32 Unbelievably Easy Christmas DIY Décor Ideas For Beginners

‘Tis The Season For Fabulous Budget-Friendly Crafts Anyone Can Make

diy christmas decorations

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It’s finally time to decorate your home for Christmas! If you have decided to roll up your sleeves and make the decorations yourself, but you don’t want to spend a lot of money, you’ve come to the right place. We have gathered an inspiring compilation of quick and affordable crafts for you to work on this Christmas season. You will be able to add holiday spirit to your home in no time with these DIY projects. Our affordable collection features designs for every corner of your house, including festive and sparkly tree ornaments, front door wreaths, dining table centerpieces, outdoor Christmas decorations, wall hanging accessories, ceiling decorations, and various other home décor items.

These simple crafts will transform your home into a joyful magical winter wonderland, filled with warmth and cozy ambience. Whether you are looking for glamorous, whimsical, rustic, Scandinavian, or traditional Christmas look, there are plenty of ideas for every style and theme. For the majority of them, very little or no skills at all are required to complete. For those of you who want to make a difference and contribute to a greener and safer future, we will share tips on where to buy sustainable, 100% natural craft supplies like yarn and twine, which are used in most of these activities.
So, grab your materials, deck the halls and bring holiday joy to every corner of your house with these amazing DIY Christmas home decorations.

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1.  Macrame Christmas Tree Ornament & Macrame Snowflake

If you are considering creating handmade accessories this holiday season, do not hesitate to try macrame technique, even if you have not done it ever before. The art of knotting is fairly easy to learn and the possibilities are endless. Check out our macrame ornaments video tutorials for beginners and create beautiful accessories for yourself or your loved ones using basic supplies, such as hemp cord.
Macrame Christmas Tree Ornament & Macrame Snowflake
Jingle Bell Garland With Wooden Beads

2. Jingle Bell Garland With Wooden Beads

If you want to add a bit of rustic feel and natural elements to your tree accessories, you should make this gorgeous garland. With just a few supplies (beads, bakers twine, jingle bells, ribbon, and tassels) and not a lot of money you can have a simple, yet very festive handmade piece that can be used anywhere around the house, not only on a tree. For detailed instructions on how to make, visit Average But Inspired.

3. Customized DIY Collar

Are you thinking of switching up the bottom of your tree? If you have had enough of the same old tree skirt, but are not sure how to dress it up this season, why not make a collar out of pallet boards and customize it according to your liking? Head over to The Turquoise Home to find detailed instructions on how to build a crate for your tree.
Customized DIY Collar
Rustic Twig Ornaments

4. Rustic Twig Ornaments

For those who want to add organic lines and rustic textures, Simple As That has instructions on how to make these adorable, but affordable ornaments, inspired by nature. Main materials to be used are branches an twigs, and you can find them pretty easily around the property. Use a piece of rustic hemp twine to tie the branches and achieve an earthy feel and a completely natural look.

5. DIY Lace Snowflakes

Using lace in home décor typically adds a bit of vintage flavor and sentimental feelings. The lace is gentle, sophisticated, and textured enough to remind of a real snowflake. If you want to achieve the look of real winter on a tree, follow instructions by Little Yellow Wheelbarrow.
DIY Lace Snowflakes
DIY Cookie Cutter Ornaments

6. DIY Cookie Cutter Ornaments

You could accomplish vintage charm by creating these timeless, traditional cookie cutter ornaments, embellished with pearls, lace, ribbon, old Christmas cards, and card stock. This is another easy and budget-friendly craft that you can do together with kids, as no special skills are required. Get tutorial over at BluKatDesign.

7. Hand-Painted Initial Christmas Ornament 

If you want to make simple and elegant decorations, choose monogrammed baubles by Alice & Lois. It could also double as a beautiful, personalized gift for family members or friends. You can write initials, or full names if you wish. For a complete look, coordinate the ribbon with the color of the letter(s).
Hand-Painted Initial Christmas Ornament


Felt Christmas Wreath

8. Felt Christmas Wreath

If you don’t have a wreath for your front door, you should try making one yourself using felt. All you need to do is cut lots of red petals and glue them on the wreath. Finish it off with a red bow or ribbon. Optionally you can add artificial berries or pearls. Skip To My Lou has detailed directions and a list of supplies needed.

9. Skates Door Hanger

Can you think of a better way to display retro nostalgic decorations than these vintage skates? This lovely door hanger is made from old skates that are painted with glitter and accessorized with greenery, ribbon, jingle bells, berries, and burlap. For more information, check out Fynes Designs website.
Skates Door Hanger
Front Door Christmas Tree

10. Front Door Christmas Tree

If you want to have unusual, but stylish front door decoration this year, why don’t you try making a hanging tree, instead of a wreath? This adorable little tree will bring joy and magic to anyone entering your home. You will certainly leave a great first impression. Head over to Mad In Crafts.

11. Miniature Wreaths 

This year, you can try making your front door wreaths a bit differently. Allisa Jacobs has an adorable idea on how to make miniature door wreath by yourself. You can also hang it on a tree or use it to decorate the front porch or walls. Visit her website for step-by-step instructions and a short list of supplies needed.
Miniature Wreaths
Embroidery Hoop Christmas Wreath

12. Embroidery Hoop Christmas Wreath

Who knew that embroidery hoop can be used to create such an amazing front door decoration. Using budget-friendly items like hoop (pick the size based on how large you want the wreath to be), festive fabric, bows, and embellishments, you will be able to create one of a kind door décor. For more information and a beginner-friendly tutorial, visit Mom Envy.

13.    Pom Pom Wreath  

Create winter wonderland right at your doorstep with this beautiful, cozy wreath. Using simple materials, such as yarn, felt, and ribbon, you will be able to create a gorgeous winter scene in no time! Plus, you will not have to spend a fortune to make it. You can find the tutorial at Modern Glam website.
Pom Pom Wreath


Christmas Flowers

14. Christmas Flowers

Here, we have a very easy and affordable craft to make your home festive and joyful. By gathering seasonal foliage, you can create elegant floral arrangements that can be placed throughout your home. You can use greenery, eucalyptus, berries, various leaves, and roses to create pretty bouquets. Lemon Thistle has detailed instructions with visuals on how to recreate these enchanting bouquets.

15. Macrame Christmas Tree

If you don’t have enough room to put up a large tree, you should try making this macrame tree from Lia Griffith. Macrame is a fairly simple craft, consisting of knotting the cord to create beautiful patterns and designs. This particular tree is made using macrame cord and poplar wood. These ‘wall trees’ are so unique and elegant that they will definitely make a great conversation starter during Christmas dinner. You can decorate it with evergreens, candles and ornaments for a more cheerful look.
Macrame Christmas Tree
Vintage Santa Mailbox

16. Vintage Santa Mailbox

Nothing says Christmas quite like writing a wish list and mailing a letter to Santa. Then sliding a letter inside a large red mailbox. Luckily, you can bring this vibe of joy and anticipation to your home too by creating a mailbox yourself. Just think of how excited the children will get! And not only the kids. All your guests will certainly be amazed at this magnificent piece of home décor. For detailed instructions, and printable plans, visit Houseful Of Handmade. Note: This project is appropriate for those who have been working with wood before, and who have experience in using a saw and a drill.

17. No-Sew Christmas Gnomes

Making Scandinavian-style gnomes doesn’t have to be hard. You don’t even  need to know how to sow. Here, we are sharing an easy step-by-step tutorial for gnomes made from plastic bottles, felt, scrap fabric, and some beads. With this guide from Dream A Little Bigger, you will complete colorful little helpers in no time. Use them to decorate around the house, or as gifts and stocking stuffers.
No-Sew Christmas Gnomes
Miniature Christmas Village

18. Miniature Christmas Village 

Can you resist making these cute little paper houses? These stunning, cozy, tiny houses are accessorized with metallic accents and foil designs. Materials needed for this craft include foil quill kit, cardstock, vinyl, and Silhouette cutting machine. Complete instructions, supplies, and video tutorial are on The Craft Patch website.

19. Rustic Wall Décor 

Deck your halls with this elegant picture frame dressed up with pine branches, ornaments, ribbon, and other dazzling accessories. You can either buy the frame (large size) or make one yourself. Use thread or twine to tie the baubles, and hot glue trinkets you plan on adding. Idea for this cheap Christmas decoration is found on Reader’s Digest.
Rustic Wall Décor
Handmade Paper-And-Yarn Tree

20. Handmade Paper-And-Yarn Tree

Whether you live in an apartment and lack room for a real tree, or you want to have a tree in more than one room, this tree made of paper and yarn is a fantastic solution. It is fairly cheap and very simple to make, as it doesn’t require any special skills. Attach strings of yarn to wall with glue dots and get creative when dressing up. For more information, visit Woman’s Day.


21. Rosemary Place Cards  

Here is a suggestion for how you can mimic holiday greenery and festive smells on a plate. The scent of fresh-cut rosemary is so captivating that it will bring back joyful memories from the past. Your home will be filled with jolly flair and a cozy atmosphere. In less than 30 minutes you can complete this craft from Home Made Lovely.
Rosemary Place Cards
Mason Jars Centerpieces

22. Mason Jars Centerpieces 

Jazz up your dining table with this amazing project. This craft is exceptionally straightforward, yet so effective, you will be glad you went up for it. Gather some mason jars, Epsom salt, evergreen branches, cranberries, and tea lights. Assemble the jars and lay on the table to get a glamorous and sophisticated natural look. Get tutorial at Yellow Bliss Road.

23. Winter Scene Table Centerpiece   

Create this adorable diorama of snowy winter scenes with affordable supplies from Dollar store, including wine glasses, miniature figurines, candles, some sugar, and evergreen branches. Jazz up the glasses with Christmas ribbon or bows, and you’re done! This unbelievably easy, yet exceptionally effective centerpiece can also be made using plastic bottles, so it’s safe for kids to play with. For directions on how to make, visit Popsugar.
Winter Scene Table Centerpiece

24. Candy Cane Place Cards

If you need a last-minute design for place card holders, or you simply wish to jazz up your dinner table further, we have a fantastic solution. Tie 3 candy canes together firmly with a piece of holiday band or scrap yarn to get an adorable name holder. Cards with names can either be printed or written by hand. Design taken from House Beautiful.

25. No-Sew Cutlery Burlap Pouch

Add a special touch to Christmas dinner by creating these unique burlap tableware pouches. Without sowing, using just a few items (burlap fabric, name tags, ribbon, and pine branches), you will be able to make a chic table accessory, as seen on Love Of Family And Home. Coordinate the place mats’ colors to complete the look.
No-Sew Cutlery Burlap Pouch
Mini Dining Chair Wreath

26. Mini Dining Chair Wreath

Why don’t you bring in holiday spirits of joy by dressing up your dining chairs with these quick-to-make mini wreaths?  They will make a lovely addition to your Christmas table setting. What’s even better, when you create the décor by yourself, you can make it exactly to your liking, and in the colors and design that match the rest of the dining room. For a list of supplies, and step-by-step instructions, visit Good In The Simple.


27. Giant Yard Ornaments

How wonderful is it that you can use old tires from garage and turn them into something so fun and cheer like these huge Christmas ornaments? Use these colossal baubles to decorate the porch or front yard, using preferred colors that follow the theme throughout the property. For detailed directions on how to make, with pictures included, check out Lily Ardor.
Handmade Luminaries For Front Porch

28. Handmade Luminaries For Front Porch

Here is a great suggestion on how to make a stunning entrance and magical feel of the holiday right at your doorstep. Polkadot Chair has a tutorial with pictures, so make sure to visit her site. It is appropriate for beginners, although it does require a little bit of patience while working on it.

29. Front Porch Christmas Tree

Why limit yourself to only one tree? You can make your front porch joyous and cheerful by placing a small tree outside the front door. You can opt for whichever style you prefer – classic, farmhouse, or modern. What’s even better, this is one of those activities you can do together with kids. And you are probably aware of how much kids love to decorate the tree! HGTV is sharing a detailed guide on how to decorate  front porch tree using basic materials.
Front Porch Christmas Tree
Illuminated Oversized Spheres

30. Illuminated Oversized Spheres

If you love natural style and rustic design, this craft from HGTV will be right up your alley. Grapevine spheres are interwind with LED fairy lights and dressed up with some evergreens and pinecones. In a very short time, you will have a beautiful display of natural materials right on your porch. 

31. Outdoor Rustic Glam

The idea here is to create a vignette with items you can either find at home, or purchase at Dollar store. Create visual interest by using either a ladder, stacked boxes, or even planters. Add some greenery, pinecones, and bows, and finish it off with ornaments or figurines. To add sparkle, use gold spray paint. For more information, check out Ribbons And Glue.
Outdoor Rustic Glam
Winter Porch Pots

32. Winter Porch Pots

This project from Evolution Of Style is great because you can keep this pot on the porch even after Christmas is over. In fact, you can use it throughout the winter season. This is a fairly simple activity and quite affordable. You can use the pot that you already have, and you will be investing only in floral foam. Gather some greenery and pinecones, add embellishments, and you are done! So simple, yet so beautiful!