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Create Christmas Magic at Home: 32 Easy Christmas Craft Ideas For Kids

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Christmas craft ideas for kids

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The Christmas season is about spreading holiday cheer and spending quality time with family and friends, and one of the best ways to create fun memories, especially with the little ones, is to make Christmas crafts together. In this article, we have compiled a selection of quick DIY projects for all ages, including toddlers, preschoolers, school-aged kids, older kids, and tweens (pre-teens). 

From DIY Christmas decorations and handmade Christmas ornaments to DIY keepsakes and handmade gifts, you will find plenty of ideas for kids to work on. These activities are ideal for home, school, or Christmas parties, and they are guaranteed to provide genuine fun for everyone. Most of these can also double as stocking stuffers, table décor pieces, and holiday gifts for grandparents, family, friends, and neighbors.
Not only will you have unique decorative pieces and gifts in the end, but you will also cherish this precious time you have spent together for life. You can even make it a tradition to spend creative and meaningful time with your children by making various holiday crafts together every year. Whether you can only spare half an hour before dinner is served or you have a whole day free, these Christmas crafts are the perfect way to produce beautiful holiday masterpieces using cheap supplies in a short amount of time.

We will also provide information on where to buy biodegradable, non-toxic craft supplies that are safe for kids to use. So, gather some twine, jingle bells, and pom poms, and start crafting with your loved ones. Santa’s coming to town!

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1.    Macrame Christmas Ornament

Here is a wonderful craft that kids and parents can do together. Encourage some quality family time and make memories while working on this handmade ornament for the tree. Although it looks intricate, it is fairly easy to recreate. Follow Hemptique’s tutorial for macrame Christmas ornament with pictures and video to learn how to make one for your home.

Macrame Christmas Ornament

2.    Paper Plate Ornament

Here we have an ideal DIY project for toddlers and small kids. Using tissue paper or card stock, kids can make ornaments that cannot be broken. Use different sizes of plates and different color of paper to create a visual interest. For detailed instructions with pictures and list of materials needed, head over to Crafty Morning. When stocking up on paper, be aware that small kids like lots of vibrant colors (red, orange, purple, blue).

3.    Pinecones & Pom Poms

If you have a toddler in a family, check out One Little Project for a list of supplies and a guide on this gorgeous pinecone tree. Using just a few materials, even the little kids will be able to recreate this beautiful, one-of-a-kind ornament. Note that you will need to supervise the kids and help them with gluing the pom poms and ribbons.
Pinecones & Pom Poms
Popsicle Stick Tree

4.    Popsicle Stick Tree

Visit PJS And Paint website, to find tutorial for a cute little stick tree that can be used as decoration or double as a gift for family or friends. This simple craft is suitable for kids of all ages, although parental supervision and help are advised for hot glue gun applications. For not a lot of money you and the little elves will be occupied for a while and end up with a special type of handmade accessory.

5.    Glitter Yarn Ornament 

You and your kids will love this craft, as it involves balloons and glitters, and it can be completed in several steps. You can make it any size or color you want, but beware that green colors tend to disappear if placed on a green tree. For all the details, materials needed, and helpful tips, visit  One Little Project page. This activity might also peak your kids’ interest in learning to knit.
Glitter Yarn Ornament
Beaded Candy Cane

6.    Beaded Candy Cane

Beaded candy cane is a classic craft that brings back memories. You can use it to decorate your home, tree, or to wrap gifts. Smaller kids will love working with beads, plus, it will help them develop their problem-solving and motor skills further. Directions for this kid-approved Christmas ornament can be found on Vicky Barone.

7.    Yarn Star

This project is very easy and it allows the kids to practice and improve their imaginative play, sensory exploration, problem-solving, and creativity. By wrapping the 1.8 mm craft cord (yarn) around a star-shaped cardboard piece, they will be able to make small or large stars to hang on a tree. Once the star is completely wrapped, attach a loop for hanging to the back of the star. You can use these stars either as ornaments or as gift tags for presents intended for family, friends, neighbors, or teachers. You can find summarized instructions on Country Living
Note: Parents will have to take care of precision cutting the cardboard.
Yarn Star



8.    Handmade Slime

This craft is for slime-loving children of all ages! Learning how to make this festive slime is not hard at all. What’s even better, it classifies as STEM activity, and kids will get the opportunity to learn while they craft. How awesome is that! Check out The Best Ideas For Kids for a recipe and instructions on how to master slime making.

9.    Popsicle Stick Figures 

The Keeper Of The Cheerios has easy, “how to make” instructions on Christmas characters (penguin, snowman, reindeer, etc.). What’s even better, no particular skills are required and children will be able to create these figures in less than half an hour. These figures can be used as stocking stuffers, gift box fillers, home décor, or as props for Christmas story telling activities.
Popsicle Stick Figures
Gingerbread Man Puppet

10.    Gingerbread Man Puppet

For this project, you will need a printer to print out a template for a gingerbread man. Apart from a printer, you will also need some kraft paper, paper bags, markers, and color card stock. For full list of supplies and tutorial, visit Simple Everyday Mom website.

11.    Salt Dough Ornament 

This fun craft can be done by small kids, toddlers, kindergarten children, preschoolers, and school aged children. You could also make a sentimental keepsake by taking a handprint of a baby. Easy Peasy And Fun shares a recipe for the salt dough and visual directions of how to complete this task. After the dough is dried, paint the handprint and use a piece of cord or yarn to hang it.
Salt Dough Ornament
Bead And Pipe Cleaner Tree

12.    Bead And Pipe Cleaner Tree

The reason why this craft is so great is because even toddlers can make it with adult supervision. Pipe cleaner wire is first bent to the desired shape. It doesn’t have to be tree; kids can unleash their creativity and make any shape they prefer. They will get to boost cognitive skills and practice their fine motor control (hands and fingers movement), which is highly important at this age. This homemade decoration is cheap, as it requires only 3 materials (pipe cleaner, beads, and cord). Get tutorial at Happy Hooligans.

13.    Yarn & Stick Tree  

If you and your family are eco-conscious and would like to create a safer environment for your successors, try this DIY activity. It mostly uses items from nature, such as tree twigs and untreated yarn, which will give the kids a chance to reconnect with nature. For accessorizing, you can use basically anything you have in your craft cupboard, like paper, pom poms, beads, or ribbons. For a tutorial with visuals and supplies, check out Kids Craft Room.
Yarn & Stick Tree


Egg Carton Snowman

14.    Egg Carton Snowman

Egg carton snowman from The  Best Ideas For Kids will be so much fun to make. Better yet, they make excellent DIY toys. Kids will love to play with them or use them for storytelling. They can make only one or a whole family of snowmen to decorate the house or to play with this Christmas season. Follow the link for the list of affordable supplies needed.

15.    Handprint Santa Claus

Celebrate this holiday season with Santa Claus handprint keepsakes. They are very cheap and pretty straightforward to recreate, making them suitable for preschoolers too. Toddlers will need a little assistance from adults. For templates, instructions, and materials needed, go over to Simple Everyday Mom.
Handprint Santa Claus
Advent Calendar

16.    Advent Calendar

The jolliest, happiest time of the year is coming soon and what better way to bring some Christmas magic than by making this adorable countdown advent calendar? No particular abilities or equipment is necessary for this project, and the result is quite effective! With each day going by, the anticipation of the coming holiday will rise, and your little ones will feel and see their contribution to the Christmas spirit approaching. For tutorial, visit I Heart Arts N Crafts.

17.    Cardboard Roll Snowman

A snowman is one of kids’ favorite characters, so make sure you give them an opportunity to do this craft. Use recycled materials (scarp felt, toilet paper rolls, old socks) to teach them about responsible and eco-friendly living. Let them choose the design and the embellishments for the snowman. If your kids  make several pieces, they can then use them in groups of three as decorative holiday vignettes, or even as bowling pins (with tennis ball as a bowling ball). Red Ted Art has all the details on how to make.
Cardboard Roll Snowman
Envelope Advent Calendar

18.    Envelope Advent Calendar

Kickstarting the countdown has always been one of the favorite parts of holidays among little kids. With this easy DIY advent calendar, the anticipation leading up to Christmas will build up as days go by. The kids will be filled with holiday joy and excitement. Instead of having a store-bought one this year, why don’t you make one yourself, and decide what goes into each envelope? You can fill the envelopes with messages of love and holiday cheer, photographs, treats, tickets to games or plays, or gift cards. You will need various designs of wrapping paper and Christmas twine for this craft by  Pillar Box Blue.

19.    Sponge Painted Stocking

Kids will adore making Sponge painted stocking because this activity is messy. And kids have tons of funs when a task is messy, so make sure to protect the surfaces they are working on. Kindergarten kids and preschoolers are capable of making this decorative piece on their own, with supervision from teachers or parents. All they will need is cardstock paper, sponges, and thread, all of which are budget-friendly items. Once decorated, fill the stocking with treats, and hang it. Check out Easy Peasy And Fun for more information and tutorial with pictures.
Sponge Painted Stocking
Yarn And Paper Plate Christmas Tree

20.    Yarn And Paper Plate Christmas Tree

This beautiful decorative plate can be painted in any color and can be used to decorate a classroom, or your own home. Depending on how old the children are, some might need assistance with sewing the yarn. If you think that kids don’t have time for the paint to dry, you can opt for purchasing colored paper plates. Non-Toy Gifts has detailed instructions, a Christmas tree template, and list of supplies needed.


Fingerprint Art: Santa’s Sleigh

21.    Fingerprint Art: Santa’s Sleigh

This is an adorable idea for a Christmas craft that can be used as a gift for grandparents. You can also have the kids recreate this pattern on Christmas cards or gift tags. With just a few items, you can make this gorgeous and unique piece of art. Get tutorial on Crafty Morning.

22.    Handprint Christmas Card 

What better way to show someone how much you love and appreciate them than sending out Christmas cards? Reconnecting with family and friends through card sending is a beautiful custom, and especially when it’s handmade by the little ones. It gives them a chance to be a part of a long-lasting tradition of sharing genuine care and holiday joy. For details on how to make a handmade Grinch Christmas card, see  I Heart Arts N Crafts.
Handprint Christmas Card
Cardboard Gnome

23.    Cardboard Gnome

Have the kids make these cute, colorful paper gnomes out of paper or cardboard. They will make the cutest DIY gift or even party hats. Red Ted Art has all the details, including video instructions.

24.    Gift In A Jar  

Caramel apple in a jar by The Gunny Sack is a perfect homemade gift that is very easy and quick to make, and looks truly gorgeous. Using bakers twine, tie an apple to a jar filled with caramel and M&Ms, and you’re done!
Gift In A Jar
Santa Belt Candles

25.    Santa Belt Candles

Craftaholics Anonymous has a fabulous idea on how to make festive tea light holders. They are pretty simple to create, and will add warmth and glow to any home they are gifted to.

26.    Footprint Keepsake   

Just imagine how happy the grandparents or other relatives would be if they were given a child’s footprint keepsake! Smaller kids will need their parents’ help with measuring and baking. For more information on this fun activity, check out Easy Peasy And Fun article.
Footprint Keepsake
Twine-Wrapped Gifts

27.    Twine-Wrapped Gifts

After you have finished your holiday shopping, it’s time to wrap all the presents, and this can sometimes be felt as just another task that requires a lot of time and effort. So, why not turn wrapping into something enjoyable by asking the kids to help out and dress up the presents with cookie cutters and bakers twine, as seen on Country Living.


28.    Pinecone Table Décor  

Whether you display these little pinecone trees on your dining table, side tables, or a mantle above the fireplace, they will add cheer and magic wherever you place them. What’s more important, this craft from PJS And Paint is appropriate for kids of all ages, as it involves mostly painting. Adult assistance might be needed with hot gluing the pinecone to the stand.
Pinecone Table Décor
Easy Rudolph Cookies

29.    Easy Rudolph Cookies

The Keeper Of The Cheerios has instructions on how to bake these charming Rudolph cookies. Let kids use their imagination, and decorate the cookies however they wish. They can make any character cookie – Snowman, reindeer, gingerbread man, Santa Claus, Grinch, or polar bear. 

30.    Rice Krispie Christmas Characters

Vicky Barone  has a perfect idea for treats that can be made even by young children. Using store-bought or homemade Rice Krispies, chocolate, candy eyes, and M&Ms they are guaranteed to enjoy their chef’s role this season.
Rice Krispie Christmas Characters
Cork Place Card Holders

31.    Cork Place Card Holders

Add a touch environmentally-friendly modern décor to your dining table by upcycling leftover wine corks and card stock. Have kids make these sustainable place holders using basic materials you have around the house. Go over to Pillar Box Blue for a tutorial.

32.    Ice Cream Tree

Craftaholics Anonymous is sharing an easy Christmas craft for preschoolers which will surely be a hit. Ice cream cone trees don’t call for a lot of preparation and kids will love decorating these sweet trees. In about 15 minutes they can have these treats completed.
Ice Cream Tree