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DIY Adjustable Hemp Friendship Bracelet

DIY Adjustable Hemp Friendship Bracelet

DIY Adjustable Hemp Friendship Bracelet

Hemptique’s Adjustable Macramé Bracelet Tutorial

Made with Hemptique’s #20 100% Hemp Cord

Want to learn how to make a beautiful friendship bracelet that has an adjustable knot? Then keep reading! This macramé bracelet is made with a simple braid pattern and a slip knot that makes it easy to take on and off. These simple knots make this bracelet pattern perfect for crafters of all skill levels. Want to know the best part? We created this with our eco-friendly hemp twine to make a sustainable accessory.


Materials Needed:



  • Measure and cut four #20 hemp cords 50 inches long.
    • Note: You can also use just three cords for a slightly slimmer bracelet.
  • Fold the cords evenly in half and create a loop by tying an overhand knot.


  • Secure the cords to a surface and separate them into three groups (two groups of 3, and one group of 2 cords).
  • Tie a braid with the three sections until the bracelet fits on your wrist, about 5 – 7 inches.



  • End and secure the braid by tying an overhand knot.


  • Create the adjustable closure by tying a slip knot
    • A slip knot is created by pulling the ends through the loop we created at the start. Pull until a new loop is formed. Stick the ends through this new loop and then pull them toward the middle of the bracelet.



  • Trim the remaining ends to the desired length.
    • Note: We like to tie the remaining ends with small overhand knots to give texture and prevent any potential fraying from wear.



We hope you enjoy your new, environmentally-friendly hemp bracelet!


Happy Crafting from the Hemptique Team!