Twine Wrapped Candy Corn Garland

Twine Wrapped Candy Corn Garland

Thanks to Laura Kelly for sharing this cute idea for Halloween Décor!


  • Hemp Cord (Orange and Yellow)
  • Cotton Lace Trim
  • Cardboard or Chip Board for Base (This is a great time to recycle cereal boxes!)
  • Craft Glue or Glue Gun
  • Printable Pattern
  • Scissors


Step One

Use the pattern to cut out the number of candy corn pieces necessary for the garland.

Step Two

Adhere a coat of white glue to the bottom third of the cut out candy corn.  Wrap yellow hemp cord around the entire piece to create the first of the three colors found in traditional candy corn pieces.

Step Three

Add another layer of glue and wrap the orange hemp cord to create the second section to the candy corn. 

Step Four

Add glue to the top of the candy corn piece and attach a piece of cotton lace trim to top of the candy corn.

Step Five

Create as many candy corn pieces in whatever sizes you would like in your garland. If you want to get fancy, braid the hemp cord first and use the braided segment to wrap around the chipboard.

Step Six

Once the glue is dry, thread a long piece of hemp cord through the holes in the lace trip to connect the pieces and hang the garland.