22 Cute & Easy Valentine's Craft Ideas For Beginners

Spread Love With These Simple & Inexpensive DIY Projects For All Ages

22 Easy Valentine's Craft Ideas

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Valentine’s Day is all about spreading love and appreciation towards others and that’s why there’s something genuinely exceptional about doing one’s best to create personalized expressions of love. Whether you are considering crafting a handmade home décor piece, a cute DIY Valentines accessory, a lovely DIY gift in a jar, or simply making a Valentine’s Day card with the kids, the whole process is an act of devotion and a loving task. DIY Valentine’s crafts are never just about the final object. There’s something charming and selfless in the actual creation process of handmade pieces that show just how much you love and care. This is the main reason why Valentine’s crafting is so extraordinary.

If you are considering putting an effort into making sweet gifts for the people that matter to you, but you need ideas on what to make, you have come to the right place. Here, we have a collection of 22 beginner-friendly Valentine’s Day crafts that are suitable for all ages, including kids. The activities we have compiled are affordable and fairly quick to complete, making them perfect last-minute handmade Valentine's gifts. So, don’t wait. Grab your supplies and get ready to show some love through arts & crafts.

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1. Macrame Heart Keychain

This Valentine’s macrame keychain is a perfect craft even for beginners, as macrame is quite simple to learn. Get creative with this art of knotting by using just a few supplies: hemp cord spool (red, pink, or color of your choice), keychain of choice, scissors, and tabletop. If you are a beginner, you can check out macrame tutorials about basic knots to get familiar with the technique. As you will see, this craft is appropriate even for the children. This keychain is perfect Valentines gift for anyone, including teachers, friends, and family.
Macrame Heart Keychain
Infused Sugar

2. Infused Sugar

Here is another easy project for this Valentine’s Day. Make infusing sugar flavored with citrus or lavender. To further personalize the gift, you can attach your own favorite cake or cocktail recipe where this sugar can be used. Take a piece of natural-colored cord to fasten the florals or other embellishments to the jar. For detailed instructions, visit Sugar and charm.

3. S’mores Valentines Jar

S’mores Valentines jar is another quick and easy craft anyone can make. What’s even better, you will not need a lot of supplies to make this cute gift for your special someone. All you’ll need is S’mores snack mix, a jar, bakers twine, and a printable gift tag (found on A Night Owl Blog). To spruce it up further, you can use Valentine print paper with patterned cutout lids.
S’mores Valentines Jar
Yarn Hearts

4. Yarn Hearts

This DIY project idea from It All Started With Paint is incredibly simple to make. A decorative bowl full of hearts can be used as a décor piece, a table centerpiece, or as a gift for someone you care about. You’ll need some yarn, cardboard heart shapes, a pen, scissors, and tape. Wrap the cardboard until it is completely covered and you’re done! You can also use it as a basket filler or an accessory for gift wrapping paper.

5. Valentine’s Day Terrarium

Surprise your friends or your significant other with this magnificent terrarium. This activity does not take a lot of time to create. Gather the supplies (glass terrarium, pink sand, air plants, mini white rocks) and add some Valentines Day magic to your home by hanging them outside on the porch, in the sunroom, or in the garden. For a full tutorial, visit Sugar And Charm.
Valentine’s Day Terrarium
Message In A Bottle

6. Message In A Bottle

This DIY project from The Country Chic Cottage is such a lovely way to express just how much you care about someone. These cute, romantic notes in a tiny bottle are such a perfect way to surprise your loved ones. Make these sweet secret love messages using glass bottle charms with cork, heart shaped confetti, hemp twine, paper, and scissors.

7. Felt Conversation Heart Garland 

This felt conversation heart garland is a wonderful way to decorate your home. Plus, you can customize it any way you want in any color you want. In less than an hour, you can make this beautiful rainbow-colored garland using only felt, felt paint, and some string. For instructions and full list of supplies, go over to Club Crafted website.
Felt Conversation Heart Garland

8. DIY XOXO Banner

As Valentine’s Day is approaching, why don’t you opt for this gorgeous idea from Best Friends For Frosting and decorate your living space with this lovely pink garland for the wall. For this super-easy craft you will need stencils, pink paper, and some string. The banner can be customized according to your liking. You can make it as long as you wish it to be. Place it in your bedroom, living room, or kitchen to enjoy some Valentines décor.

9. “Sand Art” Bagel Seasoning Vials

Although they remind of sand art, these vials are actually filled with bagel seasonings (white and black sesame, poppy, sea salt, garlic, and dried onion). They make a perfect Valentines, a breakfast favor, or a gift for someone special. Fill the tubes with seasoning, tie a gift tag with a piece of rustic twine and you’re done! In no time you will have a unique, cute gift. For detailed instructions head over to Rabekah Lowin page.
“Sand Art” Bagel Seasoning Vials
Valentine’s Day Wall Hanging

10. Valentine’s Day Wall Hanging

These wall hangings are great décor pieces that can be used not only for Valentine’s Day, but also for weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, or parties, since you can customize it any way you like. You just need to cut your favorite shape, monogram, or saying and glue it to the banner. In about half an hour, using fabric and some glue, you will have a one-of-a-kind piece of wall décor. Get tutorial over at Sarah Hearts.

11. Twig Tree With Clay Heart Ornaments

If you want to  try something different this year and skip on pink and red colored decorations, why don’t you try this natural, earthy DIY project from Most Lovely Things. For this craft, you will need a little bit of skill, some clay, a heavy vase, branches and natural hemp twine. You can either forage or purchase faux branches and stones. Take into consideration that the hearts will need about 24 hours to dry.
Twig Tree With Clay Heart Ornaments
Crochet Heart Pouch

12. Crochet Heart Pouch

Whether you have some experience at crocheting, or are a complete beginner, you should definitely try this fun DIY project. You can craft these tiny pouches using yarn in color of your choice and some buttons to accessorize. For a full tutorial, check out Persia Lou.

13. Valentine’s Day Treat Bags

Here’s the cutest little craft, ideal for a Valentine’s party. Fill these charming goodie bags with sweets, candies, or cookies and start spreading the magic of love. Applique paper design is ironed to fabric, and you can create any shape or pattern you wish. For more details check out Alice & Lois.
Valentine’s Day Treat Bags
Felt Heart Mobile

14. Felt Heart Mobile

Just look at how delightful this felt mobile is! This charming DIY project is a fantastic Valentines craft. For a tutorial, templates, and supplies needed, go over to Red Ted Art page.

15. Clay Hearts

Valentine’s Day hearts made of air-dried clay or salt dough and colorful yarn make the cutest gifts. They are incredibly easy to create, although it is a combination of a few techniques and might look complicated at first. The first part of the project is making the hearts using cookie cutter and clay. When the clay is dry, you can move on to the next stage, which is threading the heart center. You can get the tutorial over at Emma Owl.
Clay Hearts
Handmade Yarn Wall Hanging

16. Handmade Yarn Wall Hanging

Add a touch of Valentine’s charm to your home by making this unique wall hanging made of yarn. It takes a little bit of skill, but the instructions are fairly easy to follow, so you should be able to complete it successfully. You can find more details and instructions on Plaid.

17. Easy To Make Heart Bookmarks 

DIY Candy has an excellent project for origami paper bookmarks that look just like conversation heart candies. Origami folding does not require a lot of skills, and even preschoolers with a little assistance can complete this craft. You can use them as party favors, gifts, or decorations.
Easy To Make Heart Bookmarks
Painted Mason Jar Lantern

18. Painted Mason Jar Lantern

This DIY lantern from Country Living can be a perfect present for teachers or your friends. It is a simple craft that will not take up too much of your time. To make these mason jar lanterns, you will need a jar and some acrylic paint. Paint stripes on the inside of the jar and let dry. Once dry, place battery-operated tea light inside. Finally, decorate with ribbon or twine. 

19. Kids Friendship Necklace

Here is a great Valentine craft for the kids. Using foam, yarn, and beads they can make these special heart-shaped necklaces for their little friends. For detailed instructions, visit Creative Child.
Kids Friendship Necklace
DIY Conversation Heart Coasters

20. DIY Conversation Heart Coasters

The Crafted Life has a tutorial on how to create these conversation hearts coasters. They will be a great addition to your coffee table during Valentine’s Day party. Using wooden hearts and some paint you can make these super cute coasters and brighten up your living space. You don’t need any special skills to finish this craft.

21. Canvas Wall Art

Here is another fantastic craft from Design Improvised. Revamp your living space by adding these Valentine’s canvases on the wall. Gather all the craft supplies you have at home, and make a heart shape out of it. You can use glitter, pom poms, paper, beads, foam, tissue paper, etc. To make it look aesthetically pleasing, it is best to have an even number of small canvases (four, six, or eight).
Canvas Wall Art
Heart Bath Bombs

22. Heart Bath Bombs

Handmade bath bombs in the shape of a heart are a perfect, luxurious gift for your special someone. Atta Girl Says has details on how to make them using silicone molds, baking soda, Epsom salts, and essential oils.