Linen Cord Wholesale & Bulk Orders

Shop First-Class Egyptian Linen Cord In Bulk Directly From The Manufacturer. Skip The Middleman Markup. Minimum Order Only $250.

Hemptique’s wholesale program is a B2B model tailored for businesses and individual clients in need of large quantities of sustainable linen craft cordage. Whether you're looking for a reliable supplier or a one-time bulk order for a special project, our wholesale account is your gateway. Enjoy benefits like top-notch quality, competitive prices, no middleman fees, comprehensive services, global delivery, and exclusive perks for wholesale clients.

Our linen cord is made from 100% natural flax fibers through an eco-conscious manufacturing process. It is renowned for exceptional properties like durability, strength, biodegradability, multi-functionality, kid-safety, and sustainability. Hemptique linen cord is remarkably versatile, perfect for use in crafting, gardening, home DIY projects, packaging, furniture repair, and even cooking.

Available Linen Cord For Wholesale Purchase

Hemptique flax linen cord is premium quality product, made of flax plant grown in the cradle of linen in  Egypt. Linen cordage can be used for a variety of applications including crafting, upholstery repair, coiling, lashing, macrame, gardening, packaging, DIY projects, gift wrapping, book binding, landscaping, property restoration, and so much more!
Premium Linen Cord with Soy Wax Coating

Premium Linen Cord with Soy Wax Coating

  • 100 % Egyptian flax linen, biodegradable, eco-friendly

  • Highly durable, fine texture, antibacterial, food-safe, cord with soy wax finish

  • Available size & color: Natural color,  #20(1mm) 4ply, and  #10 (0.5mm) 2ply thickness, 30 m in length (33 yards).

Premium Linen Cord

Premium Linen Cord

  • 100 % biodegradable flax linen fiber, lightly waxed
  • Strong material, long lasting, food-safe, biodegradable
  • Available size & color: Natural color,  #48 (1.75mm) 12ply, #20 (1mm) 4ply, #10 (0.5mm) 2ply, 62,5m in length (67 yards).
Waxed Linen Cord Kilo Spools

Waxed Linen Cord Kilo Spools

  • 100 % Natural: Made of natural flax plant; AZO dye- free, oil-free, biodegradable and safe for the planet
  • Naturally strong, fine texture, hypoallergenic, antibacterial, multi-purpose cord
  • Available size & color: Purple (lavender), navy, and green colors; 1 mm thickness.
Waxed Linen Cord

Waxed Linen Cord

  • 100 % Natural: Made of natural flax plant with wax coating; AZO dye- free, oil-free, biodegradable and safe for the planet
  • Strong fiber, fine texture, antibacterial cord
  • Thickness & color: 1mm thickness (20 yd, 5 ply), 0.5mm thickness (20yd, 2 ply) thickness; brown, black & natural colors

How To Apply: 6-Step Registration Process

Registering for a wholesale account with Hemptique is simple and quick, so you can add stock to your inventory without any delay. To become a reseller, simply complete our online application form. Once approved, you will obtain access to a full catalog with exclusive wholesale pricing options.
Application process summarized:
  • Step 1 - Visit the registration page & fill out the form (customer info, business details)
  • Step 2 - Account setup: create a username and password
  • Step 3 - Submit necessary business documentation
  • Step 4 – Await application review & account activation.
  • Step 5 - Access to wholesale pricing and place orders.

Benefits Of Becoming A Wholesaler For Hemptique

Registering for a wholesale account with Hemptique gives you a whole set of privileges, such as:
  • A variety of bulk craft supplies
  • Carefully-sourced natural & sustainable materials
  • Easy to scale up or down orders
  • Bulk pricing deals & big savings
  • Extra services for wholesale clients (private label production, package & label design, product development, distribution & shipping)
  • Nationwide & global access
  • Enhanced customer satisfaction

Who We Work With      

Our B2B clients come from various industries:
  • Upholstery repair shops
  • Furniture makers
  • Furniture design stores
  • •    Specialized meat shops (butchers, smokers, meat processors, meat packers)
  • Kitchen supplies wholesalers and retailers
  • Craft material suppliers
  • Bead stores
  • Hand-made jewelry crafters & makers
  • Specialty stores offering eco-friendly products
  • Packaging supply distributors (wholesalers & retailers)
  • Bookbinding and artwork shops
  • Camping equipment suppliers
  • Gift wrapping and party stores
  • Hunting retailers
  • Garden centers
  • Organic plant nurseries (Organic greenhouse farming)
  • Florists
  • Event planners
  • Sailing shops
  • Cordage distributors & suppliers

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Get a Wholesale and Bulk Order Quote for Premium Linen Cord by Hemptique

When you order in bulk with Hemptique, you get to save big by gaining access to exclusive discounted wholesale pricing, while remaining well stocked. In summary - the more high-quality linen cord you buy, the more you save. Whether you are considering becoming our reseller or you are facing one large crafting project, our bulk ordering process option makes it easy to maintain your inventory well supplied to keep your artistic and creative process going.

If you need assistance, contact our sales team by email or by phone (760) 602-4864 ext. 403 and 405
Private Label Production

Private Label Production

Product Development

Product Development

Package & Label Design

Package & Label Design

Distribution & Shipping

Distribution & Shipping

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the difference between a wholesale order and a bulk order?
The difference between wholesale and bulk ordering is in the intended business purpose. Wholesale orders are ideal for businesses that are planning to resell our products, through retail channels or online portals. Bulk orders are geared toward those clients who require large quantity of product that is not intended for resale. Instead, it will be used for large-scale projects or events.
2. Can we request samples before placing a bulk order?
Certainly! We can provide you with samples of flax linen cord before you place an order. We understand that this will allow you to evaluate product quality, design, and suitability for your needs. Moreover, it gives you firsthand experience of our company’s commitment to client satisfaction.
3. What is minimum order quantity?
To qualify for wholesale discounts, a minimum purchase of $250 is required. This will ensure you receive top value for the money paid, while meeting your business needs.
4. How long does it take to process my wholesale/bulk order?
The processing and shipping can vary depending on the size and the contents of the order, although we aim to complete and ship all large orders within 2 business days.
5. What payment methods are available?
For volume purchases, we accept several payment options including credit cards, Automated Clearing House (ACH) transfers, checks, PayPal, and digital wallets (Google Pay, Apple Pay), apps (Venmo, Zelle),  and bank transfers.
6. How do you ship wholesale orders?
Hemptique ships the goods in the most cost effective way possible, unless otherwise requested by you. If you need a faster delivery, you can advise our representatives about the preferred shipment method when you place your order. Please be aware that expedited shipping is typically higher priced.
7. Do you ship internationally?
Yes, Hemptique offers international shipping services. This ensures our products can reach your business, no matter where in the world it is located.
8. What is your return and exchange policy on large quantity orders?
Return and exchange policy is an essential part of our commitment to superior quality product and exceptional customer support. If there are issues with your order, reach out to our customer support for assistance within 30 days of purchase. For more information on returns and product exchange, read our Terms & Conditions.
9. How do I change the details of my wholesale order or cancel an item?
In order to change the details of your bulk order, contact us ASAP by phone or email. If your order has not been sent to shipping, we are most likely able to make the necessary changes.
10. Who pays customs brokerage and import fees and taxes for international orders?
The buyer is responsible for taking care of their country’s respective customs brokerage and import fees and taxes.
11. Are retail discount codes applicable to wholesale/bulk orders?
Retail discount codes are intended for individual consumer orders exclusively and cannot be applied to wholesale orders. For large quantity orders, we have a special pricing structure that offers maximum benefits and savings.