20 Easy & Fun Mother's Day Craft Ideas for Gifts She Will Cherish

A Collection Of DIY Mother’s Day Preschool Classroom Projects & Activities To Do At Home

20 Mother's Day Craft Ideas

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With Mother’s Day just around the corner, it is time to think of what the best gift for the important ladies in your life would be. Mothers, aunts, sisters, and grandmothers adore receiving handmade cards and gifts from their children, and you can be sure they will adore the item you have crafted by hand, especially for them. This is because handmade gifts show genuine love, appreciation, gratitude, and respect you have for them.

If you are looking for creative, but simple activities for novice crafters to do for Mother’s Day, or if you are unsure of what to make for your mom or grandmom, don’t worry, you have come to the right place. We have gathered a compilation of 20 affordable, beginner-friendly Mother’s Day craft ideas for people of all ages and skill levels. These projects can be done in kindergartens, classrooms, workshops, or at home. The good news is that the supplies are affordable and easily accessible, and include materials such as natural fiber rope, cord, twine, cardboard, paper, glue, and so on.

This year, surprise your mom with an amazing custom-made present she will cherish for years to come.

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1.    Butterfly Thread Art Card

The first craft we are sharing is a quick and simple string art butterfly card for Mother’s Day. This version of thread art uses heavy cardstock with holes for threading, instead of a traditional method that uses a hammer and nails. This alternative version is entirely safe and does not require any particular skill set, so it is completely suitable even for young children. In about 30 minutes, using only paper and some #10 variegated hemp cord spool (0.5mm) you can make a fantastic card for your mom.
Butterfly Thread Art Card
Macrame Flower Keychain

2.    Macrame Flower Keychain

The next activity is also a beginner-friendly craft. You will learn how to make a macrame flower keychain by following video instructions from Kathy (Grey Wonders). For this project, you will need a keychain, some beads, and cords. We recommend using #48 Hemp Cord Spool in the color of your choice. Macrame is an art of knotting cords to create different patterns and designs. Almost anyone can master basic macrame knots in a short time and enjoy getting creative using this technique. 

3.    Floral Yarn Card

Printable String Art Yarn Card for Mother's Day by Lia Griffith is another activity for novice learners. The supplies needed to create the card are yarn, a needle, and templates. Start by punching holes with the needle and threading through all the dots on the template. What is great about this particular craft is that there is no specific method of how it is supposed to be done. You can thread it any way you want, until you are satisfied with the finished look. For those of you who want to put the card into an envelope, you will need to purchase an A7-size envelope.
Floral Yarn Card
Yarn-Wrapped Monogrammed Letter

4.    Yarn-Wrapped Monogrammed Letter

Catch my party has detailed instructions on one of the favorite crafts for the kids, which is wrapping shaped objects (in this case a wooden letter) with string, turning it into an amazing home décor item or party decoration. Everyone loves this craft because it can be customized according to your particular needs. Pick a letter (or letters) you need and wrap it in preferred color yarn to make one-of-a-kind handicraft. In addition, it is fairly easy to recreate and you do not need to have any particular skills, which is why it is perfect for beginners. Yarn, which is used here, is quite affordable, and the only other supplies you will need are a wooden letter, glue, and some embellishment as per your liking.

5.    Salt Dough Hearts Ornaments With Photo

Here is another craft for beginners and children. Even toddlers will be able to complete this craft with the help from adults. The Best Ideas For Kids has detailed instructions and a full tutorial video on how to make these heart-shaped ornaments. This is a wonderful classroom activity for Mother’s Day or Valentine’s Day. Each child in the class can paint their own salt dough heart. You can easily make a large batch of dough and have many ornaments completed and handed out to special people in your life.

NOTE: You will have to make salt dough and bake it a few days ahead, because ornaments have to be air dried and cooled after baking.

Salt Dough Hearts Ornaments With Photo
DIY Heart Notebook With Yarn

6.    DIY Heart Notebook With Yarn

Here, we have a unique idea for a keepsake to gift to your mom grandmom, or aunt, and it will certainly be treasured for a long time. This cute heart shaped notebook can also be a perfect activity for the classroom. You could let the students fill the pages with fun messages or cute drawings.

Head over to Easy Peasy And Fun website to find step by step guide and a video tutorial. Materials you will need are paper, ribbon (or yarn), red paper, templates, and decoration (optional).

7.    Twine Memo Board

Better Homes And Gardens has an original and very beautiful idea for a memo board made of thrift store picture frame, some twine, and clothes pins. This  memo board can be used to display messages of love, notes, or family photos and mementos. If you wish, you can also paint the frame according to your preferences.
Twine Memo Board
Customized Oven Mitt

8.    Customized Oven Mitt

If you are looking for gift idea for your mom or grandma, why don’t you make this sweet oven mitt with tiny handprint design? The Idea Room has instructions and a video tutorial for this practical and lovely gift for all the mothers out there. Make a handprint using some paint, and attach a personalized note, or a poem, with some twine or baker’s twine.

Use this mitt to capture those special family moments when you are baking bread or cookies together with the little ones. It will certainly be treasured for all the love and care it was put into it while creating the design.

9.    DIY Pressed Flowers Bookmark

Head over to Buggy and Buddy to find instructions for a handmade present for a mother. This nature-inspired bookmark is pretty straightforward to make and can be done by everyone. Kids will particularly enjoy the part of collecting the foliage and florals that have to be dried before being used for this DIY project. This is a budget-friendly craft, and you will only need several supplies, such as dried flowers and leaves, cardstock, plastic (or laminator), and some twine.
DIY Pressed Flowers Bookmark
DIY Mother’s Day Card

10. DIY Mother’s Day Card

Everyone knows just how much moms love to receive handmade gifts. This DIY 3D flower Mother’s day card from The Best Ideas For Kids is a wonderful way to show your mom how much you care. Not only is it a gorgeous card but it can also be a lovely gift. It is very simple to make and you can also find a free template on the website. Children of all ages can participate and they can also decorate the flower pot as they wish. Lastly, a memorable message or a poem can be written inside the pot.

11. Handprint Flowers Card

As Mother’s Day is approaching, we are sharing this stunning want handprint flower bouquet card idea from Easy Peasy And Fun with you. It is certainly one of those adorable keepsakes that moms will keep for a long time. You can either make handprints from one child, or from handprints from all the children in the family. This craft is also great for classroom projects, either as single cards or as a wall display. Since this handicraft is not bulky, you can even frame it and hang it on the wall.

NOTE: Handprint bouquet card can also be made for other special occasions, such as birthdays, anniversaries, or retirement parties.
Handprint Flowers Card
DIY Photo Vase For Mother’s Day

12. DIY Photo Vase For Mother’s Day

This craft requires some preparation. Before you start, you will need to collect glass bottles and jars of various shapes to use them as vases. Once you have gathered them and properly cleaned them, you need to carefully roll the photographs and insert them into the bottles or jars. Finally, add some foliage and tie a piece of twine around the top for a rustic and natural feel. For instructions, visit Better Homes & Garden.

13. Fingerprint Bouquet

Fingerprint crafts, especially those made by kids, are truly sweet, and even the toddlers can create a unique work of art. Regardless of what colors you use, or how it turns out in the end, your mom will surely adore her fingerprint flower bouquet. For this craft you will need cardstock in color and acrylic paint in colors of your choice. Typically, you will use yellow or orange for the center, and various other colors for the petals (red, pink, orange, white, purple, etc.). The list of supplies also include dots, twine, green marker, and scissors. Get instructions and tutorial at Our Kid Things.
NOTE: When shopping for supplies, bear in mind that light weight cardstock will be easier to fold than heavier version.

Fingerprint Bouquet
Metal Stamped Bracelet

14. Metal Stamped Bracelet

Make these simple, but elegant bracelets using washers (brass, silver, or gold) and leather cord. Stamp words such as “love”, Mother”, “sister”, or “friend”. This bracelet makes a great Mother’s day gift but also a thank you gift for everyone who has helped you or who you appreciate in life. Head over to Club Crafted for a tutorial on how to make this bracelet.

15. DIY Bath Salts

Ready for some more inspiration? Why don’t you make this wonderful and creative jar of lemon bath salts? You will need to gather a few supplies, such as mason jar, Epsom salt, essential oil (lemon), yellow cupcake liner, and some twine. For craft tutorial and free printable jar tags, visit See Vanessa Craft.

NOTE: Fill the jar with lemon flavored candy and you will have a quick and inexpensive gift for a teacher, a friend, or a neighbor.

DIY Bath Salts
Mason Jar Votives

16. Mason Jar Votives

Celebrate your mom’s day by recreating this mason jar votive. With some contact paper, paint, votives, and candle holders, you can create an amazing gift for the special motherly lady in your life. Personalize the jar by using a piece of rustic looking string to tie a gift tag.

For detailed instructions and a video guide, visit I Heart Arts & Crafts web page.

17. Mason Jar Lantern

Moms, sisters, and grandmothers will love lighting this special handmade lantern. To make this gorgeous gift of light you will need a jar of your choice, battery-operated tea light, paint, and a piece of yarn to tie around the top of the jar. The instructions are pretty straightforward, after painting the stripes inside the jar, leave to dry. Paint stripes on the inside of a mason or other glass jar with acrylic paint. Once dry, place a candle inside, screw a lid and tie a twine or ribbon on top. If you want, you can also add a tag or another embellishment (dried flowers or foliage). For more information, visit Country Living.
Mason Jar Lantern
Yarn Flowers

18.  Yarn Flowers

The beauty of this project is that it teaches children about recycling while being creative. For this classroom project you will need cardboard boxes (such as parcel boxes or pizza boxes) which you need to cut up into floral shapes. Cardboard flowers are then wrapped in yarn of different colors and then placed into a jar. More Like Grace has detailed instructions and information about supplies needed for this craft.

19. Wooden Beads Necklace

This project includes painting wooden beads of various shapes with acrylic paint. This task might be more suited for slightly older children, as small kids might find painting the beads too meticulous for them to concentrate. After the paint has dried, use leather cord or suede cord to attach the beads to it.  Get tutorial at One She Two She.  
Wooden Beads Necklace
Rope Mirror

20. Rope Mirror

Although this craft might seem too challenging to make at first, it can really be completed by beginners, too. For this stylish, rustic mirror, you will need the following supplies: mirror (with frame wide enough to hold your rope decoration), craft rope, twine, glue. Optionally, you can add decorative pieces to the upper or lower corners of the mirror. Glue the rope to the frame, with a braided cordage too, for a more effective and more dynamic design. Use twine to tie the middle of each side, which will add a visual  interest to the whole piece. Check out Country Living for more details on this project.

The History of Mother’s Day Holiday

Mother’s Day is a holiday that celebrates and honors the mother of the family, motherhood, and maternal bonds in general. It is observed in many countries of the world. In USA, it is observed on the second Sunday in May and it complements other similar holidays (Father’s Day).

Moher’s Day was first celebrated when Anna Jarvis, a peace and social activist, held the first Mother's Day service of worship in 1907. This happened at Episcopal Church in West Virginia, 40 years before it became an official holiday. This modern day holiday serves to show love and appreciation towards mothers for their unconditional love and sacrifices they make.