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We break down the benefits of using hemp wick instead of harmful butane lighters

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Hemp wick, a remarkable blend of natural sustainability and practical utility, is gaining popularity as a versatile alternative in various applications. Crafted from organic hemp fibers coated in natural beeswax, hemp wick offers a cleaner, more eco-friendly way to light candles and incense, eliminating the health concerns associated with inhaling lighter fluid fumes. Beyond its use as a lighting tool, its strength and flexibility make it a favorite in crafting circles, perfect for jewelry making, macrame, and more. The water-resistant nature of beeswaxed hemp wick also lends itself to outdoor applications like gardening. With its combination of durability, versatility, and environmental friendliness, hemp wick is emerging as a go-to choice for those seeking sustainable alternatives in their everyday tasks and creative projects.

This post will deal with the benefits, how to use it, and where to buy the best organic products online.
Hemp wick's versatility extends beyond smoking applications, making it a valuable tool in various settings. This natural and sustainable material finds purpose in crafting, where its durable fibers are utilized for creating jewelry, macramé projects, and decorative items. Its excellent tensile strength and flexibility lend themselves to gardening as well.  Due to its biodegradable properties, hemp wick can be used for tying plants, supporting vines, and securing trellises. In the culinary world, hemp wick can be a safer and more precise alternative to lighter fluid, aiding in igniting stoves or candles without the risk of chemical contamination. Its natural composition makes it an ideal option for DIY household repairs, from mending frayed cords to wrapping handles for improved grip. Embracing hemp wick's myriad uses promotes sustainable living while benefiting from its strength, reliability, and eco-friendly qualities across diverse everyday scenarios.

Where to Buy Hemp Wick? Try Hemptique.com

A healthier and eco-friendly alternative to butane lighters and matches is here. Our organic beeswaxed hemp wick is thoroughly coated in a layer of beeswax to make it burn slower. Packed into convenient booklets or balls, the Hemptique hemp wick for sale is a natural alternative that produces no harmful byproducts and uses a renewable, biodegradable, non-toxic material. Our product is the perfect choice for outdoor enthusiasts, smokers, or anyone who needs a dependable lighter.

Buy organic hemp wick in bulk, call us at 1-760-602-4864. Ext. 403 and 405 and get all info you need about wholesale orders. Do yourself and the planet a favor by switching over your lighter to 100% biodegradable products of the earth.


It is a thin string of natural hemp fibers coated in beeswax. Pure hemp twine is too dry and burns easily, so beeswax is added to control the burning to make hemp burn at a slow and steady pace. The hemp twine is thoroughly coated in beeswax by dipping it in the container of the melted beeswax. It is then removed to let it cool and harden. They are usually sold in balls, bundles, booklets, or even included inside the custom-made lighter cases for more handy use.

Being a butane lighter healthier alternative, it will not fill your lungs with poisonous butane bi-products that may cause serious health issues.

As far as the thickness is concerned, there are usually three most common diameters:

  • 0.5mm – It is very small, best for indoor use. Its burn rate is fast, and wind tolerance is low.
  • 1mm – It is the most common diameter and can be used indoors and outdoors.
  • 2mm – Due to its large diameter, it burns slowly and generates the most powerful flame. It is perfect for windy outdoor conditions. 


Once you start using hemp wick, you will not return to traditional lighters or matches. Some of the benefits include:

It is Healthier Option

Butane is a refined gas that goes through a purification process that removes oils, water, and other impurities. In such a state, it is used for cigarette lighters and burns at exceedingly high temperatures, so it can cause lung damage, in contrast to hemp wick. It burns at much lower temperatures, providing a controlled flame without the risk of inhaling hot air or harmful chemicals.

It is Flavorful

We have already mentioned that butane burns at much higher temperatures, destroying the aroma of the herbs you consume. It can be a simple and affordable accessory that can greatly improve the flavor of your next smoking session. In other words, it will not alter the flavor of the herb.

It is Cost-Effective

Although butane lighters are cheap, the constant replacement cost is not so low. With hemp lighter string, especially when you purchase bulk hemp wick, you can forget when you bought it.

It is Environmentally-Friendly

Most butane lighters are made of non-biodegradable and non-recyclable plastic materials that tend to hit the disposal areas at a stunning rate of 350 million per year. With hemp wick, the only thing you got left behind is a little bit of ash. Not a tough decision, right?
hemp wick vs lighter


A butane lighter uses butane gas to create a flame to light a cigarette or pipe. The gas is kept in a small, pressurized chamber. With the help of the Ferrocerium flint and steel rubbing together, the narrow gas stream is released to make a spark and, as a result, create a flame. Some sources suggest that butane adds harmful gases to tobacco or other herbs that are consumed. In addition, it burns at scorching 3,500oF, which can burn off many aromatic substances, leaving no flavor.

Hemp wick, on the other hand, is a natural and safe way to ignite your herb. Pure hemp fiber is too dry, so it will not burn on its own. However, adding beeswax can aid in burning at a steady and much slower pace. It emits fewer carbon emissions and reduces the risk of inhaling harmful flint dust. Also, it preserves more flavors in the smoke, not allowing the harsh feeling in the back of the throat, as happens with the lighters. 


Where to buy hemp wick? Try organic beeswax hemp wick from Hemptique, and you will be thrilled. Our product is a perfect choice for any avid smoker; it is an environmentally friendly, sustainable, and biodegradable option. Start smoking smart with the 100% eco-friendly products:
how to use hemp wick


Using hemp wick is not hard to master but is definitely worth the effort. You can enjoy flavorful and smooth smoke by following these simple steps:

1.    Untwist the Ball

If your hemp wick is packed into a ball, carefully unravel the end, so it sticks out and is ready to use. Be cautious not to unroll the entire package, as you will end up with a mess in your hands. As it is coated with beeswax, it can be a little sticky. So try to keep your wick stored in a place where it will be safe from dust or different types of debris. For easier access, many avid smokers keep a piece of wick wrapped around their lighters.

2.    Light the Wick’s Tip

When you freed the end of the wick, light the tip using matches or the butane lighter. What is very important is to keep the freed strand away from anything that can burn easily – your clothes, curtains, hair, etc. Although we talked about the harmful usage of lighters, the portion of the hemp fiber that touches the butane gas will burn away instantly, leaving your organic hemp wick free of chemicals.

3.    Waiting for the Even Flame

Letting your hemp wick burn a little bit before you start using it can remove traces of any chemicals. You can adjust the flame size and height by tilting the wick. When you achieve an even and steady flame, you can use it to spark up your favorite tobacco and enjoy the flavor.

4.    Light the Desired Herb

In the same way you would use a lighter or matches, light your cigarette with a hemp wick. It preserves its shape during holding up instead of flopping down like other strings or twines, making it easier to manipulate.

5.    Extinguish the Flame

To reduce the risk of burning the entire supply of your hemp wick, ensure you completely extinguish the fire before storing. You can do it either by dipping the burning end into the water or pressing the fire with wet fingers. After it has completely cooled down, you can wrap it back and store it in a safe place.


Particular caution is needed after you finish using the wick:
  • Ensure the flame is completely out after the use

  • Do not leave wick unguarded

  • Keep away from the children’s reach

  • Beeswax can sometimes drip when lit

candle wick

hemp wick as homemade candles
Hemp wick also can be for homemade candles.

Organic Hemp Wick Ball (Hungary)

Do you need a more natural way to enjoy your tobacco? Hemptique is here to help you with an eco-friendly option for lighting your favorite herbs. Even beeswax coating allows a steady flame without clumps or dripping when lit. The product is made and imported from Hungary. The thickness of the #20 ball is approximately 1mm, and the length is 30 meters (100ft). The #48 ball is around 1.8 mm thick and has a length of 61 meters (or 200ft).

Organic Beeswax Hemp Wick

Our hemp wick is made of an organic hemp fiber coated in a layer of beeswax. It is a healthier alternative to butane lighters, acting like a slow-burning candlestick when lit. Being a popular choice among eco-friendly consumers, it releases less harmful toxins into the environment and leaves nothing but ash. It is available in thee color options – Natural, Rasta, and Rainbow, for a more colorful smoking experience. The thicknesses are for #20, approximately 1.0mm, and for #48 – about 1.8mm, and you can choose between 30 meters (100ft) and 61 meters (200ft) option.

20-Pack Pocket Hemp Wick Booklet

We also offer convenient pocket hemp booklets – each booklet contains a wick of an approximate length of 2 meters and 1mm thickness. The package includes 20 pieces of organic hemp wick booklets. If you want your wick to be portable and always in your pocket, then use this match-book size package. Slow-burning will ensure more flavorful and efficient smoking sessions. 


Apart from the obvious use – to light cigarettes, tobacco, or other preferred herbs, it can have several other usages:
  • As a fire starter
  • In survival kits
  • For candle making
  • For macrame
  • In jewelry making
  • In traditional bookbinding
  • For gift embellishments
  • In greeting card making
  • For scrapbooking
  • Gardeners use it to tie plants
  • In packaging and gift-wrapping