Easy DIY Tutorial: Kid-Friendly Butterfly String Art Card

Learn Thread Art Without Hammer And Nails. A Perfect Surprise Gift For Mother’s Day.

Butterfly String Art Tutorial

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This quick and simple string art project we are sharing is ideal as a gift or a card for Mother’s Day holiday. Unlike the original version that includes hammering the nails, this alternative version uses paper or cardstock, so it is completely safe and suitable for beginners and kids of all ages.

No special skills are required for this project, so even smaller children can participate. It will be quite an enjoyable and fun activity for them as they will be using different colors of string (yellow, orange, and pink). In under an hour, using eco-friendly hemp cord, and a few other supplies, the little ones can make a perfect personalized present for their mom.

If you have never tried this hobby before,  before you begin, you can take a look at our easy string art video tutorial for beginners. It includes general guidelines, tips and detailed information on tools and techniques.

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Supplies & Materials You Will Need

To make this butterfly, you will need the following supplies:
  • #10 variegated hemp cord spool (0.5mm) in Taffy.

    For this craft, we used taffy color of string, but you can use any color you like from a selection of 20 different ones. This is a biodegradable, premium-quality string, made of hemp fiber, which is known for its hypoallergenic, antimicrobial and antifungal properties. Here, we used a 0.5mm diameter, but you can opt for other thicknesses as well. Hemp fiber is a fantastic material for thread art as it is extremely strong, but flexible at the same time, allowing people of all skill levels to excel at crafting.
  • 3D foam squares and adhesive dots
  • Heavy cardstock or Bristol board
  • 12″ by 12″ pink cardstock
  • 5 pieces of small orange pom poms
  • Bamboo skewer
  • Paper-punch tool
  • Bamboo skewer
  • Scotch tape
  • Measuring tape, pencil, scissors
  • Butterfly pattern
  • Corrugated cardboard scraps or magazine scraps

Step By Step Instructions On How To Make String Art Butterfly


Before you start, gather all supplies and download and print (or simply draw by hand) a butterfly design. You will be using it as a template for your handicraft. Start by cutting out the pattern and trace it with pencil onto a cardstock or Bristol board. Around the perimeter of the design, draw the dots.
How To Make String Art Butterfly Step 1
How To Make String Art Butterfly Step 2


For the next step, you will need to take scrap cardboard, scrap magazine, or any other scrap material that will be used to protect the surface you are working on. Place scrap cardboard under the piece of paper with the butterfly pattern. Take a paper-punch tool and punch holes over the perimeter of the design. Use previously marked dots as the guideline. Next, take a wooden skewer to enlarge the holes so that the cord can easily pass through them. Finally, carefully erase the pencil lines before moving on to the next step.


Take measuring tape and measure 48” of variegated hemp cord spool. Attach a small piece of rolled scotch tape around one end of the cord. This will allow you to easily fit the cord through the holes, but it will also prevent fraying. Secure one end of the cord to the back of the butterfly pattern and start stitching.
How To Make String Art Butterfly Step 3
How To Make String Art Butterfly Step 4


Strat threading the cord in random order on one wing shape. Once you have thread through every hole on one wing, move on to the next side. To use less cord, try twining up through the next hole on the back. This will also make the final product less bulky. Finally, secure the ends of the cord with scotch tape on the back.


Take the scissors and cut your finished string art piece to 5.5″ tall by 8″ wide. Next, cut a piece of colored cardstock to 8.5″ wide by 12″ tall. Fold in half to get a horizontal card. Take 5 pom poms and place them on adhesive dots. To make an antenna, take a piece of cord and cut it into 4″ length. Fold it in half, and attach it to the bottom of the first pom pom. Secure the pom poms vertically to simulate the body of the butterfly.
How To Make String Art Butterfly Step 5


Complete your Mother’s day card by attaching foam squares to the back corners of the butterfly and securing it to the card base.

Why Hemp Cord Is the Best String For Crafts?

Hemp fiber is one of the strongest natural fibers, which makes it ideal for arts and crafts, gardening, fishing, home décor, sports, marine application, and so on. It is an earth friendly and biodegradable cord, polished for a smooth finish. The reason why it is perfect for children is because it is completely safe for use, with superior features that other materials might not have, such as hypoallergenic properties, chemical free, gentle to touch, anti-microbial, anti-fungal, mold and mildew resistance.

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Commonly Asked Questions

1.  What is string art?
String art, also known as thread art, is a craft where you use a colored cord, yarn, or wire, to thread it between points (nails or holes) to create different patterns and designs. It is an ideal hobby that can easily be customized according to your skill levels. It is simple and quick to do, with countless design options. The most popular method of thread art is to weave the cord around the nails which are hammered into a wooden board, but you can also try a kid-friendly method which involves punching holes into cardstock and threading the string through the holes to create the desired pattern.
2.  What are the general guidelines for making thread art?
The technique is fairly simple and there are two methods of how it can be done.  The first method is for those who are opting for a wooden board and hammers. The procedure is as follows: create a design, hammer the nails into the wooden board to outline the pattern, tie string to the first nail and start to weave until you finish the design. The second technique is for children and those individuals who want to craft with cardstock. The principle is similar to the previous procedure, but you will have to punch holes in the cardstock in the shape of the pattern, and then thread the cord through the holes.
3.  What does a butterfly symbolize?
In general, butterflies represent change, rebirth and transformation, but the symbolism varies depending on specific cultures. For instance, in China a butterfly is a symbol of joy, beauty, and elegance, while pairs of butterflies mean young love. Native Americans believe that these insects boost inspiration and dreams, while ancient Egyptians associated them with immortality and the afterlife.
4.  Where can I buy quality string for my DIY project? 
If you are looking for high-quality, eco-friendly arts and craft supplies, check out Hemptique online store. We are a renowned manufacturer of premier, 100% natural fiber products. Our products are made according to eco-conscious procedures and contain no harmful chemicals or dyes. We offer a wide selection of string art supplies in solid and variegated colors, of different diameters and in various lengths. For more information on our product line for thread art or to make a purchase, check out our hemp cord selection.
5.  What are some of the basic supplies I need to purchase for string art craft?
If you are thinking of getting started with this craft, you should probably purchase the following common supplies: wooden board and nails (or stock card, for paper version), string (cord, thread, yarn, embroidery floss, etc.), scissors, patterns, small hammer, a marker, tape, etc.