25 Last Minute Ideas for Easter Crafts: Easy & Affordable DIY Projects For Kids

Super Simple & Quick DIY Easter Activities for Toddlers, Preschoolers, Tweens, & Teens!

Easter Crafts for Kids

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With Easter just around the corner, what better way to celebrate the holiday than having your kids create quick and easy holiday handicrafts? From tiny toddlers and young kids to inquisitive preschoolers and school-aged children, you will certainly find something suitable for you! In this vibrant compilation, we have gathered simple crafts that are fun to make and also very pretty to display. The ideas are just perfect for those last-minute Easter preparations! Prepare to spend some quality time with your kiddos in weaving, gluing, tying, paper folding, and painting your way through the holiday season.

In our Easter DIY collection for kids you will find amazing and affordable ideas on how to make Easter bunnies, DIY eggs, banners, chicks, flowers, sheep, ducks and so much more! Your kids will be making items with supplies like paper, paint, yarn, balloons, linen, rocks, hemp cord, baker’s twine, tissue paper, etc. Get ready to explore our collection and make Easter crafts with joy and delight!

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1.  Paper Plate Yarn Cross

Paper plate yarn cross is a fun Easter craft for preschoolers or older kids, with parent’s or teacher’s assistance. Children will have a chance to handle yarn and practice fine motor skills. This is a perfect Easter Sunday school project, but you can also do it at home with your kids. For instructions and supplies needed, visit Non-Toy Gifts.
Paper Plate Yarn Cross
Bead Easter Eggs

2.  Bead Easter Eggs

Head over to Crafty morning website to learn how to make DIY Easter eggs using only 3 supplies: beads, pipe cleaners, and some twine. Use any color or size of beads you want. Stringing beads to pipe cleaners is a fantastic exercise to practice fine motor skills, color matching, precision, and patience.

3.   Easter Egg Garland

This is excellent activity for beginners. String eggs are very simple to make, even if you have no previous experience in crafting. For information on materials you need and instructions on how to make this gorgeous garland, check out Mod Podge rocks blog. Finish off the garland by using some linen twine and hang it on the porch, in the backyard, or inside the house.
Easter Egg Garland

4.  Suncatchers

This DIY project is a great activity to keep the kids busy while you are preparing Easter brunch. Using just a few supplies like white card stock paper, baker’s twine, and neon tissue paper, kids will be able to make fantastic window ornaments. For step-by-step directions on how to make, go over to Fun 365 website.

5.  Clay Easter ornaments

Here is another great craft that is easy enough for toddlers, preschoolers, and school-aged kids. These clay ornaments can be either hanged on Easter tree, or put on a few branches in a vase. Regardless, this is a wonderful activity to unleash kids’ creativity. Supplies you will need are homemade clay,  acrylic paint, a cookie cutter, and some baker’s twine. You can use these ornaments as home décor, as gifts, or as keepsakes. You can find more information on Happy hooligans.
Clay Easter ornaments
Homemade Easter Bunny Garland

6.  Homemade Easter Bunny Garland

In just a few steps, the kids can make this cute garland using scrapbook paper, pom poms and some hemp cord for hanging. This craft is simple enough for beginners and small children. You can help the toddler by cutting up bunny shapes and gluing items. Place it on a mantel or porch and enjoy this personalized décor piece by DIY Candy.

7.  Finger Knitted Easter Bunny

Depending on how old and how skilled your kids are, this can either be a joint craft for the whole family, where kids knit, and you assemble, or it can be done completely by the children, without your assistance. What’s even better, you will not need a lot of supplies either. The only material you will need is some yarn. For instructions, visit Red Ted Art website.
Finger Knitted Easter Bunny
Handprint Gift Bags

8.  Handprint Gift Bags

Here’s an original idea for a handprint project and a lovely way to make a keepsake to gift to your loved ones. This bag with a bunny shaped handprint can also be an ideal activity for the classroom. Students can fill the bags with Easter messages or drawings. Check out Eighteen25 website for step by step instructions with pictures. Supplies you will need are paper bags, googly eyes, pom poms, paint, and twine.

9.  Yarn Chicks & Carrots

Craft play learn has a unique and very beautiful idea on how to make Easter characters from yarn and cardboard. Use them as last-minute handmade decorations for your home. If you wish, you can also hang them on the mantle or on the windows.
Yarn Chicks & Carrots
Egg Bunny

10.  Egg Bunny

Easter will be here shortly. For last minute handmade decorations, why not make these egg bunnies. They are incredibly easy to make. All you need to do is apply double-stick tape to a plastic egg and wrap it in white yarn. Finally add ears, feet, eyes, and pom-poms for nose and tail. Better Homes & Gardens has directions on how to make these cute yarn bunnies.

11.  Pom Pom Easter Egg Tree

If you are looking for a last minute DIY Easter decoration project for the kids to do, why don’t you make this beautiful tree with handmade pom poms? The house that Lars built has guidelines on how to make this charming centerpiece, including instructions on how to make solid, striped, and polka dot pom poms.
Pom Pom Easter Egg Tree
3D Paper Ornaments

12.  3D Paper Ornaments

These 3D Easter ornaments from The Life Of Jennifer Dawn is a wonderful way to get your kids busy crafting while you are preparing Sunday brunch. This gorgeous decoration can be made by kids of all ages, from preschoolers to school-aged kids, and teens. Alternatively, kids can add meaningful messages  on the inside of the eggs. Made of decorative paper, some beads, and cord, these decorative eggs can be turned into a garland, or placed in Easter baskets for a fuller and a more visually dynamic look.

13.  Easy 3D Carrots & Eggs

As Easter Sunday is approaching, we are sharing this stunning idea for eggs and carrots made of double sided patterned scrapbook paper and some twine. This craft idea is shared by The Homes I Have Made, with detailed information on supplies you’ll need and how to make. This is a fun activity for everyone in the family. While kids are keeping themselves busy tracing and cutting, the adults can help with sewing and hanging paper ornaments.
Easy 3D Carrots & Eggs
Easter Chick Sewing Craft For Kids

14.  Easter Chick Sewing Craft For Kids

Sewing handicrafts, particularly those made by kids, are incredibly lovely, especially those made by really young kids. For this project you will need heavy duty paper plates, yellow yarn, black buttons, and some felt. Get the instructions and a step by step tutorial over at Red Ted Art.

15.  Easy DIY Egg Banner For Children

This craft requires no previous skills, which means that it is perfect for preschoolers and elementary age kids. It will teach them basic weaving techniques and you will have a nice banner to decorate the walls with. For this activity, you will need some paint chips, cardboard, and some thread to hang the banner. Visit DIY Candy for detailed instructions.
Easy DIY Egg Banner For Children
Rope Basket

16.  Rope Basket

This cute basket is made with some basic supplies like rope, fabric dye, and hot glue. No sewing is required, so it will be fairly simple for the children to create this blue-colored rope basket. Wrap and stack the rope in circles until you have reached the desired size of the basket. Apply the paint, leave to dry, and fill for sweets or other Easter goodies. Good Housekeeping has more information on the project.

17.  Footprint Keepsake

Get creative this holiday season and make a memorable art piece of your little kids’ footprints. This craft is very simple and quick to do. Most importantly it can be framed, hanged on a string, or gifted to grandparents as a keepsake. Glued To My Crafts has a list of supplies and a detailed guide on how to make this precious handicraft.
Footprint Keepsake
Easter Egg Paper Plate

18.  Easter Egg Paper Plate

This is a very undemanding, but effective lacing craft that can even be done by the preschoolers (with parent’s supervision). In just a few steps you can have this cute paper plate egg done. Another bonus is that kids will have the opportunity to practice motor skills and hand-eye coordination, while expressing their creativity. Using just a few supplies, like yarn and paper plates, you will have pretty decorations for displaying. Head over to Homeschool preschool website for detailed information on how to do this craft.

19.  DIY Yarn Carrots 

Creeklinehouse shows us how to make these DIY carrots. They look great and are super easy to prepare. You will only need newspaper, tape, and some hemp yarn in colors of your choice. Alternatively you can dye yarn. Whats even better, you can make any shape out of newspaper. Let your little ones get creative and make bunnies, sheep, flowers, cupcakes, or eggs.
DIY Yarn Carrots
Paper Cup Bunnies

20.  Paper Cup Bunnies

Here we have another fantastic DIY classroom project that can also be done at home. Do it together with your kids at home to spend some quality family time and create wonderful memories. Although making these bunnies might look complicated, it is relatively easy to recreate. Using brown paper cups, big beads, cord and pom poms kids can make these adorable paper cup bunnies. For details, check Ocen Child website.

21.  DIY Mini Easter Baskets

I you have school-aged kids, check out this idea from Home Talk. With just three supplies (a cup, twine, and hot glue) children can make these cute little baskets for Easter. No particular skills are needed for this activity; however, parents should supervise and help kids with hot gluing the twine. These mini baskets can be handed out to friends, classmates, or neighbors for the holiday.
DIY Mini Easter Baskets
Handmade Twine Nest

22.  Handmade Twine Nest

Your kids will love this craft because it can be completed within an hour. You can make the nest any size you want, and fill it with all kinds of goodies or decorative Easter items. For all the details and materials needed, visit Thistlewood Farms website. Kids may even want to embellish the nest with beads or flowers for a more sophisticated look.

23.  Baker’s Twine Easter Bunnies

These cute little Easter bunnies are made by wrapping baker’s twine around a toilet paper roll. It’s that simple and quick! Eyes, nose, ears, and bow are made with card stock paper. Use any color twine you want and you will have this cute handicraft done in no time. Idea taken from Wild West Paper Arts.
Baker’s Twine Easter Bunnies
DIY Cherry Blossom Easter Eggs

24.  DIY Cherry Blossom Easter Eggs

This project from Craft Passion will most likely appeal to kids with artistic aspirations. The beauty of these DIY eggs is achieved by wrapping thin white yarn around a plastic egg and applying sequin pink flowers. Use this cherry blossom inspired egg for Easter egg hunt or as home decoration.

25.  Baker’s Twine Eggs

Here is another easy but effective egg decoration that can easily be completed by kids. To make these cute and elegant eggs, entwine the thread around the eggs and secure the end of the thread. For a more dramatic look, use different colors of baker’s twine. Idea borrowed from Gravetics.
Baker’s Twine Eggs