30 Super Easy & Adorable Father’s Day Crafts Ideas For Kids

Delightful DIY Father’s Day Gifts for Dads & Granddads: Fun and Affordable Crafts for Kids of All Ages

Fathers Day Crafts

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With Father's Day right around the corner, it is time to start thinking about gifts that will celebrate the incredible dads and paternal figures in our lives. Make this holiday truly special by spending quality time with your dad and spoiling and honoring him with something thoughtful.

If you are struggling to come up with Father’s Day gift ideas and need inspiration, you have come to the right place! We have compiled a collection of cute, beginner friendly Father's Day crafts for kids of all ages and skill levels, including toddlers, preschoolers, kindergarteners, school aged kids, tweens, and teens. Appreciate the dads, grandpas, uncles and other father figures in your life by making something from the heart that they will cherish for years to come.

Using just basic craft supplies like paper, yarn, and scissors, you will be able to make most of the projects here. If your dad is all about games or cooking, he will adore the mason jar gifts below. Does your dad enjoy fishing? Try the DIY fishing card crafts. Include a heartwarming message or a joke and create a memorable Father’s day celebration. Regardless of his hobbies and interests, you are sure to find something fun to create, especially for him, that will make him feel loved.

Continue reading to find a compilation of creative Father's Day crafts that will keep the little kids’ hands busy. Make a perfect handmade present that will show how much you love your Dad.

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1. Dad String Art

This string art craft is a great idea for a homemade Father’s Day gift. Choose the cord in your dad’s favorite colors and free printable letter template for the letters, available on One Little Project website. It can be made even by the preschoolers with adult’s assistance. Your dad can display this project in his office, man cave, or living room.
Dad String Art
DIY Card For A Dad Who Loves Fishing

2. DIY Card For A Dad Who Loves Fishing

If your father likes fishing, here’s a cute idea for a DIY card. For this project, you will need Swedish Fish candy, bakers twine, a toothpick, a marker, and glue. Finish it off with a clever message such as “fishing you a happy Father’s Day!” For information on how to make, visit Crafty Morning.

3. DIY Bolo Tie For A Cowboy Dad

The Merrythought has instructions on how to make this cute bolo tie using just a few supplies. What’s even better, it is easily customizable, so it is great as a last-minute idea for a Father’s day gift. For this activity, you will need some string, bolo slide, and an item you will use as a pendant. It can be an old necklace pendant, a beer bottle cap, or a piece of wood. Very easy and inexpensive gift!
DIY Bolo Tie For A Cowboy Dad
Popsicle Stick Craft

4. Popsicle Stick Craft

The next activity is also suitable for kindergarten kids. By following instructions from ABCDee Learning, they will be able to create a popsicle stick handicraft. It is keepsake to treasure for years to come, as it lists all the reasons why kids love their father or granddad. For this project you will need colored popsicle sticks, a Sharpie, heavy-duty shipping tape, and some cord.

5. Airplane garland

Looking for some more inspiration? Why not have your kids make this airplane garland by Studio DIY ? Make paper planes from maps and then use stamps or markers to mark special places your dad visited over the years. Use a piece of untreated yarn to make a garland. Your Dad can hang this cute airplane garland in his office or on mantle.
Airplane garland
We Love Dad Banner

6. We Love Dad Banner

Your dad, your granddad, or your paternal figure will love this DIY banner. To make this lovely garland, you will need contact paper (or wrapping paper), twine, and some double sided tape. The instructions are fairly easy for the kids to understand. Tape paper letters to cardboard, punch the holes, and then use thread to make the banner. If you want, you can add embellishments. For more information, visit Sarah Hearts.

7. Cup & Ball Game

The beauty of this DIY craft is that it teaches preschoolers about crafting with love, while practicing various skills. Plus, you will get to test the toy with your dad. For this project you will need small plastic cups, string, wooden beads, and wooden dowels. Use your imagination when you decorate the cups. You can use a marker, washi tape, wrapping paper, or stickers. One Little Project has detailed instructions on how to make this toy.
Cup & Ball Game
Root Beer Crate

8. Root Beer Crate

This decorative root beer crate by Thirty Handmade Days is ideal handicraft for the last minute Father’s Day gift. What’s even better, it is made with supplies you probably already have at your home: some cardstock, twine, root beer and the crate. If you can’t find the crate you can use something else like a basket or a bucket. Plus, the “rooting” pun is perfect for all dads who are always supportive of their kids.

9. DIY Gift Tags

Thank the men in your life by showing appreciation and honoring them for all that they do for you. If you have already made the present and want to add that extra special touch, why not make these stylish gift tags to go with the presents? They are very simple to make. Print the wording on thick paper, punch a hole, and attach to your gift with some cord. For more details on how to make these elegant, simple, and refined gift tags, visit Almost Makes Perfect.
DIY Gift Tags
“Building Memories With Dad” Jar

10. “Building Memories With Dad” Jar

This activity jar by The Seasoned Mom is such a beautiful idea for a Father’s Day gift. What’s great about this particular craft is that it can be done by novice learners and beginners, and even toddlers will be able to do it with a little help from adults. The idea behind this present is to create amazing memories with men in your life. And what better gift to give than enjoying some quality time together? To make, take colorful building blocks and use a Sharpie to write your favorite activities to do with dad. It can be playing sports, fishing, riding a bike, hiking, water gun fights, or making s’mores around a fire pit. Put them all in a jar, add some yarn and a cute tag, and you’re done!

11. The Cutest Father’s Day Keepsake

Engage your children in handmaking this cute Father’s Day card. Use paint and some white card stock paper or canvas to create the sweetest DIY gift. You can frame it and make it a wall art. Head over to Crafty Morning website to read more information on supplies you need and detailed instructions on how to put together.
The Cutest Father’s Day Keepsake
DIY “Stache” Candy Jar For Dads Rocking A Moustache

12. DIY “Stache” Candy Jar For Dads Rocking A Moustache

This is an inexpensive and simple craft that can be done by kindergarten kids with parental supervision. While making this jar, they will practice creativity, and also have tons of fun while tasting some of the treats intended for dad. Supplies needed: your dad’s favorite candies and sweets, some yarn, and a tag. For details on how to make, go to Cookies And Calligraphy.

13. Fish Father’s Day Card

Have your kids, students, or class make this lovely card by ABCDee Learning. The best thing about this activity is that kids will get to go outside and search for the sticks needed to make this design. Apart from the wooden sticks, you will also need cardstock paper, googly eyes, glitter glue, and colored yarn. Trace the hand to make the fish. Glue the stick, decorate per your liking, and finally, write a message for your dad. Try writing a pun message, such as “Hooked on you dad”.
Fish Father’s Day Card
DIY Hanger

14.  DIY Hanger

This DIY hanger is intended for preschool or early elementary students as it is pretty simple to recreate. For this project you will need clothes hanger, posterboard, cord, hole punch, and cute stickers or crayons. Use your imagination to decorate the hanger any way you like. This is the type of gift that will definitely be put to use and your dad will get to see it every time he opens the closet. Optionally, you can buy a new shirt for him, and put it on the hanger you handmade just for him. Head over to Motherhood On A Dime for detailed instructions.

15. DIY Air Freshener

Help your father keep his truck or office fresh with this DIY air freshener made entirely of natural materials (biodegradable string, essential oils, wood). To make: cut a tree shaped fabric (like linen fabric or hemp fabric) and glue it to the front and the back of the wooden Christmas tree ornament. When it’s completely dry, soak the fabric with essential oil (pomegranate, orange, or cedar for example). Country Living has instructions and a list of supplies needed.
DIY Air Freshener
“Daddy & Me” Mug

16.  “Daddy & Me” Mug

How cute is this coffee mug? Let your kids use fingerprints and some paint to make this beautiful keepsake for Father’s Day. The design is simple and effective: an adorable fingerprint art and a sweet message. You will need several supplies including white mug, enamel paint, and a thin paint brush. Visit Crafts By Amanda for step by step instructions and more tips.

17. Paper Bag Puppets

Paper bag puppets craft by Our Kid Things is ideal for preschoolers and up. These adorable, colorful puppets are a great gift but also a great way to spend fun times with your dad on his day. To make the puppets, you will need brown paper lunch bags, colored cardstock, paint, and large googly eyes. Get creative with color and tie pattern choices. The more colorful, the better! 
Dad Prize Ribbon

18. Dad Prize Ribbon

Although, at first glance, this project may seem too complicated, it can really be done even by kindergarten kids. You will need the following supplies: craft paper in yellow and another color of your choice (red, orange, blue), a marker, glue, and scissors. You can make the prize ribbon as big or as small as you wish. Check out Easy, Peasy & Fun for more details on this project.

19.  “Dad, You Rock” Cupcakes

This project includes baking cupcakes and decorating them with candy pebbles. The kids will need help with baking, but luckily every kid loves to bake (and eat!) cupcakes. This activity is appropriate for kids of all ages and all skill levels and they will be supervised by adults. Visit Oh Happy Day to discover more.
“Dad, You Rock” Cupcakes
Cute Fish Handprint Cards

20. Cute Fish Handprint Cards

The beauty of Father’s Day crafts is that they teach children about the importance of creating something by hand with genuine love and devotion. For this school project you will need colored card stock, small googly eyes, pom poms, and some cotton twine. The Best Ideas For Kids has step-by-step instructions and information on supplies needed.

21.  Cereal Box Crown 

Dads, granddads, uncles, and other important men in kids’ lives will love wearing this cardboard crown made especially for them. To make this cute homemade crown, you will need cereal boxes, paper scraps, stickers, markers, and any other items you want to use as decoration on the crown. After the paint has dried, use hole punch and thread the string through the holes for easier wear. For more information, head over to Red Ted Art.
Cereal Box Crown
Game Night Kit In A Jar

22.  Game Night Kit In A Jar

Celebrate Father’s day by making this game kit in a mason jar. Place some crinkle paper on the bottom of the jar, and then add any game essentials your dad would love, such as dice, cards, and favorite snacks. Use a piece of yarn to attach a handmade gift tag to a jar. This will be a fantastic gift for the special fatherly figure in your life. For more information, head over to Better Homes & Gardens.

23. Paper Bag Book

Younger kids (preschoolers, toddlers, and early elementary) will need help from adults to make this creative keepsake, but don’t worry. It is not too complicated and it can be completed fairly quickly. Apart from basic craft supplies, you will need several photos, paper lunch bags and some string. I Heart Crafty Things has detailed instructions, free templates, and a step-by-step video guide on how to make this DIY book for Father’s Day using paper bags.
Paper Bag Book
Superhero Dad (Printable Template)

24. Superhero Dad (Printable Template)

Make this fun and interactive Superhero Dad craft using cardstock, coloring pens or pencils, paper straws, and some cord. Add a special message to the back and you’re done! Wrap up your gift, make a gift tag and your present is complete! Head over to Kids Craftroom for a tutorial on how to make.

25. Heart String Art

Here is another easy craft for grade schoolers from Woman’s Day. This sweet, stylish, and sentimental keepsake can be used as desk or office décor. To promote eco-consciousness and kid safety, use 100% natural string, such as Hemptique hemp cord, which is biodegradable and free of AZO dyes.
Heart String Art
DIY Garden Markers

26. DIY Garden Markers

If your fatherly figure spends plenty of time gardening, this is an ideal gift for him. It is both pretty and practical. He can use it whenever he’s in the garden, tending to flowers or attending to vegetables. To make these plant markers, you will need some clay and alphabet stamps. Pack a favorite seed packet or some garden twine with garden markers, and you’ll have a perfect gift for a gardener. Inspiration by: Better Homes & Garden.

27. Bowling Shirt Treat Box

Regardless of what color paper you use you use; your dad will definitely love these treat boxes. Especially if he likes bowling! For this craft you will need colored cardstock, some paint, tiny buttons (or markers to draw them), and some glue. Try to mix neutral colors (gray, beige, black, white) with bolder colors (olive green, royal blue, or sky blue). Get instructions and tutorial at Crafting Cheerfully.

NOTE: Light weight cardstock is easier to fold than heavier cardstock, but think of how heavy the treats inside the box will be to determine what kind of cardboard to purchase.
Bowling Shirt Treat Box
Father’s Day Rocket Card

28. Father’s Day Rocket Card

For this handmade card you will need thick paper (black, white, red, yellow and orange), orange and red yarn and markers. This card can be further personalized by adding photos to the rocket instead of the windows. “I love you to the Moon and back” message is guaranteed to melt your dad’s heart. For video instructions and list of supplies, visit Non-Toy Gifts.

29. Magic Flashlight Cards 

To make magic flashlight card you will need quart size Ziploc bags, thick paper (black, yellow, and another color of your choice for the flashlight), and black marker to write an “invisible message” for your dad. Visit Our Kid Things for more details.
Magic Flashlight Cards
Cricut Jar Decals (Advanced)

30. Cricut Jar Decals (Advanced)

As father’s Day is approaching, we are sharing this amazing DIY gift idea from Sustain My Craft Habit with you. For this project, you will need a Cricut machine, your father’s favorite seasoning mix, as well as personalized images in vinyl. Take a piece of cord to tie around the jar to create a rustic look.

The History Of Father’s Day Holiday

The origins of this holiday go back to early 20th century, when people honored more than 350 men who died in a mining accident in West Virginia. However, it wasn’t until 1972, when the president of the USA made it a national holiday. Father’s Day is celebrated on the third Sunday in June, and it acknowledges the importance of fathers and paternal roles in our lives and society.

Father’s Day celebrates fathers and how they contribute to our lives. Most people celebrate it by spending the day with their dad, giving gifts, cards, or cooking a meal. Typical gifts include handmade gifts from kids, game tickets, ties, tools, or grilling utensils. Lots of people go to church with their dad since it is Sunday.