Must-Try Independence Day Craft & DIY Decor Ideas for Kids & Adults

Explore our must-try Independence Day crafts for kids and adults. From suncatchers to patriotic string art, these DIY projects are perfect for celebrating the 4th of July.

4th of July crafts for kids and adults

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Arts and crafts play an important role in early childhood development because they promote child’s natural imagination and help them develop and improve other important life skills. However, crafting is not beneficial only for kids. Research has shown that crafting is therapeutic in all ages, including adults. It improves mood, self-confidence and reduces stress. So what better way to decorate and celebrate the upcoming Independence Day than by making fun and simple crafts? By engaging in these DIY projects you will not only nurture creativity, but you will also instill a sense of national pride in kids. By creating patriotic crafts, the children will gain a deeper understanding of the significance of Independence Day.
Get your kids, family, and friends into the patriotic spirit with our collection of easy and affordable 4th of July crafts for all ages, including young kids and kindergarteners that will make this year’s holiday unforgettable. Gather basic craft supplies (hot glue gun, scissors, red, white, and blue cord, and paper) and bring these lovely ideas to life. Many of these handicrafts double duty as 4th of July decorations: A front door adorned with a star wreath, DIY American flag luminaries, holiday garlands, and Independence Day suncatchers. They are sure to make everyone enjoy the festive atmosphere.

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Why Is the 4th of July Important?

What better way to celebrate the start of the summer and school being over than having a party for the Fourth of July? Here are a few facts to share with the children about this holiday:

The 4th of July holiday is also known as the Independence Day. America began as a group of 13 colonies ruled by Great Britain. However, due to grievances about certain matters (such as high taxes, lack of representatives in the government), the colonies soon began the quest for independence. It started in the late 18th century (1775) with the Revolutionary War. Finally, on July 4th, 1776, America declared independence and became independent from the British Empire. This date represents the birth of the United States as the nation.

Today, Independence Day is a federal holiday that celebrates the day the Declaration of Independence was officially adopted and America was a free nation. On this date, families all over the country celebrate the holiday with 4th of July traditions such as bonfires, picnics, hosting barbeque parties, attending parades, pool parties, making patriotic crafts, attending concerts, and fireworks.

4th of July Crafts For Kids

Below you will find lots of amusing 4th of July crafts for the kids and whole family to enjoy! What’s even better, they can be finished quickly with only basic craft supplies.

1. Patriotic popsicle garland

This handcrafted garland is most likely one of the least expensive DIY party decorations you can make. Using simple supplies like toilet paper rolls, paper, acrylic paint, and some string, the kids can make this cute backdrop for your summer drink station or a hot dog bar. For more information, head over to Six Clever Sisters website.
Patriotic popsicle garland
DIY 4th of July wreath

2. DIY 4th of July wreath

For this handmade door wreath, most of the supplies at home and other materials can be found at the Dollar store. All you need for this fun craft is popsicle sticks, red, white, and blue paint, some twine, and glue. Visit The Keele Deal for instructions on how to make.

3. Patriotic necklace

This craft is ideal for young kids and preschoolers. It will help them develop fine motor skills, boost their pattern recognition, and teach them about various shapes and colors. Buggy and Buddy has details on how to reproduce this straws and beads necklace, that is suitable even for the preschoolers to make, with parental supervision. Since small pieces are being used, remember never to leave small kids unattended.

Pro-tip: If small children have difficulties threading the string, try using pipe cleaners instead. Instead of necklace, they can make a bracelet.
Patriotic necklace
Confetti popper rockets

4. Confetti popper rockets

These DIY confetti popper rockets are so much fun to make! Plus, the supplies are not expensive, they are easy to make, and the final product is really amusing. Hang the finished rockets on the patio or trees in the backyard and let the kids play. When they pull the string at the bottom, a small compartment in opens up and confetti land on kid’s head! Alpha Mom website for details on supplies and how to make.

5. Star suncatchers

Decorate your windows with these patriotic suncatchers using basic supplies you probably already have at home. For this activity, you will need to gather some contact paper, construction paper, tissue paper, some ribbon or cord in festive colors. Crafts by Amanda has a tutorial on how to make suncatchers. As you will see, the kids can make them without much effort.
Star suncatchers

6. Independence Day Paper Plate Wreath

Here is another simple and quick DIY for the children – star wreath made of paper plates. For this creative adventure, you will only need paper plates  (white or colored), paint (optional), cardstock, and twine. Make the ring from plate, add the stars and a piece of twine to hang on the door and you’re done! Idea borrowed from: Made With Happy.

7. Handmade windsock

Here’s an idea on how to express your creativity by using easily accessible, budget-friendly supplies like chipboard, paper, and twine. This handmade windsock is an amusing seasonal activity for children to celebrate all things freedom and independence. A Pumpkin & Princess has step-by-step procedure on how to recreate the windsock.
Handmade windsock
Independence Day Home Décor

8. Independence Day Home Décor

Used as centerpieces, table décor, or hung on a garland, these DIY paper bag stars are perfect for outdoor 4th of July parties. Positively Splendid has a tutorial and a video on making these lovely stars with minimal investment of time and money. This is a typical 5 minute craft that makes a big visual impact.

9. 4th of July paper cutlery pouch

Plan a perfect 4th of July picnic for your summer cookout using these beautiful blue and white striped cutlery holders. Pair with red napkins, wooden cutlery, red star cutouts, and some classic cord and you will have gorgeous picnic decor just before the fireworks. Head over to Skip to My Lou to find out how to create these festive pouches.
4th of July paper cutlery pouch
Popsicle flag

10. Popsicle flag

Here is another simple activity for the kids to do before the Fourth of July fireworks begin. Made with Happy posted a tutorial on how to make American flag using popsicle sticks, paint, and some string. To make a star, you can use a cookie cutter to shape it on cardboard or a piece of foam. Have the kids make a few of these flags so you can decorate them throughout the property and the yard.

11. Foam firecracker slingshot

Before or after the Fourth of July Parade, have the kids make and then play with these truly fun firecracker slingshots. As per Lolly Jane website, for this craft you will need foam tubes, zip ties, some rubber bands, and some cord or twine, and red/white/blue paint. If you plan on using the slingshots with water, make sure you get waterproof paint that can be used outside for playing with water.
Foam firecracker slingshot

10. Patriotic Crafts For Adults

Grab your materials and make one of these Independence Day crafts and add character and uniqueness to your celebration. 

1. String art star

In order to make this handicraft, you will need a wooden board and a star printout to nail the hammers around. Using red cord, natural cord, or a combination of red, white, and blue, fill the star design. Start by tying the cord to the first nail. We have a video on how to do string art.
String art star
Hanging flag luminary

2. Hanging flag luminary

This is a great last-minute craft as it does not require a lot of preparation, money, or effort to make. To make the luminaries, you will need craft sticks, tissue paper, led tea lights and some twine. Hang these lanterns from your porch, patio, or trees and enjoy the beauty of the ambience these handicrafts make. For more details, visit The Craft Patch.

3. DIY snack basket

This decorated basket will be an ideal addition to your backyard Independence Day BBQ party. Use it to serve snacks, bread buns, or sweets. For this craft you will need a wooden bucket, some paint (red, white, blue), and a blue and white (or red and white) striped tea towel. Idea borrowed from Country Living.
DIY snack basket
4th of July mason jars

4. 4th of July mason jars 

Here is a genuinely simple 5-minute craft to be festive for Independence Day. Make sure to include these cute holiday vases into your 4th of July crafts for kids and adults, as they have no commitment and you can repurpose them after the holiday. Use these jars as table centerpiece for breakfast before the Fourth of July parade, or for dinner before the fireworks. They are ideal for smaller flower arrangements, utensils, tea lights, or crayons. For more inspiration, head over to My Frugal Adventures.

5. Treat boxes for fireworks watching picnic

Instead of waiting in long lines for popcorn or drinks to bring to your 4th of July picnic with the kids, why not make treat boxes yourself? Fill them with favorite snacks and summer drinks, embellish with some sparklers, twine, or stars, and you are done! You can also make an adult version of the fireworks box. A Kilo Chic Life has a tutorial on how to make, with pictures included. 
Treat boxes for fireworks watching picnic
Pennant banner

6. Pennant banner

This patriotic banner from Kara Creates is perfect not only for the Independence Day, but also for Memorial Day. For this craft, you will need to gather some burlap, paint, and rope. To recreate the look, all you need to do is to paint the pennants. Paint red and white stripes on half of the pennants, and white stars on blue background on other half of the pennants. Glue the pennants to the rope using a glue gun and hang on your fence, porch, or fireplace.

7. Cooling sponge crown

Here we have a fantastic activity that will help kids improve their cognitive and problem-solving skills. This crown, however, is not only an accessory, but It also doubles as a cooling hat. Here’s how it works: Dip the sponge in water which will slowly dip and keep the kids cool during the day. The House That Lars Built has detailed instructions on how to recreate this super cool summer headwear for kids.

Pro-tip: To prevent the crown from falling off, add extra ribbon or red, white, and blue cord and tie it with a bow under the child’s chin.
Cooling sponge crown
Bandana star garland

8. Bandana star garland

Here’s one more 4th of July craft for adults, or kids with parental supervision. Star garland made of bandana by Country Living will definitely spruce up your 4th of July picnic table décor. Coupled with matching tablecloth, floral arrangements, and a couple of red, blue, and white candles, you are guaranteed to have a gorgeous table setting for the backyard BBQ get together.

9. Patriotic string lights 

This 4th of July craft is most suitable for adults, but the whole family can participate in making it. This handcrafted string light garland will be a perfect decoration in your backyard, whether you decide to hang it somewhere, or to simply display them in a bowl as table centerpiece. Things you will need include yarn, balloons, string lights, and some wire. For step-by-step instructions, visit ehow website.
Patriotic string lights
4th Of July Tassel Garland

10. 4th Of July Tassel Garland

Head over to Hemptique YouTube channel for instructions on making a festive macrame tassel garland to spruce up the patio table where you will have barbecue with family and friends. In fact, this is a perfect activity for the whole family. Using only 2 supplies (wooden beads and hemp cord) you will be able to make fun and vibrant decoration.

Get Inspired With Our Compilation Of DIY Independence Day Crafts For Kids & Adults

Crafting is a fantastic way to get creative during the holidays, and everyone can benefit from participating in DIY activities. Whether you are planning on making festive 4th of July decorations for the backyard, picnic table décor or fun party accessories, we hope you have found some inspiration here that will make your holiday great. Happy 4th!