5 Minute Water Bottle Holder

5 Minute Water Bottle Holder

This is a quick, fun, and simple project made with our #20 hemp cord. You never have to go thirsty again after making this water bottle holder. It makes carrying your water convenient and stylish. Since this project is made with only one simple knot, it is perfect for crafters of all ages and skill levels!

Materials Needed:

  • #20 Hemp Cord (We are using the color Lavender) 
  • Scissors


  1. Measure and cut 16 pieces of hemp cord each 10 feet long.
  2. Fold all cords in half and find the middle point.
  3. Measure down 12 inches from the middle point on the left side, and tie an overhand knot with all 16 cords.

  4. Find the middle point again and measure 12 inches down on the right side, and tie an overhand knot with all 16 cords. It should match position with the previous knot. The section between the knots will act as the handle.
    For extra creativity, you can try braiding the section, tying square knots, adding beads, or wrapping the handle section before tying the second knot.

  5. Move down a few inches and begin connecting the two sections together. Take 4 cords from one side and 4 cords from the other. Tie them together with an overhand knot.

  6. Rotate to the other side, and once again take 4 cords from one section, and 4 cords from the other and tie them with an overhand knot.
  7. Tie two more overhand knots using 8 ropes per grouping. There should now be 4 knots total, all matching at the same location.

  8. Move down a few inches and tie another row of overhand knots. Take 4 cords from each section to connect them together. Once again, there should be 4 knots total.

  9. Repeat once more for a third and final row of 4 overhand knots.

  10. Move down a couple more inches, and tie all cords together in an overhand knot to close the bottom of the water bottle bag.

Add a water bottle and enjoy!


Happy crafting from the team at Hemptique!