Make Your Own Macrame Dreamcatcher

Here is Our Easy Step-by-step Instructions to Create This Modern Symbol of Hope

macrame dream catcher diy

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Check out our beginner macrame dream catcher DIY and discover the simplicity and beauty of this decorative art. As one of the most widespread and enduring symbols of the Native American culture, it has found its way into modern art. Although it traditionally should hang on the wall behind the bed to keep nightmares at bay, it can decorate any room in your home. It can be a great décor idea for the kitchen, living room, or even the bathroom.

With our 14-minute video tutorial, you will be able to create an eye-catching piece that can be done even before you know it. With quality hemp cord, and a few tools and items, your project will add a bit of bling to your décor. Macrame cord used in this tutorial is polished to eliminate stray fibers and can be used in a number of exciting ways. Different variegated colors in Fairy, Mermaid, and Unicorn are ideally mixed to make this cord amusing to everyone who uses it.

We cannot wait to get started!

Table of Contents:

Macrame Dream Catcher Tutorial

Supplies You Need

What is Dream Catcher? Origins, History and Meaning

Modern Dream Catchers

Macrame Dream Catcher Video Tutorial

In this video tutorial, you will find the easiest way to make your own piece and have fun along the way. You can combine different materials to create hoops that distinguish this intricate Native American craft.
Materials & Tools You Need:
  • Hemp cord (1mm thick) from Magical collection in color Fairy that has multiple colors mixed together and beautiful metallic string woven into it.
  • Ring (it can be metal or wooden)

  • Ribbon (use whatever color, material, and thickness you prefer)

  • Artificial flowers (optional)

  • Hot glue gun with glue sticks (or any other glue if you decide to use flowers)
  • Scissors
Hemptique's fairy metallic cord inspired us, so we have chosen colors for ribbons that are similar to the color of the fairy hemp cord. So, let's start:
1)    First, we are going to work around the web of the ring. You can wrap the ring or leave it as is – it is part of your creative freedom.
2)    Take the hemp cord and cut 10 ft of the fairy cord. We recommend bundling it so you can move it easily and prevent getting tangled.
macrame dream catcher tutorial image 1
3)    Tie a simple overhand knot around the ring (we tied the double knot to keep it securely in place).
4)    Start attaching the cord to the ring. Send the cord over the ring, holding it with one finger to form a nice loop.
macrame dream catcher tutorial image 2
5)    Send the bundle under the ring and through the formed loop and pull it tight to give it tension.
macrame dream catcher tutorial image 3
6)    The amount of space you have between the two knots is the amount of space you will need to continue having throughout the ring – you want an even space, so make sure to make the necessary adjustments.
7)    Rotate the ring a little bit and repeat the process until you reach the first knot. Keep the spaces as even as possible. The loop of the last knot should touch the first one, so the first row is now done.
macrame dream catcher tutorial image 4
8)    The next step is simply repeating the first row, just slightly different – instead of tying the knots around the metal ring, we will tie it in the middle of each string we made in the first row.
9)    Turn the ring so you can see the first rope well. Pull the tension down and send the hemp bundle over the first string, underneath it and through the loop.
10)    Center it in the middle of the first rope and pull it tight.
macrame dream catcher tutorial image 5
11)    Repeat the same process until you reach the first knot in the second row.
12)    In the next row you will follow the same process. Do it over and over again until the center is filled. Keep it tight and centered. You will notice that each sting becomes smaller and smaller.
macrame dream catcher tutorial image 6
13)    You can stop when you notice it is too difficult to push the bundle through the loops so that you can leave a little hole inside, or you can go all the way until you fill the ring completely with webbing.
14)    Trim off the excess cord, tie the double knot where you want your webbing to end, and trim the end off.
macrame dream catcher tutorial image 7
15)    Take the ribbons and secure them with the lark’s head knot (take the ribbon, fold it in half, and put it over and under the ring to form a loop. Take the loose ends through the loop and tighten it.)
macrame dream catcher tutorial image 8
16)    If you want to add some fake flowers, cut the ones you like and glue them wherever you want on the metal ring (we did it on the left side of the arc).
17)    The last thing is to tie the piece of ribbon so you can hang your dream catcher. Tie a knot, so now you have a loop.
macrame dream catcher tutorial image 9

Macrame Dream Catcher Supplies

Macrame Dream Catcher Supplies

Hemp Cord Spool

Hemptique, being the source of sustainable crafting supplies, offers high-quality products to allow you to craft greener. Our hemp cord collection features a polished finish that enhances the brilliant colors of the product, eliminates stray fibers, and maintains strand consistency. Also, it is eco-friendly, biodegradable, AZO-free dye, and oil-free – perfect for any kind of crafting. Available in many different amazing colors, from plain to variegated ones, you will certainly find something for yourself. The thickness is approximately 1mm.
Metallic hemp cord collection

Metallic Hemp Cord

Metallic hemp cord collection, which is also a perfect choice for our dream catcher. It will add shine and sparkle to your project, no matter how big or small. Thickness is around 1mm, and the length of the cord on the spool is approximately 205 ft. Also, our glitter hemp cord would look amazing on your dreamcatcher webbing. It features a metallic thread that will certainly make your piece eye-catching and modern.

Royal Corderie

The Royal Corderie line can also be one of your choices for bigger dream catchers. You can also use it as ribbons on the bottom. It is made of 100% recycled cotton and is available in 4 and 6mm thicknesses (double twist) and 6mm (single twist). The metallic crafting cord is available in 3mm thickness and gold thread in it.

Make Macrame Dream Catcher DIY Easy with Hemptique

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What is Dream Catcher?

Authentic dream catchers are made from a wooden hoop – usually willow filed with a net or web made of natural fibers like leather. They have beads and feathers hanging from the hoop as well.

Dream Catcher’s Origins

Dream catchers originated from Anishinaabe culture as 'the spider web charm' used as a protective charm for infants. The Ojibwe tribe legend reveals that these protective charms originated with Spider Woman, who takes care of all people on the land, especially children. As the tribe spread throughout North America, it became hard for the Spider Woman to safeguard all the children. So the mothers and grandmothers started weaving these webs for the children using willow hoops, cordage derived from various plants, and owl’s feathers. So every infant had a protective charm to catch bad dreams or other harm.

Meaning of the Dream Catcher

Each part of the dream catcher has its meaning in the physical world.
  • The circle resembles the Earth's spherical character; it is the symbol of the circle of life, the sun, and the moon.
  • The web serves to catch the bad dreams at night and discharges them during the day.
  • The feathers serve as ladders allowing good dreams to come to the infant during sleep. These charms were originally made for infants and babies to catch harmful thoughts and bad dreams and keep them safe with positive thoughts and good dreams during sleep, so they should be hung just above their cribs.
  • Beads added to the dreamcatcher are believed to represent the spider that spun the web.
  • Gemstones are added for several reasons, like replacing beads or feathers. Their position and number depend entirely on the artist's vision of how they want the dream catcher to look. 
  • Arrowheads in the form of the cross in the center of the charm symbolize the four sacred directions from which the wind blows or the four corners of the Earth. It is believed that the arrowhead cross safeguards the person from misfortune by drawing strength from the four corners of the universe.
It is believed that the charm will catch bad dreams on the web, while good will go through it. When the first sunrays touch the dream catcher, the trapped, bad dreams will be destroyed.

Modern Dream Catchers

In recent times, dream catchers have been used as a symbol of healing and hope. Concerning design, modern dreamcatchers do not have a lot in common with the original charms. They are often big, colorful, and made of various materials, including ribbon, flax, cotton rope, jute, hemp, leather, and many others. Styles also vary, featuring pom poms, macrame feathers, tassels, flowers, seashells, rocks, and many other items. You can be very creative and make stunning pieces that can be dominant lucky charms in the décor of your home. 

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