Eco-Friendly and Engaging Rope for Cat Scratchers

A Quick Guide on How to Choose the Best Rope for Cat, Highlighting Hemp as a Nontoxic 100% Natural Choice

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Toys are essential for making cats happy and healthy, as they bring necessary entertainment and comfort into their lives. If you are a cat owner, you know that amusement and mental stimulation improves their overall well-being. Enriching and challenging playtime prevents boredom, depression, and destructive behaviors and keeps cats amused and busy.

While there is a large selection of scratching posts and cat toys available on the market today, more and more feline owners are choosing to craft DIY toys. Join us as we explore ropes for cats scratching posts and towers, how to make DIY cat toys with rope and tips on choosing the safest materials. You will discover remarkable advantages of hemp rope, a wonderful sustainable material that can be used for rope on a cat tree.

Table of contents

Why do cats scratch?

Cat tower materials

Best materials for scratching posts/toys

Tips for making DIY toys with hemp rope

How to choose the rope

Hemp rope benefits



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Understanding the Importance of Scratching for Cats

Cats have an innate urge to scratch, and understanding why they engage in such behavior is vital for helping them with the most appropriate outlets. There are several reasons why cats scratch, and all of them must be addressed to ensure your furry friend’s health and happiness.
cat scratching rope

Claw Health

When scratching, cats remove the outer layer of their claws, which is dead. Scratching is used to keep the claws sharp and functional. Sharp claws are important for numerous reasons, like climbing or self-defense.

Flexibility & Agility

By scratching, cats stretch their bodies and muscles. This way they fully extend their limbs, encouraging flexibility and healthy muscle tone. Frequent stretching through scratching fights stiffness of the muscles and keeps cats active and agile.

Territory Marking

Cats’ paws have scent glands, and by scratching, they leave behind their scent. This behavior is known as territory marking or claiming the area as their own. Establishing their territory helps them feel safe in their environment.

Providing our feline companions with adequate outlets and designated scratching posts we can redirect their natural instincts and promote positive scratching behaviors. Furthermore, it helps preventing damaging furniture and other household items.  

Materials for Scratching Posts Cats Love to Play With

Cats are very sophisticated animals. In terms of their toys, some materials fascinate them more than others. Knowing the differences can help us pick toys that offer the greatest joy and entertainment for our furry pets.

Corrugated Cardboard

Economical cardboard scratchers pique cats’ interest as it’s thin and at the same time offer enough resistance. Typically, they are flat and can have a toy attached to encourage scratching.


While wood is extremely durable and resembles the great outdoors, splinters may hurt cats’ paws.


Carpet can satisfy scratching needs, especially for kitties who like to scratch horizontally. Their scent and fur easily penetrate deeper layers of the carpet, which is why they are drawn to it even more. However, since it resembles your home’s floor coverings, your cat might have trouble distinguishing which carpet is safe for scratching and which should be off-limits.


Cats adore ropes and threads of any kind, and post covered with rough rope are among favorite choices.  A durable and rough texture replicates tree barks, while woven surface provides a safe scratching area. When choosing the rope, opt for natural, eco-friendly choices such as hemp rope for scratching posts, the healthiest option for your beloved cat and our planet. Hemp is a wonderful alternative to sisal rope, outshining sisal rope’s durability and longevity.

How to Use Rope for Cats’ DIY Toys

Hemp rope is a versatile material that can be used to make various DIY cat toys. These toys are perfect for satisfying cats’ natural instincts and providing them with a stimulating environment. Industrial hemp longevity coupled with its natural composition is a safe and eco-friendly alternative to synthetic materials.

Here’s how you can use hemp rope for cats:

Scratching posts

Hemp rope is a perfect material for crafting cat towers. Its coarse texture is an ideal surface for your cat to dig its claws into. Rope made of hemp fiber helps them maintain healthy claws and satisfy their scratching needs. Using hemp rope for cat scratchers protects furniture and other belongings while providing a designated area for scratching.

Climbing structure

Cats love climbing and exploring their surroundings vertically. You can use hemp rope to create climbing structures like cat trees. By simply wrapping the rope around the structures, you will provide gripping surface for your furry friend. This will encourage climbing and exercise for increased agility and physical health.

Interactive toys

Hemp rope can also be turned into interactive toys by tying knots or crafting dangling rope toys. This type of toy will be extremely attractive to your beloved pet, as they mimic prey movement and stimulate natural hunting instincts. For added fun, dip the rope in a bit of catnip. Hemp rope toys are highly engaging, mentally stimulating and physically encouraging.

Tips for Buying and Choosing the Perfect Rope for Scratching Posts

To ensure safety and enjoyment of your furry friend you must choose the right rope for your DIY cat toys. Don’t forget to check on your cat from time to time during play and regularly inspect the rope for any signs of damage.

Here are some guidelines to help you select the best rope:

Natural Fibers

Choose untreated and natural fibers, such as sisal or hemp. They are pet safe and free from harmful chemicals, dyes, and toxins. Try to avoid synthetic ropes as they may contain hazardous substances.


Rope’s diameter should be in accordance with your cat’s size and play preferences. Thicker ropes are more durable and suitable for cats who love intensive scratching and chewing. Thin ropes are more flexible and are perfect for smaller cats and intricate toy designs.


Cats love textures. Some felines prefer rougher, while others prefer smoother surfaces. It would be a good idea to experiment with different rope textures to see which one suits your cat best.


One of the most important characteristics is durability. Make sure the rope you choose is durable to withstand frequent and vigorous activities. Tightly twisted or braided ropes are less likely to unravel. Look for ropes made of hemp, as it is famous for its strength and durability.

Recommended Rope

Material: 100% made from hemp fiber
  • 4mm / Approx. 41 meters (44.83 yards)
  • 6mm / Approx. 23.5 meters (25.6 yards)
  • 8mm / Approx. 13 meters (14.21 yards)
Perfect Rope for Scratching Posts

Benefits of Hemp Rope for Scratching Posts

Hemp rope is a fantastic choice for DIY cats’ toys. It is an ideal material for crafting fun and long-lasting toys our cats will love. By implementing hemp rope for scratching posts and toy projects, you provide entertainment to your feline friends, but also a greener future for the planet. 
rope for cat scratching post


Hemp is a sustainable and eco-friendly material. It is a fast-growing plant that requires minimal water, making it a highly renewable resource. By choosing hemp, you help reduce your ecological footprint and support more environmentally conscious pet care.


Hemp rope is exceptionally resilient and sturdy, withstanding vigorous play and scratching. It provides the necessary resistance and texture that satisfies natural scratching instincts. Furthermore, it retains its integrity over time, ensuring functionality and longevity for an extended period.

Pet-safe, Non-toxic

Hemp rope is non-toxic and safe for pets, as it is free from harmful dyes and chemicals which may pose health risks to our beloved animals. By choosing natural options, like hemp rope, we can create safe toys that pets can play with and chew on without being exposed to hazardous substances.


Cats are naturally drawn to hemp rope’s texture, as it reminds them of the wild and satisfy their instinctual behaviors. Cats love its slightly rough texture which is ideal for scratching and exercising the claws.

Versatile Usage

Hemp ropes’ flexibility and strength enable intricate patterns and knotting, allowing you to design creative cat trees or toys.

The Overview: Long-Lasting Toys for Your Cat’s Happiness & Health

Choosing scratching posts or toys made from natural materials like hemp opens a world of sensory pleasures for cats. Hemp’s rough and fibrous texture fascinates felines, aiding them in indulging their innate scratching instincts. When a cat sinks its claws into the sturdy fibers, they experience a pleasing resistance while keeping they nails healthy and refraining from damaging household furniture.

Hemp is non-toxic and safe for pets. Additionally, its resilience and durability mean that scratching posts and toys can withstand the test of time, thus minimizing frequent need for replacements. Furthermore, since hemp is an eco-friendly and sustainable alternative to synthetic materials, pet owners actively contribute to preserving the environment.

Implementing natural materials into a cat scratcher is a conscious decision that embraces a greener lifestyle. It is a step forward towards establishing a safe environment where cats can exercise, play, and explore in a way that aligns with their natural instincts on top of promoting a healthier planet.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best material for cat towers and toys?
The safest materials are natural, non-treated and undyed, which will not harm your cat’s health or sensitive senses. While sisal rope has long been a popular option, there is an even better alternative -  hemp rope. With its unmatched qualities, it is a superior choice for crafting scratching posts and various accessories. It takes the lead when it comes to durability and sustainability while also being free from harmful chemicals and toxins, making it safe for interaction. In addition, it is UV resistant, so it may last longer outdoors.
How do I maintain and care for hemp rope scratching post?
To ensure the longevity of the rope, proper care is essential. Inspect the rope frequently for any damage or frays and replace it when necessary. As it can accumulate dirt or cat hair over time, make sure to clean it by gently brushing or wiping it with damp cloth. Allow the rope to air dry before placing it back.
Are rope materials safe for pets?
As with any newly introduced toy, make sure to supervise how your pet interacts with it. Frequently check for any wear and tear signs to repair or replace when needed.  Ensure the rope is tightly and securely fastened to posts or toys, to prevent the cat from accidentally ingesting frayed pieces, which may lead to internal blockages.

It is highly recommended to stay away from synthetic ropes, such as nylon or polyester, as they most likely contain hazardous chemicals which are not pet safe.

Certain cats suffer from feline pica, a condition in which they tend to eat non-edible items, such as fabrics, plastic, or paper. Pica sufferers have a limited lifestyle requiring a lot of indoor stimulation; however, rope toys may not be safe choice for them.

How tall should a scratching post be?
When crafting or purchasing a cat scratcher, make sure it is sturdy and tall enough for your cat to stand on their hind legs and stretch. The recommended height of vertical posts is between 30 and 32 inches, while horizontal scratchers should be about 18 inches in length.
How often should I rotate my cat’s toys?
To prevent boredom and keep your pet engaged, rotate the toys every few weeks. This will provide more interest and fresh play enjoyment.