Step-By-Step Macrame Flower Keychain Tutorial for Beginners

Follow the Video Instructions With Kathy From Grey Wonders To Learn How To Make Floral Inspired Macrame Key Holder

Macrame Flower Keychain Tutorial

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This cute and fun macrame floral key chain with beads is an ideal craft for beginners and it does not take a lot of time to create. With the help of our detailed video tutorial and a step-by-step guide with pictures, it will be quite easy for you to reproduce this beautiful pattern. In this tutorial, we will take you through every phase of the project and motivate you to learn different macrame knotting techniques and create this gorgeous handmade piece embellished with beads. You can make it for yourself or as a gift for a friend, family member, coworker, or neighbor and for virtually any occasion.

Before you begin, you can also check out our instructions for a simpler version of DIY wristlet keychain, without beads. Both of these patterns are created using premium-quality macrame cord, which is strong and durable, but soft to the touch and easy to work with. What’s even better, hemp fiber introduces natural elements and rustic style to your design.

So, without delay, let’s embark on this creative journey.

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DIY Macrame Flower Keychain (Video Instructions)


For this floral key holder, we used two colors: red and natural, but you can use any colors you prefer. This is a sustainable, premium-quality cordage, made of 100% hemp fiber, and it is offered in 18 different solid and variegated colors, with or without glitter, metallic thread, or even Glow in the dark hemp cord (1mm thick). Here, we used a 1.8mm thick string, but you can optionally use 0.5mm diameter or 1mm diameter. The reason why hemp is such a great material for macrame projects is because it’s flexible and very gentle on hands while remaining strong and very durable, making your handicraft pieces long-lasting.

For the floral keychain, before you start working on the craft, you will need to cut 2 pieces of red hemp cord (5 feet long each) and you will also need to cut 1 piece of natural hemp cord measuring 3 feet.

  • 3 beads of choice (make sure the hole inside the beads is large enough for the cord to pass through)
  • A pair of sharp scissors to cut the cordage.
  • Any type of keychain you will use for knotting the design around.
  • Measuring tape or ruler to measure the length of cords.

Macrame Floral Keychain Instructions

  • Skill level: Beginner / Novice learners

  • Macrame knots applied: lark’s head knot, square knot, overhead knot. For more information and a guide on basic macrame knots, visit 7 Simple Macrame Knots You Should Know.

  • Pro advice: Secure keychain to work surface with tape so it stays in place while you are tying the knots.


Take both colors of cords and fold in half. Attach them to the keychain using lark’s head knot. Tie them in a way that a single color (natural) is placed in the middle between the two cords of the other color (red in this case).
Macrame Floral Keychain Instructions Step 1
Macrame Floral Keychain Instructions Step 2


Take 4 middle cords (2 pieces of red and 2 pieces of natural color) and tie a square knot.


Take two pieces of red cord on the left and make 4 lark’s head knots.
Macrame Floral Keychain Instructions Step 3
Macrame Floral Keychain Instructions Step 4


Now repeat the same with the two pieces of red cord on the right.


Take a bead of your choice and slide it onto the 2 cords in the middle (natural color).
Macrame Floral Keychain Instructions Step 5
Macrame Floral Keychain Instructions Step 6


If your bead is the same length as the  four knots on the sides, skip right to step number 8.

If your bead is longer than the 4 knots you have made on each side, you should make several more lark’s head knots, so that they are in line with the length of the bead.


Secure the bead in place by tying a square knot with the 4 cords in the middle.
Macrame Floral Keychain Instructions Step 7
Macrame Floral Keychain Instructions Step 8


You have now completed the first flower.


Complete steps 3 to 5 a few more times until you have made 3 flowers.
Macrame Floral Keychain Instructions Step 9
Macrame Floral Keychain Instructions Step 10


Take all 6 cords and tie one large square knot.


Just below the last square knot, make an overhand knot, and trim the excess cords as preferred.
Macrame Floral Keychain Instructions Step 11
Macrame Floral Keychain Instructions Step 12


You have now completed macrame floral keychain.

Boho-Style Key Holder: A Chic Gift For Every Occasion

When it comes to personalizing a gift for someone, making a DIY item is one of the best and most unique ways to do just that. Handmade gifts are special because they showcase creativity, authenticity and personalization. And this key holder is a charming, one-of-a-kind gift that will show to the receiver of the gift just how much you care.

This is an ideal gift for almost anyone and any occasion: Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day, Christmas, birthday, anniversary, home warming party, etc.

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Learn Why Hemp Fiber Makes the Best Cord for Macrame Crafts

Over the past few years, the art of macrame has become quite popular. Macrame crafters use different types of cord materials, such as cotton or jute, but hemp surpasses the other materials with its exceptional quality, sustainability, and versatile properties.

Hemp is known as a remarkably strong fiber that will ensure the longevity of your handicraft pieces.

Although it is quite strong, hemp is also very flexible and easy to work with. It will not be hard on your hands, and you will be able to complete even the most intricate designs with hemp cord.

Choice of color
One of the reasons why hemp is favorite among macrame artists is because it is available in a lot of different colors, enhancing each color’s brilliance. If you choose products from eco-conscious manufacturers like Hemptique, the colors used will be AZO-free and you will be making a good impact on the environment.

Antimicrobial & Hypoallergenic features
Another great hemp feature is that it is very gentle on skin, so even individuals with sensitive skin can use it without fear it will cause unwanted side effects.

100% hemp cordage is a biodegradable and earth-friendly product that contributes to planet Earths greener future.

Commonly Asked Questions

Which material can I use to make macrame key holder?
You can use all sorts of materials to make a key holder, such as hemp, cotton, wool, nylon, or jute. However, hemp is one of the best-selling among the macrame artists due to its outstanding properties.
Where can I buy a hemp cord for my macrame projects?
You can purchase premier quality macrame cordage at Hemptique. Our extensive choice of products includes various colors, diameters, and lengths, perfect for all your macramé projects.
What are the best scissors to use for macrame?
Fabric scissors are the best as they are sharp, precise, and easy to work with. Alternatively, you can use standard scissors; however, they might not be as precise as you would want to.
How should I wash and care for my DIY key chain?
Regular surface dirt can be removed with a lint roller. Spot wash common stains with mild detergent and lukewarm water, and leave to air dry. If there are tougher stains, you can wash it in the washer, on a delicate cycle, just make sure you put it inside a pillowcase or a mesh wash bag. Make sure you leave it to air dry, rather than putting it to dry in the dryer.