Why You Should Be Giving Your Pet Toys Made from Hemp

These days, pet owners only want non-toxic, sustainable toys.

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If you are looking for durable, eco-friendly, and organic toys for your four-legged friend, consider tug and pull toys made from hemp. Toys made from pure hemp fiber are a natural alternative to plastic or rubber toys.

Hemp, often referred to as an environmental super-fiber, is the perfect source material for pet toys.
sustainable dog toys

Why Hemp?

Hemp fiber has been used extensively throughout history. For centuries, items ranging from rope, to fabrics, to industrial materials were made from hemp fiber. Hemp has a tensile strength beyond that of other natural fibers including cotton. Today, hemp, or industrial hemp, is grown specifically for industrial or medicinal use. It can be used to make a wide range of products including toys for your pet.

Types of Dog Toys

Stop losing your shoes to aggressive chewers. Most dogs when given an alternative, prefer toys made specifically for them. Read on to find out why a hemp rope toys may be the best option for your pet.
  • Chew Toys are reinforced and designed to withstand your pup’s powerful jaws and sharp teeth. They are ideal for aggressive chewers.
  • Squeaky Toys are designed to imitate the sound of injured prey, so many dogs find them appealing to their hunting instincts. Highly pitched sounds invite dogs to come close.
  • Rope Tug and Pull Toys are designed to strengthen jaws and are ideal for tug-of-war games or even fetch. Also great for teething puppies.
  • Fetch Toys are meant to fly through the air so your dog can catch it. Great for exercise and burning extra energy.
  • Plush Toys are soft and perfect for dogs who prefer to cuddle and carry the toy instead of chewing or shaking them. Be sure to supervise your dog when playing with plush toys. The inner toy is usually stuffed with cotton which can cause choking.

Sustainable Per Toys at Hemptique: Buy One or Shop Wholesale

Hemptique designs the highest-quality biodegradable toys for your four-legged friend. Our unprocessed hemp rope products have a slight natural odor, but your dog will surely like them! Great dogs deserve great toys. Do not miss a chance to bring joy to your dog’s life with a hemp rope toy. Your pet will surely love it! It will last through countless tug-of-war games, and withstand strong jaws and teeth. If you want to apply for a wholesale account, we are here to help you and answer any questions you may have, so do not hesitate to get in touch with us at 760-602-4864. ext. 403 and 405, or apply for wholesale account. Save and save the planet with Hemptique!


  • HEMP TOYS ARE NON-TOXIC: Hemp is grown without the use of chemicals and artificial fertilizers. Hemp toys are completely safe for your pet.
  • HEALTHY TEETH & GUMS: Hemp toys, especially chew toys, help your dog with teeth and gum cleaning. Hemp fibers act as a natural toothbrush. (Do not leave your dog unattended with toys).
  • LONG-LASTING: Toys made from hemp are strong and durable. Unlike toys made from cotton or synthetic fiber, hemp will not break and fray. This means less mess and will not pose a choking hazard to your pet.
  • NATURALLY ANTIMICROBIAL: Hemp dog toys are hypoallergenic, and naturally resistant to bacteria, mold, and mildew.
  • WASHABLE: Although dogs like the natural smell and texture of hemp (it smells like hay), hemp rope toys can be washed in a regular washing machine.
  • ECO-FRIENDLY AND SUSTAINABLE: Dog toys made from natural hemp fibers are biodegradable. Hemp is a sustainable, highly renewable resource. Good for the planet and good for your pet!


Playing with your dog has numerous benefits. It will help them tone their muscles, maintain a healthy weight, move their joints, stimulate their brain, promote good social behavior, and strengthen the bond between dogs and their owner.

All dogs enjoy hemp rope toys. Choose the appropriate size for your breed. For larger dogs, choose 20mm to 40mm and for smaller dogs choose 12mm.
eco friendly dog toys
Eco-friendly dog toys made of hemp have the following characteristics:
Made of Natural Organic Hemp
Made of 100%
Natural Organic Hemp
100% Biodegradable
100% Biodegradable
Mold, Mildew-Resistant, and Antimicrobial
Mold, Mildew-Resistant,
and Antimicrobial


We all know that dog toys can be destroyed in seconds, so nobody likes spending upwards of $20 on a new toy every week. Here are some tips and tricks to make hemp pet toys last a bit longer:
  • Make only a few toys available at a time – rotate dog toys weekly and limit access if you think your pet will destroy a specific toy.
  • Keep a variety of types easily  accessible – give your dog one toy to carry, one to shake, one to chew, one to fetch, and one for comfort.
  • Try to be more interactive with your dog - play fetch frequently, as it can enhance the bond between you and your pet.
  • When introducing a new toy, play a game of finding toys. It can be a perfect inside activity to help them stay active on a rainy day.
  • Experiment with different toy types to figure out which one will last longer.


Is Hemp Rope Safe For Dogs?
As an alternative to synthetic material, hemp tug ropes for dogs are perfectly safe for your pet to play with. Apart from their widely known eco-friendly features, they are great for keeping your dog’s teeth clean. 
Can Dogs Eat Rope Toys?
Hemp fibers are perfectly safe and digestible, unlike other common chews made of plastic. The hemp fiber does not get stuck in the dog's stomach as cotton rope does. However, it is not recommended to leave your dog unsupervised while playing with toys, especially new ones. 
How To Wash A Hemp Rope Dog Toy?
Although hemp toys are naturally resistant to bacteria, mold, mildew, and odor, they still need to be cleaned regularly. The best way to clean them is handwashing, but if it is not possible, machine washing will also do the trick. Besides removing all the yucky stuff from the hemp toy, it also helps toys last longer. Use a delicate, gentle, or handwash cycle. It is also recommended to use a mesh laundry bag to protect them and keep all the parts that may have come off contained.