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Hemp Cord 101: What is Hemp Cord, Uses, Where to Buy, FAQ (+Jewelry Making Tutorials)

In botanical terms, hemp and cannabis are the same plant species. Despite its potential to be a recreational drug, hemp is not used as such. It contains less than 0.3% tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) compared to cannabis.

This article is here to inspire you to use hemp products more often in your DIY projects! We are willing to aid you in discovering everything you need to know about hemp cords, including their history, uses, features and where to buy natural hemp products designed in the US.

Be aware that hemp cords have been used for many products for thousands of years. Hemp cord spools and many other hemp-based products are very popular today, especially with artisans and jewelry makers.

Hemptique Wholesale & Retail Hemp Cord Supply

Hemp has been grown and used for centuries in many European countries, including Hungary. The founder of Hemptique, Peter Nyari, was raised in Hungary and was familiar with hemp products from his culture. With his extensive background and passion for hemp fiber, he founded the Hemptique in 1997.

Our hemp products are 100% natural, oil-free, sustainably grown, biodegradable, and consumer-friendly. Providing high-quality, in-demand natural products at a competitive price is our top priority. In addition, our distribution center in Vista, California, ensures prompt delivery and quick turnaround.

What Is a Hemp Cord?

In addition to being grown for clothing, foods and oil, hemp is also used for industrial and commercial purposes. Fibers like this are similar to flax, jute, and ramie. The use of hemp cord dates back thousands of years. Hemp production is more sustainable than cotton and lasts longer. Yarns with longer fibers are more durable and last longer.

Sailors used hemp rope to rig their ships. Hemp rope is one of the strongest natural ropes available. Nowadays, synthetic-based materials often overshadow hemp rope. Despite its not being the most popular kid at school, it still has a lot to offer.

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What Is Hemp Cord Made Of?

A hemp cord is made from industrial hemp's longest, most durable natural fiber. Basically, the hemp plant's best fibers (outer bark) are used to make hemp cord. To make yarn from raw fibers, individual fibers are twisted together to form plies. These individual plies are wound together in the opposite direction to make a thicker and stronger yarn. A yarn strand is twisted from a variety of plies. Each size is formed by twisting together one or more strands. The underlying fibers are then polished with either paraffin or beeswax.

Hemp is strong, but it is also naturally resistant to UV light, mold, and mildew. As cotton is a short strand fiber, it can break down and rot, so hemp is more durable. Because hemp cord is entirely biodegradable, it is a better alternative to synthetic materials such as nylon.

Many industries are searching for alternatives to many of their resources to avoid contaminating the environment due to fears about climate change. Therefore, hemp products like cords, fibers, and bioplastics are becoming an increasingly popular way to reduce the environmental impacts of large-scale production. Hopefully, hemp products will become more commonplace, providing quality without harming the planet.

What Is Hemp Cord Used For?

Hemp cord can be used for various purposes, just like hemp plants. As it was strong enough to hold and move anything, it was extensively used during the period of sailing ships. It is used in crafting to replace cotton, which is not as durable today. Further, gardeners and even chefs use hemp cord for specific purposes.

Some of the many hemp cords usages nowadays are:

  • Jewelry making: Hemp cord is an essential item for jewelry making (bracelets and necklaces) and beading. Among the most popular sizes for creating jewelry is the 1mm diameter size, which comes in 20 different colors. Hemp jewelry is a favorite among teens who love colored hemp cords.
  • Gardening: The round nature of hemp makes it an ideal cord for garden décor because it's easy to work with and doesn't cut hands or plants. Furthermore, hemp is naturally weather-resistant and biodegradable. To tie and bind vines, tomato plants or stake trees, use 1.5-3mm diameter.
  • Macramé with hemp cord: It is a favorite choice for people who make macrame, a textile and art made with knots. Macramé is a unique form of fiber art and can be used to make clothing, jewelry, purses, wall hangings and even plant hangers.
  • Baker's twine: Chefs use hemp cords to tie food together while cooking. In addition, it can be used to tie up baking boxes once you're done.
  • Hang tags: Give your products an additional splash of color. The label can be attached to clothing, gift tags, baked goods, and Christmas tree ornaments.
  • Nautical decoration: Hemp rope can give a space a nautical feel and look. The good thing about ropes made from hemp fibers is that they can be used for interior and exterior design.
  • Packaging: The hemp cord is perfect for tying up packages and presents. The use of hemp in this way adds a nice, eco-friendly touch to your gifts and packages and adds an artistic touch.
  • Paper crafting: Papercrafts made from hemp are natural and eco-friendly. Hemp cord makes attractive all types of paper projects, especially cards.
  • Scrapbooking: Scrapbookers often use hemp cords. To form a book, attach a hemp cord to the pages for adornment or secure them together.
  • Shibari: Shibari is an art form in which hemp has been used for hundreds of years. Hemp is the best material for this application because it can be dyed red, black, or any other color you want. The cord gets softer as time goes on. Shibari ropes are most popular in 6mm and 8mm sizes.

Countries That Manufacture Hemp Cord

Industrial hemp production is prohibited or limited in many countries because they are concerned that marijuana can be masked inside hemp operations.

However, countries like Australia, Canada, France, Russia, the United Kingdom, and many states in the United States cultivate hemp, including China, the world's largest producer. Increasingly, hemp is becoming a strong, sustainable, and viable product.

How Strong Is Hemp Cord?

Firstly, hemp rope is very strong. Therefore, it is used for climbing, weight loading, shipping, and nautical and marine purposes. Also, hemp is the world's strongest natural plant fiber and can be used to create eye-catching home decor crafts. Be sure hemp will make any home stand out!

If we are talking about craft supplies and DIY projects, Hemptique's 1mm hemp cord spools ensure durability and a good feel. Hemptique's hemp cord remains sturdy for knots and any DIY project and is the strongest on the market.

Where To Buy Hemp Cord?

Hemptique offers hemp cords in different color variations, designed in the US. Our hemp products are oil-free, 100% natural, and biodegradable. Hemptique sells hemp strings wholesale and cotton cords and bamboo cords for gardening, interior design, jewelry making, macrame, school projects, crafts, and more. If you wish to discover more about what we offer, please email us.  
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Hemp Cord Size Chart

Due to the nature of our products, color and size may vary depending on which item you purchase. Hemp may not be the same from one cultivar to the next. Speaking about Hemptique's cord sizes, we offer 0.5mm, 1mm, 2mm, 2.5mm and 3mm, as shown in the picture below:
hemp cord size chart

Benefits of Hemp Cords

Hemp cord has many benefits. For instance, it is a sustainable material. Hemp is grown organically. As a result, it does not add more CO2 to the atmosphere, and it can regenerate very swiftly.

Despite its versatility, hemp is also very strong. As such, it is ideal for drought-stricken regions. Cotton production requires a great deal of water. As a result, it can be used in areas with less rainfall or areas where droughts have hit.

In case you are wondering, hemp cord cannot get you high. This is because it is processed to remove its medicinal and psychoactive effects.

Hemp Cord Necklace Tutorial

The natural color of hemp is tan, but many other colors are available. Twines made of hemp are usually 1mm thick, although you can also find thicker cords. If you prefer a coarser yarn, make sure your thread is even and smooth.

Decide what type of necklace you would like. Alternatively, you can decide to use only twine for your necklace, or you can add even more beads. For more jewelry-making tutorials, read Hemptiqe Blog.

  • Rub a bit of beeswax on the hemp thread before you begin. It keeps the knots tight and protects the piece from getting dirty.
  • Half your cords. Ensure the ends of each string are evenly spaced.
  • A knot should be tied overhand. It prevents the loops from unraveling. 
  • Make sure your lines are arranged. The shorter strands should be on the inside and the longer outside.
  • Make a half-square knot. Grab the line at the far right. Subsequently, draw it over the last thread, underneath the first two. Make a loop on the far right. Under the first two cords, bring the cord to the left and over the last cord. 
  • Tie up the knot. You should maintain tautness and tension on the two center cords parallel to your work surface. As the knot runs up the center cord, vertically pull up the two outside cords. Tighten the knot at the top.
  • Continue knotting the rope. Alternate the side from which you start your hemp for a matte look.
  • Add a bead to the two center cords. Attach the threads to the knot. Lastly, tuck the two outer cords beneath the bead in a square knot. You can keep knotting your necklace without adding beads. 
  • Knot it until you have tangled 6 inches.
  • When your necklace is about halfway through, attach a pendant.
  • Knot the cord away from the pendant. String the other bead on the two center cords when you reach the length between the first bead and the pendant. Tie the outside cords together underneath.
  • When the necklace reaches the length you desire, knot it.
  • You can finish your necklace in several ways. Clasps can be used, or you can tie it off. If you don't want to use claps, you can tie an overhand knot just beneath the last half-square knot. You can also apply glue to the knot to connect it more securely.
  • You would need to finish off the ends of the necklace with metal or wire cord tips if you chose a metal clasp. Glue can be used to secure the tips. Depending on your clasp type, you can bend the metal clasps over the cord. You can also crimp the clasp around the thread if your fasteners use coils. Add jump rings to the clip to complete.
  • Trim about five inches of excess cord from the overhand knot to have enough length to adjust and tie the necklace. The job is done!

Hemp Cord Bracelets DIY

hemp cord bracelets
For making a hemp macrame bracelet with beads, heed the following steps carefully:
  • Attach the seven beads to the 16-inch centerpiece of the hemp string. You can attach the cord to your corkboard with a T-pin in the center of the knot by tying an overhand knot near one end of the hemp thread.
  • The 70-inch cord should be folded in half and slid behind the center cord attached to the corkboard. Once you have tied the first half of the square knot around the center cord, make sure to have the same amount of yarn on each side so it stays centered.
  • Complete the square knot by tying the other half. Be sure to push up this first square knot against the overhand knot we made earlier and repeat it five more times. This will give you six square knots.
  • Attach one of the beads to the square knots you just tied. After the bead, tie two square knots, ensuring there is no space between the knots and the bead. Tie two square knots between each of the remaining beads. After you slide the last bead into place, tie six more square knots to complete the pattern.
  • Tie a half knot on the inside of the bracelet on the side inside the bracelet after you have connected the last six square knots. Let the knot dry for a few minutes after adding craft glue, and then cut the strings close to it.
  • You can smooth the cut ends down with more glue if you like. Tie an overarm knot at the end of the remaining two ends of the center cord so they are the same length. The end cords should be about three inches long, so the sliding closure has plenty of room.


1.    Is hemp cord waterproof?
If you refer to the current standards of waterproofing, then the answer is no. But, you can make it can waterproof to a certain level. To make hemp cord waterproof, you need to treat it with beeswax. Hemp cord is completely biodegradable and eco-friendly, unlike plastic and synthetic yarns.
2.    Is hemp cord strong?
Yes, hemp cord is very strong. Besides its strength, hemp fibers do not fray or unravel, and the thread is very easy to tie. This property makes hemp string ideal for jewelry-making and crafts.

5-Star Rated Hemp Cords

Good Quality Hemp Cord!
"I love the consistent quality of Hemptique's products. This rainbow color is really pretty! Since this is a variegated spool, this cord has multiple colors running throughout the one cord. The ten-pound size works out well because it is thin enough to easily go through many different sizes of beads. I find this cord nice and strong, too, not at all flimsy." – Janet, verified buyer
Great Quality Rainbow Hemp
"Easy to work with cord, and the rainbow colors brightened my day when I opened the box. A couple of freebies in the parcel were also a nice surprise. I am using it to make coiled twine pots, and they look divine." – Donna L. Carrey, verified buyer
Excellent Product for the Money
"This is a great product for making jewelry and other craft projects. I had gone to other large crafts stores and the colors were limited and the price was $2.00+ more per spool. The shipping time was fast and ordering was easy - which made it even better." – Cal, verified buyer
→          Consistent Width All the Way Through
"This cording (I ordered the pastel) is very nice quality hemp. It's easy to work with, the colors are very pretty, and the corn is a consistent width all the way through. It will not leave your knotting looking lumpy. Also, it knots well at the end and takes the jewelry's cement well." – The Pink Purpose, verified buyer