Hemp Towel 101 : Ultimate Guide to Sustainable Comfort

Discover the top 5 reasons why hemp towels are the ultimate choice for everyday home accessories. From unparalleled durability to their eco-friendliness, find out why they are a must-try addition to your kitchen and bath.

Hemp Towel Ultimate Guide

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As an essential in every home, towels waited for their eco-friendly, sustainable and strong alternative. It's finally here. Hemp towels are supreme in many ways and in this article, we will elaborate on benefits of this sustainable material. Hopefully, you will decide on purchasing the green and quick-drying option for your kitchen and bathroom. 

Luckily, more and more people have become conscious of the environment and started using products that are made from hemp. Also, many industries decided to change their production and took the green option into consideration. Hemp replenishes and renews the earth it grows on by not using any chemicals. Additionally, hemp is one of the strongest natural fibers, durable and highly absorbent.

Hemp's ultra water-absorbent and quick-drying features make it perfect for towels. Besides being antibacterial, hypoallergenic, and mold resistant, its quality grows with every wash and usage. The material softens, feels comfortable and will last for years.

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5 Reasons to Purchase Hemp Towels

Hemp fibers are well known to survive in humid and wet surroundings. Furthermore, hemp fabric is sustainable, versatile, and strong. All these elements make it affordable, too because it means that it can withstand for many years. We will list five benefits of hemp fiber and why it should be the fiber of your future choice.

Hypoallergenic and Anti-Microbial

When it comes to towels, this is probably the most important benefit. Whether we use it in the kitchen or bathroom, both environments are constantly exposed to water and moist air. Anti-fungal and antimicrobial features protect the towel from catching and keeping various bacteria on it. Additionally, they are very effective in stain removal and resisting microbes. Also, people with sensitive skin won't have to worry about redness and rash since hemp is naturally hypoallergenic fiber.

Breathable and Dries Quickly

The fact that hemp fiber is breathable and doesn't catch bad odor is already a reason to purchase it. Towels are continually used and often washed, so their quick drying feature makes them a perfect choice for skin drying. Its breathable nature allows them to stay cool in warm water and can be great for those who often hit the gym. If you're looking for a towel that's tough enough to handle workout sweat but gentle enough to delicate skin, look no further than hemp towels.

UV Light Resistant

Hemp fabric protects the product from the sun's UV rays because it acts as natural filter. If you are spending time outdoors, on the poll or on the beach hemp towel is great for skin protection since it blocks around 95% of rays. Also, if it dries outside in hot weather, strong UV radiation won't destroy the fabric.

Strength and Durability

Some believe that hemp fiber is even stronger than steel. Its great strength helps hemp products last longer. Towels made from hemp can resist wear and tear and withstand years of usage. If we look at the sustainability of hemp fiber, buying it provides the customer with long-lasting, thus affordable product and greener solution. The towels won't stretch and will endure the pressure and tension of usage.

Biodegradable and Eco-Conscious

Hemp is known as the most eco-friendly plant in the world, and the material is deemed biodegradable if naturally broken down. Growing hemp doesn't use any pesticides and it grows on any soil you can imagine. Hemp growth replenishes the earth, and it produces oxygen and absorbs CO2. In the case the soil it grows on is toxic, hemp purifies it, and the water wasted on its growth is minimal.
Hemptique hemp knitted hand towel Ultimate Guide
Hemp Towel Ultimate Guide
hemp knitted hand towe

Hemp vs. Cotton Towels

Remember that hemp can also be blended with other materials and that cotton is probably the most common to blend with it. But there are some differences between cotton and hemp, and we will list them below.


We already mentioned how durable and strong hemp is. When comparing it to cotton, hemp fabric is three times tensile strength of cotton. Strength, UV rays and mold resistance are some of the abilities of hemp which make it better choice than cotton.

Cotton Loses Softness Over Time

When you purchase cotton towels, they feel softer than new hemp towels. But, with constant usage and washing, cotton softness diminishes while hemp only gets more feather-like with time. So, towel made of hemp fiber will last longer, which makes them more economical purchase than cotton.

Color Maintenance

Hemp fabric has high water absorption which means it'll die quickly. Additionally, hemp towel will for sure retain color better than cotton.

Low Producing Costs

Hemp doesn't have almost any cultivation requirements, so it is more affordable to grow than cotton. Farmers can replenish the production of hemp even three times a year because its growth cycle is 3-4 months. Growing hemp doesn't require the same amount of water as cotton. Hemp can be cultivated without chemicals and irrigation which mostly harms the environment. On the other hand, cotton needs six months to mature fully before being harvested.


Hemp Knitted Towel

Material: 100% hemp
Dimensions: 15inx25in (38cmx64cm)
Specifics: Braided loop included for easy hanging
Color: Neutral (Beige)

Hemptique hemp knitted hand towel

How to Take Proper Care of Hemp Towels?

As with any other material, hemp towels also require proper care if we want to make them last and keep them on good shape. What can we do to preserve the hemp towels?


The best way to clean hemp towels is to use mild detergent and water. This means we should set the washing machine at low temperature and delicate cycle. Using bleach to remove stains and keep the bright color isn't recommendable for hemp towels. If our hemp towels have persistent stains, we can try hydrogen peroxide since chlorine can cause yellowing.


In general, hemp towels dry quickly which is one of the main advantages of buying it. But, there are a few ways to dry it between usage and washing. When letting it dry in the sun, make sure to stretch it to avoid wrinkles. On the other hand, wintertime usually requires drying the machine. Remember not to expose towels to high temperatures often since the fibers will begin to break.


For those who iron towels, hemp fabric is best ironed when it is a bit wet. When completely dried it can be easily burned.