Hemp Garden Balls 100% Hemp-5 colors to choose

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Hemp Gardening and Craft Cord

Hemp Fibers have good tensile strength and make the best cords for your Garden. In fact, this is another of the ancient uses of hemp fibers. 

They are, after all, biodegradable ropes used since ancient Histories, like coconut and jute fibers, yet nothing works as well as hemp.

  • 100% HEMP
  • Length: Approximately 41.6 yards / 38 meters
  • Biodegradable & Eco Friendly.
  • Fastening garden & household plants (tomatoes, flowers, etc.)
  • Hemp Rope wrapped flowerpots
  • Rustic hanging plant holders
  • Decorative garden rope path guides


NOTE: Due to the manufacturing process, the rope has variations in color and length