Easy DIY Peace Symbol Tutorial for Macrame Beginners

A Quick and Simple Step-By-Step Guide for Macrame Peace Sign (with Pictures and Video)

DIY Macrame Peace Sign

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Macrame is a versatile craft involving tying knots together to make elaborate patterns and designs. In this tutorial, we will guide you through the process of creating a peace sign, adding a touch of creativity and personalization to your space. We will help you master the art of macrame by providing clear and simple instructions accompanied by visuals. This easy project is a fun and relaxing way to express your craftsmanship, while your finished product will become a perfect wall hanging, a handbag accessory, or a gift.

Hemp cord adds a touch of natural beauty, rustic charm, and organic appearance to this project. It is a highly versatile material that complements macrame by its flexibility, durability, and strength. So, let’s dive into the world of macrame and learn how to make a peace sign using hemp rope.

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Supplies you will need for this project

  • #48 Hemp Cord in Sunset Coral. Premium quality 100% natural hemp is one of the favorite choices for macrame artists, both beginners and experts, as it is soft to touch, flexible enough to make even the most intricate and complex design, and strong and durable to last a long time. It comes in a wide selection of 18 different colors. It is approximately 1.8mm thick which makes it one of the most comprehensive cords for various applications such as scrapbooking, macrame décor pieces or jewelry, gifts, crafting, general tying, and accessorizing.
  • #20 Hemp Cord in Sea Foam Green and Lavender (optional). This is the Hemptique bestselling cord in the market. It is about 1mm thick and very easy to manipulate, making it a perfect choice for beginner macrame artists. Extremely flexible, durable, and strong, it enables you to effectively turn your ideas into reality. The hemp fiber has been polished to make it smoother to the touch and to accomplish a sleek look. 

You will also need

  • 3-inch metal ring for crafts
  • Scissors

Boho Style Peace Sign Video Tutorial

Before You Begin

You will need to prepare and cut the cord before you begin the project. Ideally, you will use fabric scissors, as they are sharp and precise when cutting and trimming ropes.
Cut the #48 cord into:
  • 4 pieces 38in long
  • 4 pieces 18in long
#20 cord to be cut into:
  • 3 pieces 12in long (e.g., two pieces of Sea Foam Green, and one piece of Lavender color)


We will start by attaching four 38in long cords to the ring using a lark’s head knot. Begin by folding the cord in half.
DIY peace sign instructions 1
DIY peace sign instructions 2


Guide the cord over and behind the ring to form the loop.


Pull the cord ends through the loop and secure them tightly.
DIY peace sign instructions 3
DIY peace sign instructions 4


Repeat with the other three 38-inch cords. Tie a square knot using the 4 cords on the left side. Take the far-right cord and place it over the two middle cords. Then take the far-left cord and guide it over the right cord.


Fold it behind the middle cords and pull it through the loop. You have done half of the square knot.
DIY peace sign instructions 5
DIY peace sign instructions 6


Now make the other half of square knot. Start from the left. Take the cord and cross it over the middle pieces to form the loop.


Guide the far-right piece over the left, behind the middle ones, and up through the loop. Secure each knot tightly.
DIY peace sign instructions 8


Now use the 4 cords on the right to make the same square knot.


Next, you are going to make an alternate square knot by using only the middle 4 cords. The following row will be the same as the first one, using the 4 cords on the left, and 4 cords on the right. Continue tying alternating square knots until you reach the ring. You should have about 15 rows of square knots. We will now move on to securing these loose ends to the ring using the lark’s head knot. Start by working the far-left rope. Take it up and over the ring.
DIY peace sign instructions 9
DIY peace sign instructions 10


Twist the rope around the ring, through the loop, and pull tight.


Next, guide the rope behind the ring, send it up and over the ring and through the loop.
DIY peace sign instructions 11
DIY peace sign instructions 12


Repeat with all the ropes until they are securely attached to the ring.


We will move on to attaching the shorter 18in pieces of string. Fold them in half and attach 2 pieces to each side using Lark’s head knot.
DIY peace sign instructions 13
DIY peace sign instructions 14


Tie approximately four-square knots on the left side, slightly angling, or until you have reached the ring. Guide the loose ends under the ring and attach them the same way you secured the middle part.


Repeat the process for the right side. Your boho-style peace sign is now complete!
DIY peace sign instructions 15
DIY peace sign instructions 16


Optionally you can use different color hemp cord (12 in.) to tie loose ends together by tying a gathering knot. Use scissors to shorten the ropes as needed.

Why of Hemp Cord is Perfect for Macrame Beginners and Pros

Hemp cord has become a go-to material for macrame artists, especially beginners, due to its advantages over other materials.


Its natural characteristics and versatility of colors and thickness make it the ideal choice for knotting miscellaneous intricate patterns.


You will be able to complete your macrame projects seamlessly, without the fear of breaking due to its remarkable strength and durability.

Flexibility & Grip

Its anti-slippery texture, flexibility and good grip allow for excellent control enabling macrame beginners to learn and practice with ease. 

Hypoallergenic & Antimicrobial

Furthermore, hemp is hypoallergenic and non-irritating to the skin, and provides an allergy-free environment even for people with sensitive skin or allergies.


Being 100% natural, sustainable, biodegradable, hemp cord outshines other materials in eco-friendliness as well.

Peace Sign: The Universal Symbol of Non-violence and Peace

The peace sign is recognized around the world as a symbol of peace and harmony. The sign was designed in the 20th century to symbolize anti-nuclear activism. Over time, it surpassed its initial symbolism and became an iconic sign of peace and love. The peace symbol represents the ongoing pursuit of tolerance, peace, and a better, more harmonious world.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I buy hemp cord for macrame?
An assortment of hemp rope in over 39 colors and various diameters can be found at Hemptique, a leading hemp supplier for macrame. Our selection caters to all macrame needs and requirements you might have.
What materials do I need to get started on macrame?
Macrame is a beginner-friendly art which does not require a lot of materials and tools. All you will need to start is cords, a pair of sharp scissors (preferably fabric scissors), and a ruler.
How do I know which cord to choose for my macrame project?
When choosing the cord, you should follow these guidelines: thicker cords provide a chunkier look, while thinner cords are more sophisticated and delicate. Over time, practicing with different types of cords will help you determine your preferred style.
Can I wash my macrame art?
You can clean your macrame items by spot-washing using mild soap and cold water. For tougher stains, you can machine wash it on delicate cycle, warm water setting. It is advisable to put your macrame piece in a wash bag or a pillowcase prior to washing. Make sure to check care instructions for the specific cord used. Use lint roller to remove dust.