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As a leading manufacturer and distributor in the hemp textile industry, we take pride in offering a diverse range of high-quality hemp woven and knit fabrics. Hemptique collection includes the elegant "Toma," the robust 13 oz. "Allison" in organic hemp herringbone, the versatile "Tudor," the classic "Erika," and our soft hemp knit fabric by meter. Each product is carefully crafted to meet the highest standards of quality and sustainability.
We offer direct manufacturer purchasing, ensuring unbeatable prices with no middleman. With a MOQ of just $250, we cater to businesses of all sizes, making our hemp fabric collection widely accessible. This low threshold and our swift shipping from Vista, California, enable quick stocking without hefty initial investments, ensuring significant savings and premium offerings for your customers.


Available Hemp Fabric to Wholesale Purchase

Hemp Linen Fabric (6oz) - Erika
Hemp Linen Fabric (6oz) - Erika
Hemp Canvas (10oz) - Tudor
Hemp Canvas (10oz) - Tudor
Hemp Herringbone Fabric (13oz) - Allison
Hemp Herringbone Fabric (13oz) - Allison
Hemp Heavy Canvas Fabric (17oz) - Toma
Hemp Heavy Canvas Fabric (17oz) - Toma
Hemp Knit Fabrics
Hemp Knit Fabrics

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What Sets Us Apart from Other Hemp Textile Wholesale Suppliers

  • Product Range: Our collection features the fabric Toma, crafted in Romania and epitomizes the perfect blend of quality and sustainability for various applications, alongside the 13 oz organic hemp herringbone Allison, a robust fabric that revives the classic herringbone pattern with durability and style. The Tudor, also from Romania, is noted for its versatility, suitable for fashion and home décor. The Erika, with its classic appeal, stands as a testament to hemp's timeless beauty and resilience. Lastly, our hemp knit fabric, sold by meter and in nine styles, is known for its softness and comfort, ideal for stretchy clothing, blending coziness with the benefits of hemp.
  • You Order Directly at Manufacturer: Bypass the middleman by sourcing products directly from Hemptique. This not only guarantees the best prices but also assures the authenticity and high quality of our products.
  • Accessible Minimum Order: Starting your wholesale journey is easy with us, thanks to our low minimum order requirement of just $250. This makes stepping into wholesale both affordable and straightforward.
  • Sustainable Products: Our range of hemp fabric is 100% eco-friendly, designed in the US and made of premium hemp in the EU.
  • Private Labeling Available: We offer private label production and package design services, allowing you to tailor our products to your brand's identity and needs.
  • Global Delivery: Our extensive distribution network means we can deliver our products to you no matter where you are located.
  • Dedicated Customer Support: Our dedicated team is always on hand to help with queries, ensuring a seamless ordering process and addressing any issues.

Additional Perks for Wholesalers

In addition to our product range, we offer comprehensive services for wholesale customers, including private label production, product development, and package and label design. These services are tailored to help you create unique, branded products that resonate with your audience.
Private Label Production

Private Label Production

Product Development

Product Development

Package & Label Design

Package & Label Design

Distribution & Shipping

Distribution & Shipping


What is hemp fabric?
Hemp fabric refers to a material made by weaving or knitting hemp fibers. Renowned for its strength, durability, and breathability, hemp fabric is an eco-friendly option frequently used in clothing, bags, and home textiles.
How is hemp textile different from hemp fabric?
Hemp textile is a broader term encompassing hemp fabric and other products made from hemp fibers. While hemp fabric is specifically created through weaving or knitting, hemp textiles can include non-woven materials like felts and mats. In this context, the term "textile" also refers to the industry involved in producing and dealing with these materials.
How does the quality of hemp fabric compare to other natural fabrics?
Hemp fabric is often compared favorably to other natural fabrics like cotton and linen. It is more durable, has better breathability, and possesses antibacterial properties. Over time, hemp fabric becomes softer with each wash while maintaining its integrity.
How do bulk orders differ from wholesale orders at Hemptique?
In summary, bulk orders are suited for large, one-time personal or project needs, while wholesale orders are intended for continuous business supply with the benefit of discounted pricing. Bulk orders are designed for clients needing large quantities of our products, like hemp webbing, for personal use, specific projects, or smaller-scale operations. On the other hand, wholesale orders are tailored for businesses and retailers who require a regular supply of our products. Wholesale orders come with the advantage of discounted rates, necessitating a minimum order quantity of $250. This structure aims to support businesses in optimizing their resale value and profit margins, making it ideal for ongoing, business-related purchases.
Can I use retail discount coupons for wholesale and bulk orders?
We're sorry, but retail coupon codes cannot be applied to wholesale and bulk orders. Our retail promotions are designed for individual consumer purchases and do not extend to our wholesale and bulk order transactions. For wholesale and bulk orders, we offer different pricing structures and benefits tailored to larger volume purchases.
What are the available payment options for bulk and wholesale orders at Hemptique?
We're sorry, but retail coupon codes cannot be applied to wholesale and bulk orders. Our retail promotions are designed for individual consumer purchases and do not extend to our wholesale and bulk order transactions. For wholesale and bulk orders, we offer different pricing structures and benefits tailored to larger volume purchases.
What is the return and exchange policy for bulk and wholesale orders at Hemptique?
If you experience any issues with your order, contact our customer service team within 30 days of purchase. Our team is committed to assisting you with any necessary returns or exchanges. For detailed information on our return and exchange process, please refer to our policy. If you need to initiate an exchange, please call us at (760) 602-4864 as soon as possible to ensure a smooth and prompt resolution.
I am not located in the US. Who is responsible for paying import fees and taxes for international orders?
Buyers are responsible for paying their respective country's customs brokerage and all import-related fees.