Unleash the Fun With Games to Play With Dog

It’s Playtime! Roll, Fetch and Tug. This is the Essential Guide to Top Games Every Canine Will Love to Play.

Games to play with dogs

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Spending a day off with your good boy is the happiest feeling that exists. Playing with your dog makes them live longer and be friendly to everyone they meet, but it also adds to the quality of your life too.

There are many exciting games to play with your furry friend, including classic favorites like fetch and tug of war and more advanced options like hide and seek, chase, and even agility training.

If you're curious about taking these games to the next level and making them even more enjoyable for you and your canine companion, keep reading to discover tips and tricks for enhancing your playtime together.

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What Games Would My Dog Like to Play?

The time you spend with your dog is always stressless and mind-mending. It doesn’t matter if the games you play with your dog are outside or inside – you make both of you happy! You can do many different and fun activities that are beneficial to your dog's physical and mental health. These are some of the games you might want to try:


Fetch is the most common game to play, and it makes every dog excited. You just need a ball you will throw as far away as you can so your buddy can run towards it, catch it and bring it back.

This game is amazing for energetic dogs because it involves the physical training they need daily. It’s always best to choose different objects to throw, so they will feel challenged by some of them.
They might have difficulties catching specific ones, which also contributes to their mental health.
Dog Fetch
Tug of War

Tug of War

This game is good for both indoors and outdoors. It’s a classic that every dog likes and it’s good physical training. This is perfect for their natural need to bite something and pull it as if they caught a pray! This improves the bond between you and your dog greatly.

Make sure you don’t pull too hard if playing with a puppy because of their baby teeth. You should also avoid playing with an overexcited dog with greater strength than your own. Try using only healthy products to eliminate the risk of poisoning and swallowing unsafe materials. We recommend hemp products – they are eco-friendly and non-toxic. Hemptique hemp dog ropes are just perfect for this game! Read more about the benefits of hemp toys and here why you should give your dog toys made from natural fiber.

Hide and Seek

This game is very popular with children, but dogs adore it too. You might need a friend for this one – to distract your dog until you hide. When you are hidden, stay there and call your dog to come to you. Your dog will be mentally stimulated when searching for you and when you are found praise your smart buddy! It’s a fantastic way to keep their minds and bodies healthy.
Similar to Hide and Seek, there is another thing you can hide and make the same results – treats! It is commonly called Find the Treats, and all you need to do is take a treat and hide it in a spot where it will be a bit challenging to find. Make sure you rub the treat against different spots on the way to the hiding spot so your dog can sniff it out beforehand and make the way to the right direction. When they get to the right spot, try calmly saying “cold” when they aren’t close to finding it, or excitedly say “hot” when they are. That will improve the way you care for their health than the silent traditional way of playing.   

Dog Hide and Seek

Agility Training

Burning off excess energy is very important for your best friend. Agility training is the best psychical and mental stimulation for every dog because it helps them get tired and have a full night of restful sleep.

It also makes their muscles healthy, so they can work like they’re young even when they get old. The dogs that train well are usually the ones you give commendations to for good social behavior.

Whether it’s a backyard or a living room, you can customize your agility course somewhere on your property. Make sure you have enough space for your activities so you will not break something while playing.
Dog Agility Training
Whether it’s a backyard or a living room, you can customize your agility course somewhere on your property. Make sure you have enough space for your activities so you will not break something while playing.

These are the type of things you can do:
  • Place objects your dog will jump over
  • Place objects your dog will crawl under
  • Put an empty box your dog will fill with surrounding toys
  • Throw an object your dog will catch while running
  • Tell your dog to sit, roll over or give you a high five when taking a break
  • Include hula hoops, rings for jumping, flirt poles and ropes for the game of Tug of War in-between the activities
It’s a bit harder doing this indoors, but as obstacles you can use pillows or labyrinth tricks in the shape of open and closed doors. If you have a large outdoor property, you should be able to make your obstacles further away from one another, so your dog’s main activity will be running. This is an amazing way to boost physical and mental activity.

Chase the Prey

Animals are predators, all positioned in their own spot in the food chain. Without humans, dogs would need to hunt smaller animals to feed – it’s their instinct. Chase the Prey is the game that allows them to unleash that instinct with an object called a flirt pole. It’s a long stick with a rope tied on the end of it which holds an object your dog would chase. It’s usually something not very hard so they wouldn’t hurt themselves.

You need to run with the stick, moving it left and right so the dog will chase it and eventually catch it. You should let the dog catch it from time to time, so it wouldn’t lose interest due to loss of confidence.

Chase the Prey flirt pole
The Which Hand Game

The Which Hand Game

This is a pure brain activity. You just need to take some treats and put them in one of your hands. Tell your dog to sit, close your hands and put them downward so the treats cannot be easily sniffed.

Then ask the question “which hand?” and once your dog signals or touches the right hand, you give them their treat.

They learn how to play the game by not giving them treats when they make a mistake in choosing a hand. However, if your dog is not polite when they “lose” you should work on some impulse control. The win rate of the game is 50-50, so it’s highly unlikely they will miss every time.

The Cup Game

This is similar to the Which Hand game and it’s a non-physical activity for your buddy. You need three cups turned upside down on the table or floor. Put treats under one cup but ensure your dog sees where they were put.

Shuffle the cups around, but don’t do it too fast. When it’s pointed to the right cup, praise your dog and give the deserving reward.

The same impulse control rule applies here – but this time, the winning chance is reduced to 33% if the dog didn’t see the treat beforehand or didn’t follow the cup.

Dog The Cup Game

What Kind of Dog Toys Exist?

Instead of giving your dog permission to shred through your couch, shoes and anything else in your home, you should get to know what types of toys they can have for the sake of fun:
  • Pull toys and rope tug make their teeth and jaws stronger and are most common in the games of fetch and Tug of War.
  • Squeaky Toys are the ones that make a sound similar to an injured animal when bitten. They produce high pitch soundwaves which attract dogs to come closer and fulfill their hunting instinct.
  • Chew toys are designed to be strong enough not to get damaged by your buddy’s strong teeth when they aggressively chew them.
  • Plush toys are amazing for caring dogs who like to keep their little stuffed friend around. You need to be cautious when you give this kind of toy to them because they are usually filled with cotton that could easily choke them.
  • Fetch toys are those you throw far away so they can catch them and get them back to you.
  • Puzzles provide your dog with mental stimulation. They are a great way to eliminate boredom; many kinds are made just for them. Puzzles are made in many different sizes and shapes, and they can be either challenging or very basic. Whatever puzzle you get, it can only be beneficial for your dog.

Making the Best out of Your Puppy’s Life!

As a pet parent, you always search for interesting things to do with your dog. Having so many activities every day makes your puppy’s life meaningful and happily fulfilled. They deserve the best for their love and loyalty. Making sure you do these kinds of activities from time to time prolongs their lives, makes them mentally and physically healthy, their mood is always good, and they are friendly to anyone they meet. This way, you can be sure your best friend is in good hands!