Hemptique’s Linen Spring Twine: The Best Italian Ruby Alternative on The Market

Learn Why Linen Twine Outshines Ruby Italian Spring Twine In Upholstery Repairs & Other DIY Projects

Italian Rubby Spring Twine Alternative

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Upholstery and furniture repair is not easy, but it is quite rewarding. Engaging in such projects requires much work, precision, dedication, and the right tools and supplies to make furniture durable, functional, and visually appealing.

Reupholstering calls for exceptionally strong materials that will withhold frequent stress and tension. One of the most used materials in furniture reparation is Italian ruby twine. But did you know that there is another type of twine that is better in terms of functionality, longevity, sustainability and affordability? Linen twine is your go-to supply for all your upholstery, gardening, crafting, landscaping, cooking, securing, and decorating needs. So, whether you are just starting out your DIY journey, or you are a professional working in a factory or repair shop, opt for premier linen spring twine to excel at the art of tying springs. It should be an essential part of your supplies kit due to its outstanding qualities and superior performance.
Linen twine, also known as flax twine, is coated with soy wax, for increased durability, strength, and resistance to moisture, mold, and UV light. It boasts superior strength, making it ideal for all upholstery and furniture restoration, such as sewing old cushions, sewing buttoning, tying down coil and zig zag seat springs, cording single and double welts, antique restoration, and reupholstery. With versatile applications and exceptional qualities, it will enhance your handiwork’s overall practicality. Most importantly, as a sustainable material, it preserves our planet and reduces our carbon footprint. Continue reading to find out all you need to know about linen spring twine’s properties, uses, and why it is number 1 upholstery spring tying twine.

Shop Best In Class Furniture Upholstery & Craft Supplies At Hemptique

Investing in Hemptique’s premium linen spring twine means choosing a high-performance product that supports sustainability and environmental responsibility in maintaining our planet's health for future generations. Our twine, made of 100% finest Egyptian flax fiber, will elevate the quality of your work and enhance the longevity and durability of the items you are working on. Visit our premium linen collection to purchase first-class biodegradable linen twine in two colors and sizes. Our other craft supplies include cordage, thread, rope, and yarn made of natural materials. They are all appropriate for all ages and all skill levels. Most of our products are multi-functional and can be used for various projects, including upholstery repair, replacing the spring system, crafting, macrame, gardening, string art, home decoration, outdoor applications, and so on. If you want to work with products that support eco-friendly practices, contact us at (760) 602-4864 ext. 403 and 405. You can also register for a wholesale account or take advantage of bulk pricing.

Linen Twine vs. Ruby Italian Twine: 5 Major Differences

When comparing Hemptique's premium linen twine to traditional Italian ruby twine, its benefits become evident. Our twine outperforms the competition in a number of categories, including strength, versatility, sustainability and affordability. Below we have compared some major properties of the two products in order for you to be able to explore both possibilities and decide which suits you better.


  • Hemptique’s linen spring twine is made from 100% Egyptian flax fiber, which is known for its remarkable resistance and durability without fraying. Wax coating ensures smooth texture and easier management.
  • Italian ruby twine is typically made of jute, which is spun into coarse threads, lacking the smooth texture of linen.

Strength & durability

  • Linen twine by Hemptique is designed to withstand the continuous tension that furniture is subjected to. It holds knots tightly and securely and prolongs the life cycle of your furniture.
  • Ruby Italian spring twine is also strong; however, it is not as strong as linen, particularly when it comes to intricate upholstery projects.


  • Linen twine is a multi-purpose material that has many applications like crafting, gardening, historical restoration, model ship making, creative DIY, making it a highly versatile product which you want to keep in your supplies kit.
  • Italian ruby spring twine for upholstery is primarily intended for furniture making or reupholstering, particularly for the seating and the backs of the furniture. For this reason, it is not as flexible as linen cord.

Practicality & aesthetics

  • Linen spring twine by Hemptique comes in two different lengths and colors, making it suitable for different projects and multiple aesthetic preferences.
  • Ruby Italian upholstery twine is typically offered in one color – natural, which may limit its application range.
spring twine for upholstery

Why Hemptique’s Premium Linen Twine Is the Top Choice for Upholstery & Furniture Repair

The table below showcases superior properties of linen twine, making it number one choice for furniture repair. Use it to make your work easier, more satisfying, and more rewarding, while enjoying above average material qualities.
Hemptique Premium Linen Twine
Italian Ruby Twine
Material100% finest Egyptian FlaxJute
FinishWaxed finish for smooth texture & easier handlingUntreated (typically)
Environmental ImpactEco-friendly, biodegradable, sustainable, kid-safe, food-safe materialEco-friendly, sustainable, biodegradable
ApplicationUpholstery, DIY projects, arts & crafts, gardening, historical restoration, model ship making, etc.Mainly used for upholstery
Strength & DurabilityExtremely strong, fray-resistant, perfect for repairing or replacing spring systemsLess strong than linen, more prone to fraying
Colors and Sizes AvailableNatural and black color. 50m and 100m lengths.Typically offered in natural color only
Cost per Unit$16.99 for 50m (54 and 2⁄3 yards)Approximately $16.00 for 16 yards

Discover The Superiority Of Hemptique’s Linen Spring Twine

Hemptique’s premium spring twine is a plant-based product that is ideal for various purposes. Our flax twine is the superior choice for eco-responsible individuals and businesses, and here’s why:

100% Natural

Made completely from flax plant fibers, our twine is one of the most eco-friendly products on the market that supports eco-conscious cultivation. What this means is that it is safe for use in all environments and perfectly integrates into any task or activity without polluting with chemicals.


Flax plant cultivation has low environmental impact since it does not require lots of water to grow. Unlike conventional crops like cotton, it does not need pesticides. It preserves natural ecosystems and enhances soil health. Moreover, growing flax plants does not lead to nutrient depletion of soil. For this reason, it is quite beneficial for crop rotation. 

All-purpose material

From furniture repair and restoration projects, to gardening and boating, the strength and natural beauty of our twine make it remarkably versatile. Linen twine is capable of enduring heavy-duty tension, while providing practicality and aesthetics.


For us at Hemptique, safety is paramount, which is why we make sure that our products adhere to highest safety and health standards. Our linen twine is 100% food safe and can be used in kitchen for food preparation, making sausages, tying up herbs, or securing food packaging. It ensures no harmful substances come into contact with your food, maintaining the purity of your creations.


Completely biodegradable, Hemptique’s flax twine reduces waste and has minimal environmental impact. At the end of its life cycle it can be composted or disposed of without causing harm to our environment. Because of this, it is a favorite choice for consumers who are looking to minimize carbon footprint and contribute to preservation of environment.

Soy wax finish

Soy wax finish provides several essential benefits that improve efficacy and handling. Firstly, it improves durability by protecting the fiber from moisture and regular wear. Next, the wax polish creates a smooth surface that allows for seamless gliding through materials. This is particularly important if you are working on intricate upholstery projects where precision is required. Wax coating helps hold knots securely, ensuring they remain tight even under tension. This is essential in tasks that require reliability of knots and where their security can impact the structure of the item. Last but not least, soy wax finish aligns with our company’s commitment to eco-conscious practices since it is a renewable and natural resource.

Top 10 Uses Of Linen Spring Twine

Hemptique's premium spring twine can be used for many different purposes. Apart from furniture manufacturing and reparation, it has various practical and unconventional applications, such as:

1. Manufacturing & repairing furniture

You can use linen twine for general upholstery like sewing (springs, buttoning, old cushions), tying down seat springs (coil and zig zag), cording for single and double welts, replacing spring systems, repairing structural components, frame repairs, reinforcing weak areas, and much more.

2. Structural webbing

Use Hemptique's spring twine as structural webbing in replacing and reinforcing furniture frames for chairs and sofas to enhance durability and comfort of the seating area. 

3. Decorative accents & finishing touches

Take advantage of linen twine’s amazing properties for furniture design. Whether you want to create  aesthetic, visible wraps or integrate the twine into the furniture elements, it will elevate the design to a whole new level.

4. Securing furniture edges

You can utilize linen spring twine to bind furniture edges or to reinforce joints. It will ensure maintaining the original shape and neat execution, particularly in artisanal pieces.

5. Antique furniture restoration

If you are working on repairing antique furniture, you can replace weakened or broken materials with Hemptique’s linen spring twine to ensure the restored piece maintains durability and historical authenticity.

6. Arts & crafts

Do not hesitate to use linen twine for various arts and crafts projects. Since it is exceptionally strong it will ensure longevity of your handmade pieces. It is ideal for crafting rustic style items, seasonal banners, strings for gift cards or photographs, macrame handicrafts, Mother’s Day crafts, birthday decorations, and more.

7. DIY home décor

When used as a supply for DIY home décor projects, linen twine adds a touch of rustic and natural charm to each piece. It is a budget-friendly material that has countless creative uses in home décor: Christmas decorations making, orb chandelier making, gift wrapping, twine wrapped picture frames or mirrors, string art, macrame plant hangers, and so many more.

8. Gardening & landscaping

Because it is resistant to abrasion, moisture, and UV rays, you can safely utilize linen twine for all your landscaping and gardening projects: greenhouse and garden plants support system, DIY trellis, Bonsai tree styling, lattice making, crops bundling, tying vegetables, fruit tree branches training, separating garden plots, etc.

9. Packing and shipping protection

The strength of linen twine ensures secure packaging and safe shipping of furniture, while reducing the risk of damage. You are adding an extra layer of protection by tying the twine around the bubble wrap.

10. General tying & securing

Twine can be used to secure and organize cables at home or office to achieve a clean and organized space. Tie the cables under the desk to keep them out of sight. Bring it with you on your boating or camping trip and use it for general securing (tents, handrails, tying).

Recommended Spring Twine

This top-quality product is manufactured from the finest Egyptian flax, known for its outstanding strength, durability, and high resistance to breaking under tension. Our 3mm, 4ply spring twine is 100% natural with waxed finish which enables easy handling and enhanced properties. Offered in natural and black, it is food-safe, kid-safe, eco-friendly and biodegradable supply that comes in two lengths: a 50m ball or a 100m ball. Beyond upholstery, it is suitable for crafting, packaging, general tying, and much more!