What is Hemp Rope and How is it Made?

Discover the benefits hemp has over nylon and jute ropes and where to buy the best hemp ropes online

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Hemp rope is a natural rope made from the hemp plant. Industrial hemp is a sustainable and eco-friendly material that provides many benefits to the user. It has been used for centuries, and ropes made of hemp are found to be more durable than other types of rope.

Hemp cordage refers to any hemp fiber that has been twisted, braided, or woven into a cord or twine. Many benefits of rope made of industrial hemp include being resistant to mold and mildew and not being affected by UV rays. Rope made from hemp works great for tying down cargo, securing a boat, and even makes great dog toys. Hemp rope can also withstand extreme weather conditions and will not rot.

Read on for more information about rope made from industrial hemp, including some history, main features, and common applications. We'll also reveal a top-trusted supplier in the US and where to buy the best hemp ropes online.

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Hemp rope is made from the fibers of the hemp plant. The natural fibers that surround the inner hemp stalk make good rope because they are strong, durable, and mold, mildew, and ultraviolet light-resistant. In order to create hemp rope, the long fibers of the plant are twisted or braided together. Depending on its purpose, ropes can be manufactured with various thicknesses and strengths.


The hemp plant was first cultivated by the Chinese, who were the first to produce ropes. Sailors mainly used hemp rope to tie things together on boats. Since prehistoric times, humans have used ropes for various purposes: carrying, climbing, hunting, fishing, lifting, seafaring, construction, basket making, and sports.

Watch this fascinating video on the traditional process of hemp rope making. Turn your subtitles on if you don't speak Spanish.



Compared to cotton, hemp fiber is stronger, more durable and absorbent. Also, cotton is less insulating than hemp fabrics. Additionally, hemp fabrics do not stretch out of shape. Speaking about length, you can find hemp ropes from 13mm to 30mm, and its usual thickness is 5 mm.

what is hemp rope


Ropes made from silk tend to be stronger than those made from hemp. Many factors impact the strength of a hemp rope, including the manufacturing method, how many strands are used, and how thick the string is. Silk is usually twice as strong as a hemp rope of similar size. However, both materials have strong points and weak points. Silk rope is susceptible to abrasion, one of its main weaknesses. In addition to losing strength over time, silk rope degrades faster than many other materials.


Hemp is softer to the skin, both as fabric and rope. You can compare the coarseness of jute to the coarseness of coffee bags. Additionally, hemp ropes have a higher tensile strength than jute. They do not contain petroleum or other chemicals commonly used in jute ropes. Lastly, hemp does not require pesticides or herbicides, whereas jute does.


Pure hemp and synthetic rope (made from spun polypropylene) possess several important similarities despite their apparent differences. They can both withstand beatings and remain strong and durable, for example. Floating on the water makes them useful for boating and other marine or freshwater applications. 

Both rope versions are affordable.

Here are some other important features to consider:
  • Synthetic hemp rope is rot-resistant
  • Natural hemp rope is environmentally friendly
  • Rope made from synthetic materials is fully weather-resistant

TODAY's use of hemp rope

Today, hemp ropes are still being used for the same purposes as before, but there are some new uses that have been discovered.

Industries that use hemp ropes today include those in the fishing industry and in the logging industry. Hemp ropes are also used by people who enjoy climbing mountains and rock climbing because they are durable and can withstand a lot of wear and tear.

  • Home interior design: Rope is a great option for those who like to decorate their homes but without spending too much on expensive items. Wall hangings, rugs, and hemp frames are just some home decoration ideas where you can try ropes made of hemp fiber.
  • Macrame projects: Macrame is an art form that has a rich history. Macrame ropes are decorative cords used to create patterns and designs in many different crafts.
  • Jewelry: Believe it or not, making a bracelet out of hemp rope is possible. Cut two pieces of hemp about 5 feet long. Fold them in half, matching up the ends. Then knot them. Using an overhand hemp rope knot, you will begin the bracelet.
  • Marine application: Hemp rope can be used to make anchor rods, sailing ropes, and anchor lines
  • Pet toys: Pets tend to tear clothes, sleepers, and shoes if they do not find a pet toy. Therefore, you should give your pet a toy. Giving a hemp rope to play with is easy to make your four-leg buddy "busy."
  • Climbing and sports: Using hemp rope in climbing is quite common.
  • Gym equipment: Hemp ropes are a good investment if you do not want to spend much on gym equipment. They will serve the same purpose. They are also widely used by athletes and the military for training.


Hemp rope is the perfect for creating indoor and outdoor décor. Use hemp rope to make playground bridges or rope swings. Hemp rope is mold resistant which makes it great for all kinds of landscaping projects. And for rustic weddings, try using hemp rope to hang outdoor lanterns. Read more about decorative application of hemp rope.


Hemp naturally stays cleaner longer and resists emitting offensive odors, compared to non-hemp rope toys. Great for playing fetch and tug. Durable and tough, but not recommended as an unsupervised chew toy. Hand-made, size will vary. Learn all the reason to offer hemp toy to your dog.
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With all the benefits of natural hemp rope, it is no wonder that more and more people are starting to use this material for their projects.
  • Budget-friendly: Hemp-based ropes aren't as expensive as ropes made from other materials, especially synthetic ones.
  • Durability: The natural properties of hemp make ropes durable and resistant to weather conditions. It can be used for years without deterioration.
  • Eco-friendly: Hemp ropes are made from natural hemp fiber. Hemp cannot harm the environment due to its manufacturing or decomposition. Hemp harvesting in a responsible manner contributes to a healthy environment.
  • High tensile strength: The tensile strength refers to the maximum weight a material can withstand. Essentially, it describes a rope's performance. A hemp rope's tensile strength is extremely high. In addition to climbing and shipping, hemp is also used for weight loading.
  • Mold resistant: Hemp ropes are mold-resistant because of hemp's anti-fungal and antibacterial properties.
  • Resistant to chemicals: Many natural fibers are very vulnerable to chemicals. Despite its untouched nature, hemp rope can withstand most chemicals.
  • UV resistant: Generally, the UV rays weaken ropes, but hemp ropes don't suffer the same fate. They are resistant to UV rays, thanks to their natural qualities. Because they are not affected by UV rays, they don't fade.


Look no further if you are on the mission to find the best hemp rope for gardening, jewelry-making projects, exterior décor, macrame and marine applications. We introduce 100% natural and biodegradable hemp ropes by the meter, coil and spool. You can choose color, length and diameter.


1.    Is hemp rope stronger than nylon?
In general, nylon ropes are stronger than hemp and manila ropes. They usually carry the most weight and pull the heaviest loads. However, hemp is the longest and strongest natural fiber available. Hemp rope is just as effective as nylon rope but is environmentally friendly.
2.    Is hemp rope safe for cats?
Yes, it is safe for cats. Hemp fabric has a linen-like texture and is strong and durable. You can wash hemp fabric cat beds repeatedly, each time making them softer. Also, people use hemp rope for cat trees.
3.    Is hemp rope safe for dogs?
The natural fiber hemp was derived from a plant not sprayed with pesticides. The rope toys are safe, strong, durable, and long-lasting. They also aid in keeping your four-legged buddy's teeth clean.
4.    Does hemp rope float?
Yes. Floating on water is useful for boating and other marine or freshwater uses.


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