Color Hemp Cord, 10 lb.-0.5mm - 21 Solid Shades Available

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Hemp Cord 10 lb

Hemp cord is made from the is plant fiber collected from the "inner bark", sometimes called "skin" of the hemp plant. These fibers are first processed into yarn when they are twisted together into plies to form a new individual strand. Then, all these single plies of yarn are twisted together in opposite direction to make a thicker and stronger yarn.

Sometimes starch from vegetables, wax, or beeswax is applied to maintain and protect the fibers from the yarn which helps to hold handling when working the cord whatever you choose to use it for, jewelry, crafts, macrame, etc. We use vegetable starch as polish making it easy to handle. Our dye is 100% Azo-free and environmentally friendly and biodegradable.

  • 100% Hemp
  • Thickness: #10 = ⌀ 0.5mm approx.
  • Polished Hemp
  • Length: 62.5 m. (~205 ft.)
  • Eco-Friendly, Biodegradable, AZO-Free Dye, Oil-Free
  • Perfect for Macrame, Jewelry Making, Scrapbooking, Greeting Cards, Gift, Crochet, etc.

* Due to the manufacturing process, the cord may slightly vary in color and length.

**The product images shown depict the colors as accurately as possible but note that due to monitor differences and color set-ups; pictures and color tones displayed may be different than the actual product.