DIY Mini Macramé Plant Hanger

DIY Mini Macramé Plant Hanger

DIY Mini Macramé Plant Hanger

Hemptique’s Knotted Plant Hanger Design

Made with Hemptique’s 100% Natural #48 Hemp Cord

This mini macramé plant hanger is made with eco-friendly and biodegradable hemp cord! It’s the perfect way to bring a touch of outdoors inside. This hemp planter would look great hanging from a rear-view mirror, in an office, or in any other space you’d like! It’s the perfect size for a succulent plant or some small flowers. Get some hemp twine today to make this sustainable project.

Materials Needed:


  • Measure and cut six natural #48 hemp cords 5 feet long.
  • Measure and cut one dusty pink #20 hemp cord 30 inches long.
  • Fold the six natural cords evenly in half and create a loop by tying them together with an overhand knot.
    • Note: Smooth the overhand knot by pulling each string individually to tighten the knot.

    • Separate the cords into three groups of four.
    • Using one group of four cords, tie six square knots in a row.

    • Switch the working cords with the filler cords.
      • This means the cord on the outer left and right switch places with the two cords in the middle.
      • Note: Doing this keeps all four cords equal in length throughout our project.
    • Using the same four cords, tie 3.5 inches of half square knots (spiral knot).

    1. Repeat steps 5 – 7 on the other two sections of four.

    • Connect the three sections together with square knots. This is done by taking two cords from sections next to each other, and using them to tie a square knot.
      • Tie these square knots about 1 – 2 inches below the spiral knots.
      • This is what forms the basket for the pot to sit into.
      • The more space you leave between the last spiral knot and the basket, the bigger pot you can use.

      • Hold all cords together and tie them together with a gathering knot using the #20 hemp string.
        • This knot can be tied about 3 inches below the last square knots.

        • Trim any ends as needed and sit your planter into the created basket.

          Your mini macramé plant hanger in now finished!

          Happy Crafting from Hemptique