20 Adorable Rustic Gift Wrapping Ideas For Christmas & Other Special Events

Get Creative With These Stylish Vintage Gift Wrapping Techniques and Make Every Moment a Special Moment

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Regardless of what presents you choose to give for special occasions, a uniquely wrapped package will show receivers just how giving, devoted, and caring you are. There are lots of ways to personalize a gift, but it seems that vintage and rustic wrapping styles are favorite among the majority of people. It expresses the feelings of family joy, tradition, love, and appreciation. That is why we have gathered some of the best vintage-looking wrapping ideas that can be used for every occasion: Christmas, Easter, birthdays, graduations, engagements, weddings, baby showers, work parties, etc. These ideas will spark your creativity and help you create small projects that a whole family can do together. In time, it might even become a sort of tradition and your signature wrapping technique.

All of the projects listed below are accomplished by using rustic-style supplies, such as hemp handmade paper, eco-friendly rustic twine, foliage, dried fruit, organic fabric, burlap, upcycled materials, and repurposed supplies.

Read on to see the whole collection of 20 DIY rustic wrapping ways and to get immediately inspired.

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1. Tree Branches & Greenery

Inspiration for this vintage paper and solid color twine wrapping is found on Nade Studio. By wrapping a twine several times around the gift and adding a piece of twig or Christmas tree spring as decoration, you will get an instant breath of Christmas magic and a beautiful, rustic look.
Tree Branches & Greenery
Gingerbread Cookies As Embellishments

2. Gingerbread Cookies As Embellishments

To make this idea come to life you will need to either bake gingerbread cookies yourself or buy them at the local bakery shop. With just a few supplies, you will manage to have a rustic wrapping that not only looks but also smells like Christmas. For this particular task, you will need baker's twine, hemp paper, cookies, and some vintage gift tags. Project source: My Scandinavian Home.

3. Brown Paper Bags

Here is a simple and quick way to package oddly shaped presents and accomplish a rustic, organic look. Take brown paper bags from grocery stores, add cotton twine, and some foliage that you can find in your garden, and you are done! Simple, easy, and effective! Local Milk Blog has a few more ideas and even recipes for Festive cookies and cakes.
Brown Paper Bags
Natural Wood & Rustic Touch

4. Natural Wood & Rustic Touch

The Happy Housie has a fantastic solution on how to achieve a rustic, but elegant Christmas feel by adding a few pieces of small wood slices and some twine. Combine with paper that has corresponding patterns or colors, pinecones, and pine branches for a complete look. You can really get creative here with the choice of paper, as well as with décor.

5. Layered Ribbons

For this DIY, use rustic twine, hemp webbing, and other ribbons or lace. Multiple layers create texture and visual interest. Add some foliage, a tag, or a card, and you are done.  For more DIY projects and more information, go over to Mountain Modern Life.
Layered Ribbons
Mini Christmas Tree

6. Mini Christmas Tree

What can be more rustic and natural than brown paper wrapped gifts decorated with supplies you can find in your backyard. In this example from A Piece Of Rainbow, a piece of pine needles act as a mini Christmas tree on a gift. You can use this technique for all the gifts to coordinate the look of all the presents and the tree itself.

7. Photo As Gift Tag

Create a sentimental value and a lovely keepsake for the receiver with this rustic gift idea. To create a pattern on the paper, simply use a sharpie pen and draw the design you want. This wonderful, personalized gift wrap can be found on Inspired by Charm. Tip: Attach the photo with washi tape for a more organic and nature inspired look.
Photo As Gift Tag
Book Page

8. Book Page

We are sharing this lovely, inexpensive, vintage wrapped gift idea from Thistlewood Farms. Wrap the present in brown paper, and simply cut out different Christmas shapes from book pages (reindeer, Christmas tree, star, house, bell, stocking, etc.). You can cut out any shape you like and then attach it with double-sided tape to the paper.

9. Christmas Wreath Gift Labels

Get the tutorial for this lovely DIY Christmas wreath label at Damask Love. You can either use store bought mini wreaths or make them by yourself using branches of pine tree. Put the present in a brown paper bag, add a tiny bow and a ribbon in coordinating colors, and you have a perfect vintage looking gift.
Christmas Wreath Gift Labels
Rustic Wrapped Rudolph

10. Rustic Wrapped Rudolph

How fun is it to make these cute, decorated Rudolph wraps? Frog Prince Paperie has a tutorial on how to do this craft using card stock, some ribbon, and Cricut machine. Instead of dark brown cardstock you can use hemp paper, which is 100% natural plant fiber material.

11. Lint Roller Stamp 

If you are looking for a cheap and effective way to create patterns on your DIY Christmas cards or wrapping paper, visit Handmade Charlotte website. Using a lint roller, some craft foam, and ink pad you can create Christmas tree stamp to upgrade your wrapping. Charlotte also has a tutorial on how to make an envelope stamp using a bottle cap.
Lint Roller Stamp
Pom Pom Reindeer

12. Pom Pom Reindeer

Have your kids help you with this easy craft. This small project is taken from Splash Of Something. Apart from craft paint and mini pom poms, you will need a festive rustic twine and some craft paper (brown or white). Make reindeer faces by adding colored fingerprints all over the paper. Use a pen to add eyes and antlers, and attach mini pom poms for noses.

13. Easy DIY Paper Bags

Here is another adorable rustic look from The Beauty Dojo. Using brown lunch bags, some nude twine, and a little greenery, you will accomplish a perfect natural, vintage wrap. Add a stamp (or stickers) with the greetings or the message for a more personalized look. It can be used for any occasion, including weddings, retirements, birthdays, or Mother’s Day.
Easy DIY Paper Bags

14. Rosemarry

If you are looking for unique rustic gift wrap for the upcoming Christmas or other special occasions, why don’t you try this method, as seen on Country Living? Kraft paper, red and white ribbon, or red and white twine, springs of rosemary and some berries – it can’t get more vintage than this! Tip: Add gift tags optionally, for a more personalized look.

15. Mix Tape & Straws

This gift wrap was designed by a graphic designer Joy D. Cho who used brown paper, masking tape in red, green, and white, and some red and white straws. By alternating horizontal and vertical strips, you will achieve the look of real ribbon. Frayed paper straws are used to make a snowflake that tops the gift.
Mix Tape & Straws
Sweater Gift Bag

16. Sweater Gift Bag

Instead of having wrapped gifts, use an old sweater to make an adorable Santa sack. This lovely, textured, rustic bag will add a  special feeling of warmth and coziness under the Christmas tree. Apart from the sweater, you will need some ribbon, cord, or twine, and a few decorative pieces. Head over to Design Dazzle for a full tutorial.

17. Winter Greens And Craft Paper

Wrap your present in rustic way by trying out this idea from Craftberry Bush. Using pieces of burlap or hemp webbing and a handmade miniature DIY wreath you are guaranteed to smitten gift receivers with the simplicity and elegance of this natural look. For a complete eco-friendly and organic look, use hemp paper.
Winter Greens And Craft Paper
Vintage Christmas Presents

18. Vintage Christmas Presents

Take your packaging skills to the next level by trying out this method from The Southern Couture. It is so easy and cheap, yet so beautiful and effective. With minimal effort and just a few supplies you will be able to achieve that vintage spirit during the holiday season.

19. Budget Friendly Rustic Gift Toppers

Take brown paper,  find a piece of scrap fabric and some tree branches and create some truly unique present toppers. If you head over to The Ponds Farmhouse, you will find tutorials for making a recyclable cloth wreath, candy cane, and Christmas tree. But you can modify the topper according to your needs, depending on the occasion.
Budget Friendly Rustic Gift Toppers
Handmade Sugar Cookie Sack

20. Handmade Sugar Cookie Sack

Package your own or store bought cookie mix in this beautiful rustic cookie sack. They would make a perfect gift for coworkers or cookie swaps at Christmas parties. To make the sack, it would be best to use an organic material like this gorgeous hemp fabric. For embellishments, you can use mini wooden spoons, greenery, rustic twine, tags, berries, pinecones, and pretty much anything. For a tutorial on how to make the sack, visit Celebrate Creativity.

Hemp Twine: The Best Supply To Add Rustic Flair To Your Gift Wrapping Style

When it comes to selecting the ideal material for rustic gift wrapping, rustic hemp twine stands out as a top choice. This material isn't just aesthetically pleasing with its organic, raw, and earthy appearance; it's also crafted from 100% natural plant fibers, ensuring it is free from harmful chemicals. This makes it an environmentally responsible option, aligning with a sustainable lifestyle. Additionally, its versatility makes it suitable for wrapping a wide range of gifts, including children's presents, ensuring safety and eco-friendliness. When you enhance your gift wrapping with rustic hemp twine, embellished with additions like fresh flowers, dried fruits, personalized gift tags, labels, and other decorative ornaments, you create a uniquely wrapped package. This not only showcases your creative flair but also conveys your thoughtfulness and commitment to both the recipient and the environment.