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Welcome to Hemptique - a world where every knot and sown thread brings new adventures and endless creative or practical possibilities. Our all-new Waxed Polyester Threads collection will take your arts and crafts skills to a new level. Carefully designed for serious crafters and beginners, our fine-quality waxed threads offer a perfect combination of durability and strength for all your handmade wonders.

Made from high-tenacity polyester fiber, without harmful AZO dyes, our poly flat and round threads are ideal for plenty of different DIY projects, including jewelry making, bracelet making, bookbinding, crocheting, leather stitching, beading, string art, canvas sewing, upholstery repair, awning repair, outdoor furniture repair, and so on. Whether you intend to create works of art or you have a repair project on your agenda, these threads are must-haves.

Our Newest Collection Of Craft Threads Is Out! Shop Non-Fraying, Extra Strong Poly Waxed Threads

Hemptique is your place for all of your craft cordage needs. Our newest collection of threads is made of high-tenacity polyester fiber, perfect for both small-scale and large-scale DIY projects. Due to their excellent water and UV resistance properties, they can safely be used indoors, outdoors, and even in moist environments. Light wax coating enables easy handling, firmer grip, secure knots, and enhanced strength.

Find your new favorite craft thread among Hemptique’s latest arrivals: Silky smooth waxed thread, Braided & flat waxed thread, or Waxed bonded & round thread. Call us at (760) 602-4864, ext. 402 & 405, or submit a wholesale registration form. For volume pricing on custom orders, send bulk/large quantity request.  

Why Choose Hemptique Waxed Poly Threads

The foundation of every great craft lies in the skills and the quality of materials used. Choosing the right supplies for your DIY projects can make a difference to your final product. As an artisan, you can use Hemptique polyester thread for a diverse range of crafts. Poly threads, along with other types like linen thread, cotton and hemp threads, have plenty of benefits including:

Extraordinary strength

Hemptique waxed polyester threads are renowned for their sturdy structure and exceptional strength. They are capable of withstanding increased wear and tear and tension, which makes them suitable for heavy-duty sewing projects, such as marine upholstery, outdoor gear repair, or leather stitching. Thanks to wax coating, the stitches are more durable and knots more secure. 

Water resistance

The wax coating provides protection against water without any damage to your handicrafts. As it remains intact even when exposed to moisture, snow, or rain, polyester thread is ideal for outdoor and marine use. You can safely use it for sewing tents, canvases, awnings, sailing gear, protective clothing, etc.

Easy to work with

Light wax coating reduces friction and ensures smooth handling and seamless gliding through fabrics and canvases. It smooths out the fibers and adds weight, thus preventing tangling while working. Due to uniform thickness, the stitches are consistent, which is crucial for achieving neat and clean results.

Color retention

The color palette of our poly threads range from subtle to bright and bold hues and can perfectly match with any color fabric. Passing the highest level of ISO color fastness testing standards allows you to rest assured knowing that the color of the string will remain intact for years to come. 


Our raw material sourcing and manufacturing processes comply with European and American environmental regulations, including SGS certification for non-toxic production process. EU SGS ISO 14362-1 testing proves that our thread does not contain any harmful heavy metals, AZO compounds, aniline, or aromatic amines. This means that you can safely use our products without any harmful effects.
Polyester Waxed Thread

Waxed Poly Thread Uses

Due to its versatility and adjustability, Hemptique waxed polyester thread can be used for a variety of DIY projects, from intricate lace doily making to outdoor furniture repair. This flexibility has made it a material of choice for many different crafts:
  • Leather crafting – From hand-sewn leather pouches, belts, and wallets to leather stitching and accessory repair, crafters can utilize our durable polyester thread to improve the quality and longevity of their products.
  • Jewelry making – Creating delicate friendship bracelets, necklaces, keychains and other jewelry pieces will withstand tension and long wear and tear.
  • Bookbinding – Seasoned bookbinders and curious beginners can use wax poly string to dive into the art of bookbinding and create a perfectly bound book that will hold up well.

  • Upholstering – Leverage amazing strength and durability of polyester string to reupholster anything from indoor and outdoor furniture to car seats, steering wheels, tents, and sails.

  • Outdoor gear – Our thread is perfect for outdoor use: camping, hiking, sailing, boating, fishing, marine use, etc. It will remain intact even when exposed to harsh outside elements such as sunlight, wind, and moisture. 

Explore Product Variations

Improve your crafting experience and create eye-catching handicrafts with Hemptique top-quality supplies. Made from high-tenacity polyester fiber, lightly coated in wax, this collection is ideal for indoor and outdoor use. Our threads are an excellent choice for any DIY project and are available in various sizes and vivid colors. UV resistant, machine washable, perfect for beginners, Hemptique poly threads allow you to improve your skills and push the boundaries of your craftsmanship abilities.

Hemptique threads are not just another supply material. They are a gateway to a magical world of creativity. 

Silky smooth waxed thread

Sleek and stylish, our Silky smooth waxed thread is pressed and twisted so that its texture mimics that of silk. It’s surface is smooth and glossy, which makes it glide smoothly through materials. It also gives your handicraft an elegant touch and sophisticated appeal while being exceptionally durable and flexible for intricate hand-sewing.
  • Surface: Ultra-sleek texture with shiny and polished surface

  • Size: 1.00mm thick, 25 yds length
  • Colors: Red, natural, yellow, coral, white, blue, light blue, brown, black, gold

  • Uses: Small fashion accessories, delicate repair, decorative & leather stitching, jewelry-making, embroidery, crochet, upholstery repair

Silky smooth waxed thread

Braided & flat waxed thread

Braided & flat waxed thread has a flat shape, similar to ribbon. Flat design provides several benefits such as improved grip, even tension distribution, and clean and polished finish. It is excellent for any projects that require secure hold and added grip, such as leather crafting or upholstery work.
  • Surface: flat; non-fraying; neat and polished finish
  • Size: 0.8 mm thick, 50 yds length
  • Colors: Gold, natural, straw, white, black, red, sage brown, dark brown, light brown, denim
  • Uses: Leather sewing, beading, string art, bookbinding, embroidery, crocheting, wrapping & braiding, jewelry making, upholstery, shoe repair, and more.
Braided & flat waxed thread

Waxed bonded & round thread card

Waxed bonded & round string is cylindrical in shape and remarkably strong. Three strands of fiber are twisted together by wax melting and polishing technique which results in highly durable string, resistant to UV light, which makes it ideal for outdoor sewing projects and other crafts. This smooth-gliding thread distributes tension evenly and makes it easy to accomplish even stitches. Excellent choice for general sewing, bookbinding, and leather stitching.
  • Surface: Non-fraying; smooth finish
  • Size: 0.45mm thick, 32 yds length
  • Colors: light blue, plum, natural, red, cappuccino, aqua, white, dark brown, black, gold, sage, light brown
  • Uses: Patio furniture repair, canvas awning repair, boat cover sewing, leather stitching, upholstery repair and more
Waxed bonded & round thread card

Cotton Thread vs. Polyester Waxed Thread: Which One to Choose For Your DIY Project?

When it comes to DIY stitching or sewing crafts, choosing the right thread is equally important as selecting the right type of fabric. Below, we will analyze the difference between waxed cotton cord and waxed polyester thread and the benefits of using each one.

Cotton thread properties

  • Type of fiber: Natural fiber; soft texture; medium sheen; popular choice for eco-conscious hobbyists
  • Strength & durability: Strong fibers, but less durable than polyester threads, especially when exposed to UV rays or high tension.
  • Flexibility: Quite flexible; appropriate for delicate handicrafts.
  • Eco-friendliness: Cotton is derived from cotton plant and is fully degradable material.
  • Aesthetics: Typically used to accomplish traditional, classic, or vintage look.

Polyester waxed thread properties

  • Type of fiber: Synthetic fiber designed to withstand heavy-duty use and harsh environmental conditions.
  • Strength & durability: Compared to cotton, polyester has a higher tensile strength, making it more robust and more durable.
  • Fiber consistency: Uniform consistency ensures even stitching and clean and polished look.
  • Water resistance: Water resistance enables you to use the thread for working on items that will be used outdoor or in marine settings.
  • Color retention: Polyester maintains color vibrance even after prolonged exposure to washing or sunlight.

Which one to choose for your project?

For eco-friendly crafts choose cotton. The natural fibers of cotton are ideal for eco-conscious crafts that require natural look and sustainable properties. For performance and durability, opt for polyester thread. Polyester is the best choice if you are after longevity, water resistance, and reliability.

Nylon vs. Polyester Thread: What Is the Difference?

When it comes to choosing between nylon and polyester thread for your craft, it need not be a challenging task. By understanding the differences and taking into consideration their main characteristics like texture, weight, and color, you will be able to decide which type is perfect for your needs. Both materials are synthetic, but they do have some unique properties making them appropriate for different applications.


  • Elasticity: Nylon is popular for its elasticity, making it ideal for work that requires strong but flexible thread.
  • Abrasion resistance: Nylon is exceptionally resistant to abrasion, so you can safely use it for outdoor and marine gear, upholstery, and footwear.
  • Easy handling: Friction and wear is reduced by smooth finish that passes through materials easily.
  • Moisture absorption: Although nylon retains a small amount of moisture, it dries quickly. Keep this in mind if you are working on items that will be used in wet environments.


  • Strength & durability: Polyester is the perfect choice for outdoor applications and frequently used items.
  • UV resistance: It does not weaken or degrade in sunlight and can safely be used outside.
  • Low stretching: Compared to nylon, polyester has low elasticity and it does not stretch over time.
  • Water resistance: Wax coating enables excellent water resistance and ensures safe use in moist conditions.

How to choose the one that is most suitable for your crafting needs?

Opt for nylon if you are working on projects that require flexibility, elasticity, and strength. Nylon thread is ideal for outdoor gear, camping equipment, tents, backpacks, car interior, frequently used furniture, footwear, and many more.

Choose polyester thread for crafts that need UV resistance, low stretch, and color retention - marine projects, heavy-duty sewing, outdoor furniture, sails, upholstery, leatherwork, etc.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How to store polyester waxed thread?
The best way to store polyester thread is to keep it in a box or a container to prevent accumulation of dust and dirt.
2. How do I care for and maintain polyester cords?
All our polyester waxed threads are machine washable. To remove dirt or debris, gently wipe with a soft and damp cloth. Avoid harsh cleaning chemicals or abrasive materials as they can damage or weaken the wax layer. To restore smoothness, reapply beeswax.
3. How do I soften polyester cords?
If the thread becomes too stiff, you can restore its softness by rolling it between your fingers gently and applying a very small amount of heat. Be mindful not to overheat the cord as it can lead to wax melting and damaging the structure of the thread.
4. Can I dye polyester thread? 
Dyeing can be challenging because of the wax coating. For this reason, if you need a specific shade, it is best to purchase pre-dyed strings. Alternatively, you can use fabric marker or fabric paint for surface sections.
5. Can I use polyester waxed thread with a sewing machine?
Polyester waxed cords are primarily intended for hand-sewing crafts. The wax coating facilitates easy handling, but if used in a sewing machine, it can quickly build up and damage the machine.
6. What should I do to prevent fraying?
To prevent fraying, use a small amount of heat to melt the ends of the cord and seal the fibers. This will further prevent fraying and unraveling. Alternatively, use clear nail polish or a small amount of glue.
7. How does wax coating on polyester string affect knots? 
The wax layer provides additional grip and stiffness, so it is easier to make secure knots that will stay in place, ensuring your handmade item remains unchanged as time goes by.