35 Quick & Easy Thanksgiving Craft Ideas For Kids Of All Ages

Fun Collection of Affordable DIY Projects For Toddlers, Preschoolers, And School-Aged Children

Thanksgiving Kids Craft Ideas

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Thanksgiving is the perfect season to reflect, to be grateful, and to spend time with family. But it is also an ideal time to bring the colors of the fall and fun festive handmade items inside your home, kindergarten, or school. In this article, you will find a selection of simple and affordable kid-friendly Thanksgiving crafts that can be made even by beginners and young children. No special skills are required, and most of these activities can be completed in less than half an hour. They can be made in art classes, at workshops, at fall fairs, and on the day of the holiday itself, at home, while the bird is in the oven. You will also find helpful information on where to find non-toxic eco-friendly craft supplies, ensuring kids are playing with safe materials.
All the activities are holiday-themed and we have divided them into 4 different categories: table setting, holiday treats, home décor, and toys. You can use them as party favors after dinner, as gifts, centerpieces, wall décor, and so much more. They vary in difficulty and can be made by kids of all ages. However, make sure you read the instructions beforehand, as some projects require adult’s help. So, without delay, grab the cords, twine, paper, and crayons, and watch your little ones have loads of fun this holiday season. A time to be thankful is finally here!

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Thanksgiving Table Setting

1.    Napkin Rings

These gorgeous napkin rings from Happiness is Homemade are made using just a few basic materials, such as twine, cardboard tubes, and a few embellishments. With parental supervision, kids of all ages can make these charming napkin rings.
Napkin Rings
Turkey Napkin Fold

2.    Turkey Napkin Fold

These napkin folds from The Homes I Have Made are so easy to recreate that even smaller kids will be able to participate. The napkins  will look beautiful on the table and kids will enjoy being an active member of decorating the table. 

3.    Turkey Place Cards 

Average But Inspired has instructions on how to make these adorable place cards. They can be done fairly quickly, too. They will make a great décor on your holiday dinner table, and what’s even better, they can be used as party favors for the guests.
Turkey Place Cards
Crayon Turkey Place Cards

4.    Crayon Turkey Place Cards

Paging Supermom has another great DIY idea for place cards. This time, using crayons, you can make unique table décor pieces that will spark interest among younger and older family members.

5.    Origami Paper Ship  

This year, head over to Skip To My Lou to read the instructions for this cute origami Mayflower Ship. Fill it with sweets and candies and use it as a party favor on each plate. Your children and guests could snack on these candies while waiting for the food or while watching the football game.
Origami Paper Ship

Thanksgiving Treats

Turkey Lollipops

6.    Turkey Lollipops

These turkey lollipops from Happiness Is Homemade are the perfect treat for celebrating Thanksgiving. It will be so much fun for the children not only to make them, but also to eat these treats. Bring them to preschool, kindergarten, school, or to neighborhood get togethers.

7.    Sugar Cone Treats 

The Craft Patch has an adorable idea for miniature cornucopia treat made of sugar cones. With just a several items (candies, ribbon, cellophane) kids can make these sweet treats, ideal for school luncheons, neighborhood parties, or as gifts for their preschool friends.  
Sugar Cone Treats
Marshmallow Lollipops

8.    Marshmallow Lollipops

If you need inspiration for holiday meal treats or even after-school treats for kids, visit Kid Friendly Things To Do. You can prepare these cute edible turkeys in under 30 minutes. Children are guaranteed to have lots of fun making and eating these chocolate dipped Marshmallow lollipops!

Home Décor

9.    Paper Pumpkins

Another very entertaining craft for the little ones is making pumpkins from colored paper. They can be made in any size and color. Use them to decorate the mantel, console tables, coffee tables, or windows. You will find a detailed tutorial on DIY Inspired website.
Paper Pumpkins
Leaf Catcher

10.    Leaf Catcher

Using just a few basic supplies and yarn, you can make this amazing handmade ‘leaf catcher’. This project is suitable for kids of all ages. Toddlers and preschoolers who don’t yet know how to write can make a drawing  instead, or adults can help them write what they are grateful for. Handmade Charlotte has detailed tutorial, with pictures included.

11. Wall Of Blessing

Good Housekeeping is sharing a truly beautiful project called ‘wall of blessing’, which is similar to Christmas advent calendar, as it is used to count the days until the holiday. Twine is attached to an empty frame to make the base of this calendar. Each leaf is numbered, and the idea is for the kids to write what they are thankful for on each corresponding leaf.
Wall Of Blessing
Pumkin Garland

12.    Pumkin Garland

This pumpkin garland is genuinely beautiful. Not only it is elegant and sophisticated, but it is also a testament to family relationships and love. And that is exactly what Thanksgiving holiday is about. To make one for your family, visit Somewhat Simple site.

13.    Fall Leaf Bowl 

Here is another DIY fall activity that is easy and simple to recreate. To Simply Inspire has a full step by step tutorial that can be easily followed by the beginners. This gorgeous autumn leaves bowl can be used as an accessory, or to hold candies in it.
Fall Leaf Bowl
Beaded Pumpkins

14.    Beaded Pumpkins

No special abilities are required for this DIY idea from One Little Project. Kids of all ages can make these beaded pumpkins. Toddlers and preschoolers will be able to practice fine motors skills while working alongside adults, although they have to be supervised, as they are working with tiny pieces. You can use these decorative pumpkins as standalone accents, or group them together for a more accomplished look.

15.    Glitter Leaves

These glittery book page leaves are extremely versatile, and you can use them to decorate your classroom, your kids room, or your workshop. Make a garland, hang them on twine, or simply lay them on the dining table as a part of centerpiece decoration. Regardless of how you use them, it is a very effective craft that is easy to make. For more information on supplies needed and how to make, check out Domestically Blissful.
Glitter Leaves
Coffee Can Scarecrow

16.    Coffee Can Scarecrow

Visit Crafts By Amanda page to see photos and instructions on how you can recycle ordinary coffee cans into works of art that will definitely impress your guests. This activity is suitable for 2nd graders and 3rd graders, but even younger kids could do it with help from older kids or adults. Apart from the used can, you will need only a few more things (hat, twine, felt).

17.    Pie Garland

Good Housekeeping has a Thanksgiving activity that the whole family can participate in. Using various fall colors of felt, cut triangles, decorate, and attach to a thread or cord. Hang them on a wall next to the mantle or in the dining room. This cute decorative garland can be used throughout the fall season, making it a highly versatile product.
Pie Garland
Wooden Spoon Scarecrow

18.    Wooden Spoon Scarecrow

Scarecrows made of wooden spoons are typically a favorite activity for the kids, as they can be used for puppet shows or as story props. Cheap wooden spoons can be found at Dollar store or Amazon. For a full list of materials needed and detailed instructions, head over to  The Best Ideas For Kids

19.    Gratitude Tree

Rhythms Of Play has step-by-step directions on ‘gratitude tree”. This is a great and easy activity that can be used to reflect on what the family is thankful for this year and to show appreciation for everything that you have. Creating a gratitude tree can help nourish a tradition of gratitude during the holidays.
Gratitude Tree
Braided Rope Wreath

20.    Braided Rope Wreath

Visit Country Living to find a guide on how to make this beautiful front door wreath. Welcome your Thanksgiving dinner guests with this unique, rustic wreath, made of natural thin rope. Children will have braided the rope and customizing the wreath by adding distinctive embellishments.


21.    Pasta Puppet 

Handmade Charlotte has a video and step-by-step instructions on how to make an affordable puppet from pasta. Kids will have a great time putting on a fun puppet show after your big Thanksgiving dinner.
Pasta Puppet
Pom Pom Turkey

22.    Pom Pom Turkey

Older elementary kids, or younger kids with help from adults, can make this adorable turkey made from yarn. Growing Up Gabel has a detailed tutorial on this quick and easy activity which can be done in just 30 minutes!

23.    Gobbling Turkey 

This is the perfect activity to do when the kids are waiting for the holiday dinner, or after reading Thanksgiving stories. This entertaining project will keep the children occupied while you cook. A fun gobbling sound is made as the string is pulled with wet sponge. For instructions on how to make and for the video on how it sounds, visit Meaningful Mama website.
Gobbling Turkey
Glove Puppet

24.    Glove Puppet

Dream A Little Bigger has a fantastic craft idea that even toddlers and preschoolers can do, with parental supervision. The idea is to make glove puppets using materials such as felt, feathers, or cardboard. This is a perfect cheap home DIY task that will entertain the kids for a long time.

25.    Mason Jar Scarecrow

These mason jar scarecrow from Easy Peasy And Fun can be used to store tiny objects, pencils, or simply as part of your classroom or home décor – as part of table setting or above the fireplace. With minimal expenses and a little effort your children will make a festive handmade item that will brighten up any space.
Mason Jar Scarecrow
Leaf Lion

26.    Leaf Lion

Fall is the perfect season to get crafty. This activity takes only a few minutes to complete and you can find most of the supplies in the backyard. For a more realistic look, gather leaves in a variety of colors. Find the detailed guide at Hello, Wonderful website.

27.    Paper Bag Turkeys

Paper bag puppet turkey is ideal craft for small kids – toddlers and preschoolers. It doesn’t require a lot of cutting, and is fairly simple to create. It is safe to say that this is one of the easiest paper toys to make. Head over to The Best Ideas For Kids for instructions, and get crafting!
Paper Bag Turkeys
Fingerpaint Acorn

28.    Fingerpaint Acorn

Here’s an activity from No Time For Flashcards that teachers can use at school, preschool, and kindergarten. It allows the kids to practice fine motor skills and color mixing. It let’s them explore and learn while doing something really fun.

29.    Popsicle Stick Scarecrow

If you are looking for a Thanksgiving DIY activity for beginners or school project for preschoolers, this is it! Popsicle stick puppet will help young kids improve their social skills by encouraging them to put up a play. Simple Mom Project has all the details on supplies and how to make this easy toy.
Popsicle Stick Scarecrow
Handprint Turkey Hat

30.    Handprint Turkey Hat

This cardboard and paper hat can be used to play or as a prop for one of your Thanksgiving stories. It is a great activity for art classes or home. Crafty morning has a tutorial on how to make this cute little hat with only a few cheap supplies that you probably already have at home.

31.    Paper Plate Leaf

For this project, no specific skills or tools are needed, so it is fit even for the little kids, with parental supervision. This eye-catching toy is made using affordable supplies – paper plates, cardstock, and tissue paper. For a full list of materials and a guide on how to create, visit Glued To My Crafts webpage.
Paper Plate Leaf
Pinecone Turkey

32.    Pinecone Turkey

This craft is exceptionally easy and cheap, as it uses materials from nature and scrap materials that can be found at home. For this toy, kids will need things like pinecones, scrap ribbon, and twine. Get the tutorial at Fireflies & Mud Pies.

33.    Pilgrim Treat Box

If you are looking for an activity to keep the kids busy not only while you cook, but also at the dinner table, go with this project from A Pumpkin & A Princess. These boxes are perfect for holding crayons, paint brushes, or other small toys.
Pilgrim Treat Box
Coffee Filter Turkeys

34.    Coffee Filter Turkeys

Here is another great and affordable DIY idea that does not require  special equipment or abilities. It is appropriate for kids of all ages, and makes a great festive prop. You can find the tutorial at Life With Darcy And Brian.

35.    Finger Leaf Puppets 

Crafts By Amanda is sharing tips on how to make felt leaf finger puppets. Children can create leaf shaped puppets using colorful felt and simple embellishments ( googly eyes, bow ties, or beads), which will provide loads of fun and keep them occupied while adults are watching the game, or entertaining over dinner table.
Finger Leaf Puppets