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A macrame wristlet keychain is a perfect way to get your feet wet in the method and make a personalized item. It is a great way to get creative as it does not take much time to complete. Look at our 9-minute beginner-friendly video tutorial on the stylish macrame keyring that you can add to about anything. With only a few basic knots and a few simple items, you can make an amazing and affordable piece that you can offer as a gift.

Although macrame seems complicated, it is actually not and anyone can do it. In the end, it will look like a beautiful woven pattern with a unique look. Our macrame keychain pattern is manageable and small, so you can simply start over if you make any mistake. Among macrame cord supplies, you will certainly find the one that is perfect for your project. We can only say – happy knotting!

Macrame Keychain Instructions (Video)

You only need to master keychain is lark’s head knot, square knot, and gathering knot – simple as that.
If you are an absolute beginner, you will not need more than 30 minutes to make this keychain. However, once you get the hang of it, you will not have to spend more than 15 minutes apiece, so later you will be able to speed through them.

Let’s have fun together!
Materials Needed:
  • Hemptique hemp cord #48 (1.8mm) in color burgundy and natural (cut 2 x 5 feet, 4 x 10 feet, and 1 x 2 feet)
  • Keychain ring
  • Scissors
  • Tapestry needle (optional)
Let’s get started with this practical and beautiful macrame wristlet keychain tutorial:
1)    Start with a 2 x 5 feet string in natural color and fold it evenly in half. Attach it to the ring with a lark’s head knot.
2)    Take the 4 x 10 feet cord in a burgundy color and also attach it to the ring with a lark's head knot. Make sure the natural color string stays in the middle while 2 burgundy strings are attached to the right and 2 to the left.
3)    Now we are going to tie the longer burgundy cords around the two shorter ones in the middle with a square knot.
4)    We will start by tying the half square knot to lock the 6 lark’s head knots in place.
5)    Take the two right cords and put them over the two cords in the middle to form a loop. The group on the left goes over the right group, behind the two in the middle, and through the loop on the right. Pull the ends to tighten up the half square knot.
Keychain tutorial step 2
6)    Move down about an inch to make space and tie another half square knot – start from the right, and put the cords in the front of the middle ones to make a loop. The left cords go over the ones in the right, behind the two in the middle, and through the loop. Pull it tight, just ensure you leave the inch space. The half square knot is now done.
Keychain tutorial step 3
7)    We are going to finish our full square knot – this time, we are taking the side on the left, crossing over the cords in the middle to form a loop, and the side on the right goes over the left cords, behind the group in the middle, and through the loop on the left. Pull it nice and tight. That is the full square knot.
Keychain tutorial step 4
8)    Repeat the same process until you make 22 square knots, so you get a long chain. The total length is around 12 inches long from the top of the ring until the last square knot.
9)    Take the keychain and fold it upwards. Send all the loose ends through the keychain ring. Keep it a little loose, so that ends match up.
10)    We are going to secure the gap space below the ring with a gathering knot. We will lock everything in place.
11)    Take the smallest piece of the hemp cord and make a loop on one end – you will get a short end on one side and a longer end on another side.
12)    Place the cord on top of the cords you want to secure. Loop is going to hang below, and the tail is going to stick up.
Keychain tutorial step 5
13)    Take the longer end of the cord and start wrapping it around the cords. As you wrap, make sure it is fairly tight.
14)    When you fill the gap, stick the long cord right through the loop we left. Take the short tail that is sticking and give it a nice, gentle pull to put the knotted section through the gathering part.
15)    Take the long and the short end and pull on them together to tighten the knot.
16)    Now we are going to smooth out all the cords that go through the ring by gently pulling on each individual cord until it looks neat.
17)    Take a pair of scissors and trim all the remaining ends. To make it as neat as possible, take the needle and push those pieces back through the gathering knot, so they stay hidden.
18)    The easy macrame keychain for the wristlet is now finished.
Keychain tutorial step 5

Choosing the Right Supplies

If you want to craft greener, Hemptique is the right address for you. Our selection of macrame craft supplies is perfect for jewelry making, beading, wall hanging décor, macrame keychain, and much more. We offer hemp cord spools in various colors and sizes – 1mm and 1.8 mm spools, balls, and cards ideal for small projects like keychain making. Glitter and metallic hemp cord lines will add another layer of elegance and shimmer.
For those who cannot choose colors, we offer a variety of coordinated colors in one card. Try it out!

Why Make Macrame Keychains?

If you need an excuse for making a unique hemp keychain, here are some of the reasons:
  • This is a small and easy project you can start with to practice your basic macrame knots
  • They look really adorable and cute
  • Use them to decorate your purse or backpack
  • You can give as great personalized birthday gifts, new car congrats, gift wrap add-ons, or stocking stuffers
  • Create the coolest luggage tag on the baggage carousel
  • You can also update the keychain you have had since forever
  • You can make a cute keychain for your pet-sitter or house-sitter
  • Make a keychain for spare keys when you turn it over to a valet or when you take it for service

Why is Hemp Cord Excellent for Macrame?

Hemp cord is made of the bast fiber (or outer bark) of the hemp plant. It is grown organically, so there is no need for pesticides and fertilizer usage. Hemp fibers are naturally strong, durable, and resistant to UV light, mold, and mildew. It is completely biodegradable, which is a great alternative to synthetic products like nylon or polyester.

As hemp cord performs excellently in jewelry making, it is a very popular choice in crafting. Moreover, it makes attractive and very firm knots. The fiber is round in nature, so it is easy to work with and does not cut hands while handling it. It can be used in many exciting ways in all sorts of projects and crafts.

The most common size for jewelry making is #20 size (approximately 1mm in diameter) and #48 (1.8 mm in diameter). The “#” refers to pounds, which indicates that the cord has the test strength of holding 20 or 48 pounds before it will weaken and eventually break.

Some new production techniques resulted in a softer hemp cord that comes in an array of vibrant colors. Some cords even come finished with a waxed coating to eliminate stray fibers, enhance the bright colors of the cord, and maintain the strand consistency. In contrast, others are left unfinished for a more earthy and rustic feel.

Where to Find an Inspiration for Macrame Keychain Designs?

For more macrame keychain patterns, we recommend you visit our
Besides keychains, you can also find different patterns for easy macrame bracelets, ornaments, plant hangers, dream catchers, knotted net bags, garlands, water bottle holders, coasters, rainbow wall hangings, barrettes, curtains, bookmarks, and more. Our designs are perfect for crafters of all ages and skill levels, so do not forget to share your macrame magic with us by tagging Hemptique on your social media posts so that we can share your work!