Safe Bird Toy Materials: Keeping Your Parrot Happy With Hemp Rope

We List Essential Tips on Choosing the Right Material for DIY Toys for Birds, With Focus on Eco-friendly Alternatives Like Hemp

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All pet owners want what’s best for their precious animals. If you are a proud owner of a parrot, a budgie, or a cockatoo, you probably know how important it is to have appropriate toys for them. Proper toys are crucial for your bird’s physical and mental well-being. Continue reading to find out more about types of bird toys and why they are so important for your feathered friends. We will focus on natural and eco-friendly materials for rope toys and explain why hemp, as 100% natural fiber, is the best solution for your pet’s overall health and longevity.

Table of Contents:

Types of toys and activities for parrots

Safe, eco-friendly, and unsafe materials

Hemp Rope Benefits

Hemp Rope for Birds at Hemptique

Hemptique manufactures the highest-quality biodegradable hemp rope used to make safe parrot toys. Our untreated nontoxic hemp rope is a versatile and multifaceted material that provides hours of fun for your beloved feathered friend. Hemp rope is safe, strong, durable, and resistant to mold and mildew. Enrich the life of your parrot, a budgie, or a cockatoo with a hemp rope toy. Along with hemp rope on the coil, we provide many other hemp products and accessories for pets, like loop dog toys, tug and pull ropes, dog collars and leashes. For all retail and wholesale inquiries, contact us at 760-602-4864. ext. 403 and 405 or click here to apply for wholesale account.

Suggested Activities and Popular Toys for Birds

Birds love their toys.  Apart from being fun, they provide sensory development. When you think of what to get for your parrot, think of a variety. More diversity means more progress and more fun for your bird.
Hemp rope is an eco-friendly multipurpose material that can be used to make a large selection of bird toys. Its natural feel and durability are perfect for creating fun and stimulating toys for your feathered friends. A few popular examples include:


To ensure your bird is healthy, you need to make sure it has a suitable perch to rest on. Having the right perch will encourage exercise and entertainment. It is also recommended to have a few different types of perches with variable diameters to avoid joint irritation and pain. Hemp rope is a good option, as it is soft to the surface and is easy on their tiny joints. You can wrap the rope around a dowel or branch to make a perfect perch. It will create a natural and textured surface for your parrot to grip on and play with.


Like people, your parrot, a budgie, or a macaw needs exercise to stay healthy. A swing will primarily help build your pet’s wing and chest muscles. It will also encourage practicing balancing skills along with tree-style amusement. You can make a fun and interactive swing by tying knots on a rope. Make sure it is safely attached to the top of the cage.

Knots and Braids

Birds in general, are exceptionally clever and curious. They can untie knots and quickly open their food container doors. They need to be mentally stimulated and entertained. If they are not engaged in such activities, they can easily get bored, which can eventually cause behavioral problems, such as self-harming, screaming, or feather plucking. To alleviate boredom, you can use hemp rope to create miscellaneous knots and braids, of various shapes and sizes. Your parrot will have plenty of toys to chew on and interact with.


Your feathered friend spends a lot of time inside the cage, so your priority should be providing a physically and mentally challenging environment. A happy home. Stimulating home minimizes boredom and negative behaviors. Ladders and ropes encourage climbing, which is fantastic exercise for the back, feet, and legs. You can create a fully interactive and fun ladder by tying hemp rope.

Foraging Toys

These toys are fantastic as they fulfil your bird’s natural need to explore and solve problems. They mentally stimulate your parrot to figure out how to get their food or treats. Hemp rope, for example, can be used to make hiding places for your bird’s treats. Rope can be easily transformed into a new shape, which will encourage your parrot to use its mind and solve a new challenge.

Choosing the Safest Rope Materials for Your Bird’s Toys

When picking bird toys, you should have two major features in mind. Above all, you should think of the size. The toy should be appropriately sized compared to your pet.

Secondly, always select products from reputable businesses that care about safety first. When deciding which toy to get for your little feather friend, it may be enticing to just grab any cute toy from the store. However, you must be careful with which toy you pick, as it will get nibbled and chewed. The toy must be made of safe materials to protect your pet from health issues. Choose eco-friendly materials, such as cotton, hemp, jute, or other plant-based fibers, which are safe for your pet.

The best way to create a happy and safe environment for your parrot, or a budgie, is to opt for earth-friendly nontoxic materials. Sustainable and toxic-free materials are becoming quite popular due to their many benefits. Hemp rope is one of the most popular materials, as it is strong, non-toxic, and mold and mildew resistant. Other earth-friendly materials include bamboo, coconut, cotton, and untreated wood.

All these materials are safe for play, as they are free of harmful chemicals that could potentially harm your bird. When you opt for eco-friendly materials, you protect not only your parrot’s health, but also our planet’s health future.

Two major types of ropes are:
  • Natural fiber: cotton, hemp, jute, coir (coconut fiber), manila (banana plant cordage), sisal, papyrus
  • Synthetic: You should be very cautious when using synthetic ropes and choose only bird-friendly options, as birds tend to pick on cords, and can ingest particles of the rope. Use only bird-friendly options. Try finding ropes with unique twists to prevent fraying.

Recommended Bird Rope

Hemptique hemp rope is a great option as it comes in various diameters (4mm, 6mm, and 8mm), so you will easily find the right size for your bird. You can cut the rope to preferred length to make DIY toys for your parrot. It is stronger than cotton rope and can be used outdoors.
safe materials for bird toys

Advantages of Hemp Rope for Birds

Hemp rope is a natural and sustainable material that has become widely recognized due to its versatile benefits. Hemp is a species of the Cannabis sativa plant known for its long and durable fibers. It can be used for a variety of uses, including ropemaking and DIY toys for pets. Hemp rope is strong, resistant to mold, rot, and mildew, and can withstand prolonged use without damage.
rope bird toys
Hemp rope is untreated, non-toxic material, safe for birds to play with. Unlike synthetic materials, hemp rope is free of harmful chemicals or dyes that could probably harm your pet. It also provides a natural texture feel that birds enjoy chewing on. It will keep their beaks trimmed, which is important for their overall health and well-being.

Furthermore, unlike synthetic materials, hemp is an eco-friendly resource that doesn’t harm the environment during manufacturing. It is biodegradable and compostable, meaning it will not further pollute our oceans or land.

By choosing hemp rope for your parrot, you are presenting it with safe and highly entertaining toys, while also promoting a cleaner and healthier future for the planet.

Creating Happy Life for Your Parrot with the Right Toys

Parrot owners know how important it is not only to interact with them, but also to supply them with the necessary tools to ensure their lives are enriched. Providing proper toys will help them stay healthy and entertained, it will help them fulfil their instincts, provide exercise, and satisfy their curious nature. Help them display their natural behaviors by gifting them with 100% natural, no chemical, non-toxic hemp rope DIY toys you have created just for them. Get creative, use your imagination and love to make fun and safe toys for your beloved cockatoo, parakeet, or a canary.

Frequently Asked Questions

1.    Do parakeets need beak trimming?
If you provide your pet parakeet with the right food and toys it will not need beak trimming by a vet. Since parakeets’ beaks grow throughout their life, they wear them down naturally, by rubbing on hard surfaces, such as cuttlebone, chew toys (rope toys), unshelled nuts, etc.
2.    How do you clean rope toys?
It is very important to regularly clean the cage, including toys and perches, to keep your bird healthy and safe in its environment. To clean the rope, you must first remove it from the cage, and wash with mild soap and warm water. Make sure to scrub gently so you do not damage the cordage. Leave it to air dry fully before placing it back to the cage. You should clean the cordage approximately twice a month, or more often if needed.
3.    What if my pet ingests hemp rope?
Birds can ingest tiny pieces of rope if the rope becomes frayed. Small amounts of are unlikely to cause harm. However, ingesting large quantities can potentially lead to digestive problems. To prevent this from happening you must replace them if they become excessively frayed or worn. Luckily, hemp rope is extremely strong and durable, so the toy will last a long time. Moreover, providing your parrot with a variety of different materials can prevent ingesting too much of any material.