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Where to Buy & How to Choose the Right Cord for Your Project

Has the macramé bug already infected you? Creating fantastic pieces of art has never been easier with the right material. Macramé cord is the umbrella term for many different types of fibers used for macramé projects. The various types of rope, cord, twine, yarn, and thread are available on the market for all those crafters who want to give a chance to this super popular string art.

Macramé is an ancient technique of making a textile using knots. Different kinds of knots are combined to form more complicated patterns. This trendy art form is used to make everything, including plant hangers, purses, jewelry, clothes, keychains, hammocks, bookmarks, different ornaments, curtains, tablecloths, dream catchers, etc. The origins date back to the 13th-century Arab weavers who used the extra thread to make knotted decorative threads on the fabrics. The peak of its popularity was in the Victorian era when many women, regardless of class, used this technique to decorate their homes. The popularity fizzled out after the ‘70s, but the interest was recently sparked in DIYing tutorials on YouTube, Instagram, and Pinterest.

In this post, we will show you different macramé supplies from Hemptique, to help you find the right macramé cord for your next project.

Searching “Macramé Cord Near Me”? Try Hemptique

Since our founding in 1997, Hemptique has strived to bring innovation and quality to industrial hemp products. Macramé supplies from Hemptique are oil-free, 100% natural, biodegradable, sustainable, and made with Azo-free dyes – the most environmentally friendly man-made dyes.
We are constantly developing long-term relationships with our clients and partners who share our passion for creating eco-friendly products. Our products are the perfect choice for any craft project and include hemp cord, rope, twine, yarn, and thread. Our cotton collection includes craft cords, while we also offer waxed linen cords, bamboo cords, paper cords and twine,faux leather cords, and elastic and nylon cord. With our distribution location in Chula Vista, California, we are able to ensure timely delivery and turnaround for macramé wholesale supplies. Get more information on how to buy bulk macrame cords, call 760-602-4864. ext. 403 and 405 or send us an email at


For a beginner, differentiating between various fiber types can sometimes be overwhelming. We are here to help you with those terms.

Macramé string is a single fiber that is not plied. It is not the most common option for the macramé but can be used for some smaller jewelry pieces or micro macramé.

Macramé yarn is usually the common term for all fibers that are used in macramé art. It is often made of the continuous plied strand of some natural or synthetic fibers like hemp, cotton, jute, wool, or polyester. 


A macramé cord is made of a particular number of threads that are put together. They are then twisted together continuously several times to achieve no fishbones present (fishbones are threads that are out of place in a cord) and make extra smooth and even fiber. A cord is usually much softer than rope and has a super-smooth look on your project with no uneven twists.

A macramé rope is made of a group of cords separated into several segments twisted around each other to make stronger and thicker rope. It can be twisted into 2, 3, or 4 threads and then is called 2, 3, or 4 ply – the more ply the rope has, it looks rounder. When unwound, the rope has a curvy fringe, so you can leave it like that or smooth it out.


Cords come in various sizes (or diameters). The thickness ranges from less than an mm to 12mm or even more. Different macramé knots will work better with certain cord sizes.
  • Small size 0.25mm to 2mm cords are often referred to as micro macramé cords due to the very thin strands. This size is perfect for different kinds of jewelry as you will be able to make more intricate patterns and designs. You will also be able to insert beads easily. Small cords are perfect for small projects; you only need to keep in mind the amount of time you want to spend on your project – you can use a 2mm cord to create a wall hanging, but it will certainly take you much longer than if you were using 4mm cord.
  • Medium size 3 – 6mm cord is the most common size in many general macramé projects. It is considered the standard size of the macramé rope. This diameter is perfect for produce bags, placemats, mandalas, wall décor, plant hangers, and many more items. If you want to add beads, look for those with larger holes. Choosing a 3mm string offers a lot of versatility - it will allow you space for a design that can be as simple or intricate as you want. Choosing a 5mm one will give you the same freedom but will help you achieve larger projects much faster.
  • Large size 6+mm is used for much larger projects that intend to make a really bold visual impact. These ropes are very thick, so do not expect to do many knots and intricate patterns. It is perfect for over-the-wall hanging, decorative curtains, and even carpets or blankets. Although they tend to be more challenging to work with due to their size, they are definitely worth the effort.
Macrame Cords Shown at Hemptique Booth on NAMTA 2023 Show.


When choosing the right macramé cord, you also need to consider whether you want to use natural or synthetic fibers, as both have their own set of advantages and disadvantages.
  • Natural fibers like cotton, hemp, linen, bamboo, jute, and wool are the most common options. These materials are environmentally-friendly, sustainable, biodegradable, widely available and affordable. Some of them (like cotton and bamboo) have a smoother and softer texture, while jute and linen can have a rougher surface but still look lovely knotted up.
  • Synthetic fibers like polypropylene, microfiber, acrylic, nylon, paracord, and plastic are sturdy and durable manufactured fibers. They are excellent for outdoor projects that need to hold up well in the elements. Although they can be relatively soft to the touch, do not expect cotton or hemp's softness and coziness.


Macramé cords have several different variations and thicknesses. Each of them has distinctive structures and characteristics, so you need to choose the one depending on your project. Hemptique offers:
Hemp Thread

Hemp Thread

Being 0.25m thick, hemp thread is perfect for micro macramé jewelry projects. Our Azo-free dyes make this thread look incredibly polished, resilient, and fantastically colored. This is an environmentally-friendly, biodegradable, and sustainable alternative to synthetic threads. With the shiny finish, we achieved the brilliant colors of the fibers, maintained strand consistency, and eliminated stray fibers. Hemptique’s hemp thread can be used in a variety of exciting ways!
Braided Hemp Rope

Braided Hemp Rope

Perfect for beginners, our braided rope is sturdy and soft at the same time. This macramé rope is durable and resilient so that you can undo & redo knots a few times – it does not unravel. It comes in many different colors and is mildew-resistant, UV resistant, and biodegradable so that it can withstand harsh weather conditions. It is both practical and decorative and available in two different thicknesses – 4 and 6 mm.
Twisted Hemp Rope

Twisted Hemp Rope

Our premium twisted ropes are made of 100% hemp. They are durable and strong, perfect for wall hangers and plant holders. Available in many colors and sizes, including 6, 4, 8, 12, 20, and 40 mm, ropes are environmentally friendly, biodegradable, sustainable, and resistant to mold and mildew. Due to its twisted structure, it unravels easily, making beautiful fraying ends. However, it can present a challenge when you need to secure neat knot ends.
Hemp Cord

Hemp Cord

Our Hemp Cord (#10, #20 and #48) are favorite among crafters. This is the best-selling hemp cord online. It's polished to eliminate stray fibers, maintain strand consistency, and enhance the brilliant colors. This multipurpose macrame cord is perfect for all kinds of crafting!
Cotton Macramé Rope

Cotton Macramé Rope

Our recycled cotton rope is a must-have if you do the macramé regularly. It is available in a single and double twist and different diameters (3, 4, and 6mm) to pick the right thickness for your creations. It is also available in various colors (some even with gold thread to give your project just the right amount of spark). The cotton rope is able to form reliable knots but at the same time provides a great softness to the artwork. It is perfect for making dream catchers, wall hangings, plant hangers, and more.
Cotton Macramé Cord

Cotton Macramé Cord

Our recycled-cotton cord is the perfect choice for your small to medium macramé crafting projects. It comes in 1 mm (waxed option) and 3mm (unwaxed option) in natural, ivory, white, and brown colors. Hemptique cotton cord is easy on the hands and soft to the touch, making it perfect for intricate jewelry making.
Bamboo Cord

Bamboo Cord

Our bamboo fiber is a cellulose fiber extracted from natural bamboo. The bamboo cord is softer than hemp, stronger than cotton, and biodegradable. It is very strong – it has a tensile strength of 20 pounds for the 1mm cord. In order to reduce frying, our bamboo cord has a polished finish.
Faux Leather Cord

Faux Leather Cord

Our premier-quality faux leather cord in 6 different colors is perfect for any of your crafting needs. It is made of faux leather, which has proven durable and comfortable. It is softer to the touch and more heavy-duty than real leather, so it is a great choice for necklaces and bracelets.
Nylon & Elastic Cord

Nylon & Elastic Cord

Nylon cord knots evenly and consistently but is more durable than natural fiber. Moreover, it is resistant to moisture, abrasions, UV light, and oil, so it is a perfect choice for water applications. It is also a good option for your small to medium crafting projects, especially jewelry making. Available in 12 different colors, it offers an endless array of uses.

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Macrame takes time and patience, but with Hemptique's products, it's easy. With our wide selection of superior macrame supplies, you'll be able to make anything your heart desires. We offer high-quality materials that will not stretch or fray, making the process of macramé easier than ever. Get ready to be amazed!
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If you lack inspiration for your next macramé project, we are here to help you. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced crafter, in our blog section and YouTube Channel, you can find numerous tutorials for many different macramé projects. For beginners, we have chosen the one that seemed easy and fun – our small macramé wall hanging décor project. It uses beginner-friendly knots so that anyone can do it. Hemptique provides all the material, so you will need the 6 MM Royal Corderie Macramé Rope.
If you are an absolute beginner, watching this video will show you how to tie five basic macramé knots and introduce you to the fascinating world of macramé. The possibilities are endless – you can make keychains, bookmarks, wall decors, earrings, plant hangers, hammocks, garlands, and many more. Do not hesitate to show us how you do your macramé project, so tag Hemptique on your social media posts and share your macramé magic with us.  


How to Order at Hemptique?
If you are buying single item you can order at the online store. If you are crafter that wants to buy in bulk and save huge, call our wholesale representatives at 760-602-4864. ext. 403 and 405. They will introduce all benefits of becoming a wholesale account.
How Fast I Will Get My Wholesale Order?
Hemptique is proud to be a leader in quality, customer support and on-time delivery. We usually ship the US orders within 2 business days. Sometimes wholesale orders may vary based on the location and quantity of the products. Hemptique will ship in the most economical way possible for your order. If you require something faster, please inform our account representative when your order is placed and we’ll make sure you get the order as soon as possible.
Apart from Cord, What Else Do I Need for Macramé?
The basic thing you will need is certainly a macramé cord from Hemptique and a little skill. Other than that, if you want to decorate your piece, you will need wooden or glass beads, wooden dowels for wall hangers, and wooden rings for plant hangers. With little initial investment, you will be able to create beautiful pieces of art.
What Country Manufacture Best Recycled Macramé Rope?
There are many reputable manufacturers worldwide, but if we are talking about cotton ropes, Belgium offers premier quality. Their Royal Corderié Double Twist Macrame Rope comes as a single and double-strand twist. It is available in 3mm, 4mm and 6mm in diameter. It is perfect for all home décor applications and comes in black, grey, natural, white, red and many other colors.
What Does a Single Strand (Or Single-Ply) Cord Mean?
A single strand cord is made of only one group of continuously twisted hemp fibers. It is an excellent option for projects where you want to achieve a softer and less detailed effect or you are after maximum length on a reel. Although it is somewhat more difficult to work with because it is susceptible to unraveling, it can still produce stunning results. Also, a single strand is available in various thicknesses.
How Much Macrame Cord Do I Need?
The thickness of the rope and the size of your project are the two most important factors when calculating how much cord you need. Still, most macrame patterns include a detailed guide about cord thicknesses and lengths, so following it is always a good idea. A general rule of thumb says that you will probably need four times the length of your piece.
What Is The Best Macrame Cord To Start With?
Before you master the art of macrame, starting with medium-sized (3-6mm) hemp or cotton rope is best. It is easy to work with and versatile, so you can make most basic knots. A 3-ply strand is probably the most appropriate choice, as it will not untwist so easily.
Why do Etsy, Amazon and AliExpress Use Rope, Cord and String for The Same Product?
The answer is very simple – because of search engine optimization. They are trying to rank their products on the first page of search engines by using all possible phrases and synonyms in product titles and descriptions.