hemp prevents soil compaction and erosion

  • Hemp reduces air pollution

  • Hemp can help curb world hunger



Compared to cotton, hemp has many advantages. Hemp fiber is 4 times stronger than cotton and does not stretch out the same way cotton does. This makes it an ideal fabric for making t-shirts.
What about a hemp-cotton blend? Hemp is also an excellent material to blend with other materials, particularly cotton. With hemp-cotton blends, you get the best of both worlds – the comfort of cotton and the durability of hemp.

There are 100% hemp t-shirts and 55% hemp and 45% organic cotton blend available on the market. They are designed with comfort and style in mind. Next time you think about hitting the shops, think about buying a hemp or hemp-cotton blend t-shirt, as you will not regret your decision.
Buy Wholesale Hemp T-Shirts from Hemptique



Hemp is far superior to other fabrics, especially polyester. Polyester is plastic and can take up to 200 years to decompose. Instead of degrading, the material sheds tiny pieces of plastic called microfibers. Microplastics make their way into our environment and our diet, too. It is very toxic to our internal organs, but wearing polyester is very uncomfortable as the material is terrible at conducting heat and sweat. The result may be skin irritations and rashes, especially for those with sensitive skin.

On the other hand, t-shirts made of hemp are actually very healthy for your skin. It is naturally resistant to mold, mildew, and bacterial growth, so it will not retain any nasty odors. You will have to do fewer loads of laundry, and your t-shirts will last longer as you will not need to wash them as vigorously, and you will feel fresher for much longer!



Your hemp tee is a versatile piece you can dress up for a day or evening look.
Here are some ideas:
  • Wear your favorite hemp t-shirt to work by putting a blazer over it.
  • Pair it with a midi or pencil skirt for a more elegant look during the day.
  • A button-down over a plain hemp tee is a perfect way to achieve a smart casual look.
  • Pair your hemp t-shirt with a beanie or trucker hat for a casual look.
  • A plain hemp t-shirt is a perfect addition to a denim jacket and jeans.
  • Make your outdoor activity more comfortable by pairing a hemp tee with hiking boots and shorts.



The hemp t-shirt is amazing as a promotional item. You can print your business logo and offer it at trade shows. With hemp t-shirt printing, you will get your brand’s message into the world. Your brand is too valuable to print it on scratchy, ill-fitting shirts that no one will wear. But blank hemp t-shirts are a perfect choice for custom print, as it offers incredible durability and holds shape and color even after numerous wears and washes.



Although hemp fabric is more durable than its cotton or synthetic counterparts, it still needs a little extra care. Taking care of hemp clothes may seem daunting at first, but it will become a breeze when you learn the basics. Here are some general guidelines concerning washing, drying, ironing, and storing to reinforce the longevity of your hemp clothes.


HAND WASH: Use a mild, environmentally friendly soap and rinse thoroughly.

MACHINE WASH: Use gentle or delicate cycle. Do not use fabric softeners, as hemp fabric naturally softens with each wash.

DO NOT USE BLEACH: For stains, use detergent directly or presoak using warm water. You can add a cup of vinegar to the rinse cycle to remove all the traces of detergent and leave the hemp clothes smelling fresh and clean.

AIR DRYING: Line dry hemp fabric when possible. However, do not put it in direct sunlight, as it can cause fading.

MACHINE DRY: Tumble dry and low heat works best.

IRONING: For printed graphic hemp t-shirts, always iron on the wrong side first and then on the right side.

STORING: If you are wondering how to store hemp clothes, you do not have to worry about moths and other pests that can nibble on your clothes. Hemp is naturally resistant to them.


1.    Why Is Hemp Good for T-Shirts?
Hemp is similar to linen, and it is a fabric that does not stretch; it wicks moisture and moves heat away from the body. Hem t-shirts feel great on the skin - contrary to stereotypes, it is luxuriously soft and becomes softer after each use. 
2.    Is Hemp Apparel Durable?
Hemp is one of the strongest and most durable natural fibers. It can last a very long time without degrading. When we talk about time, hemp clothes can last up to 20 or 30 years with proper care. Hemp fabric gets softer over time, but its fibers will not degrade.
3.    Why Wear Hemp?
Hemp protects your skin perfectly by naturally filtering the UV light. Hemp resists bacterial growth, mold, and mildew, preventing bad odors. Hemp fiber is porous and breathable in summer and warm in winter. Also, hemp clothes are comfortable all year round and will last for years.
4.    Will My Hemp Fabric Shrink?
Hemp fabric will not shrink if you use cold water while washing it. Moreover, you can avoid shrinkage by air drying the hemp clothes instead of tumble drying them. However, if you are in a hurry, occasional tumble-dry will not compromise the fabric or the intensity of the color.
5.    Why Choose Hemp Over Cotton?
Compared to cotton, hemp is more absorbent, better insulating, and more durable. It also has antibacterial properties and is naturally resistant to mold and mildew. Furthermore, hemp uses much fewer pesticides and fertilizers than conventional cotton, so you will not be exposed to harsh chemicals. Also, hemp fibers are highly durable, several times more than cotton. The dye retention capacity of hemp is high, as its fibers bind strongly with the dye and do not easily lose shade or brightness on washing. On the contrary, cotton tends to bleed color during the first several washes.
6.    Is Hemp Textile Dyeable?
Yes, hemp textile is dyeable and retains dye well. Hemp, as a natural fiber, can use solubilized, acid, direct, disperse, vat, or reactive dyes.
7.    Do Hemp Fabric Fade?
Although many fabric types tend to fade due to UV light exposure, hemp has a natural UV radiation resistance. To answer the question, the color of the hemp clothes will not fade.
8.    Is Hemp Safe to Wear?
Hemp is low on THC and perfectly safe to wear. Additionally, hemp is hypoallergenic because during the cultivation and production of the fabric - no pesticides, fertilizers, or other chemicals are used.
9.    Does Hemp Have Insulating Properties?
Yes, hemp fibers have amazing thermoregulating properties due to the hollow structure of the fiber. This allows for optimum airflow, keeping you cool in the summer and warm in the winter. Your body's core temperature works with the hemp fabric, not against it.
10.    Why Isn’t Hemp Used More For Clothing?
As industrial hemp farming is a very small industry, fashion products made from hemp fabric are harder to find. Other reasons are that the processing infrastructure is expensive, and the varieties grown for high-end flowers for CBD extraction differ from the qualities that are looked for in hemp grown for fibers.