Linen Thread Wholesale & Bulk Orders

Buy In Bulk & Save Instantly On Premium Linen Thread Sourced From The Finest Egyptian Flax

Hemptique’s wholesale program is a comprehensive solution tailored for consumers with high-volume needs. Whether you are a retailer seeking a reliable supplier or you have a one-time large order for an upcoming project or event, we welcome you to join our wholesale program. By partnering with us, you gain access to a wide range of benefits, including competitive pricing, unlimited product selection, and efficient delivery options.
The benefits of registering for a wholesale account with Hemptique include access to our first-class products, great value for money, unlimited product selection, discounted prices, avoiding middleman expenses, domestic and international delivery, and other perks exclusive to our wholesale clients. We help brands, distributors, and wholesalers save money when ordering our eco-friendly, biodegradable flax linen thread in bulk, which is known for its durability, strength, longevity, versatility, and eco-friendliness. Our leather stitching thread wholesale is ideal for businesses and individuals who are looking to offer 100% natural string made from the finest Egyptian flax fiber. Since it is highly multi-functional, it can be used for leather stitching, hand sewing, upholstery repair, gardening, bookbinding, home DIY projects, packaging, furniture repair, and even cooking.

Wholesale Thread Selection: Premium Linen Thread

If you are looking for high grade string with exceptional strength and durability, Hemptique has an excellent product. Our lightly waxed premium flax linen thread is made from first-class Egyptian flax. Wax coating allows for easier handling, increased fiber strength, and better moisture resistance. It comes on a 2.25-inch wood spool.


Material: 100% Egyptian flax fiber. Bleached & lightly waxed.
Available sizes: 12/3 (approx. 1mm thick, 127 yd) and 18/3 (0.6mm thick, 172 yd). Coming soon 25/3 (0.4mm thick).
Application: Leather sewing, leather stitching, bookbinding, jewelry making, upholstery, beading, and many other crafts projects.
Leather Stitching Thread Wholesale


How To Register For A Wholesale Account With Hemptique

Applying for a wholesale account with Hemptique is easy and the procedure is straightforward and streamlined. What this means is that you will be able to add items to your inventory without long waits. To become a wholesaler, you will need to complete an application form on our website. After your application is approved, you will gain access to exclusive wholesale discounts. Take a look at our 5-step application process:
  • Step 1 – Start by completing the form on registration page . You will need to provide basic business information, such as name, email address, Tax ID/VAT number, and address.
  • Step 2 – Next, you will be asked to create your unique username and password.
  • Step 3 - Submit required business documents.
  • Step 4 – Application review followed by your account activation.
  • Step 5 – Obtain access to wholesale pricing.

What Are The Benefits Of Becoming Our Wholesaler

Sign up for a wholesale account with Hemptique to enjoy increased profit margins and better time management. Wholesale purchasing has multiple advantages including cutting back on expenses, lower prices, increased profitability and lower carbon emissions.

Take a look at major benefits below:
  • Buy directly from the manufacturer Avoid the middleman and unnecessary extra fees by dealing directly with us and ordering from our warehouse in Vista, California.
  • Lower price per unit When you purchase as a wholesaler, you will enjoy reduced rates, which are typically not available for smaller quantity buyers.
  • Reduced expenses – By volume purchasing supply materials you will also save on shipping costs, storage costs, delivery expenses, and import and customs fees.
  • Online portal to order supplies – This convenient online tool keeps your inventory constantly stocked and maintained without any interruptions.
  • Save your time - Bulk buying saves you hours of wasted time shopping for essentials in multiple places. It improves your efficiency and allows you to use your time productively and effectively. 
  • Extra services for wholesale clients – Hemptique provides a set of special services for our wholesale clients, including tag production, package & label design, product development, and distribution & shipping.
  • Lower environmental impact – Purchasing products in bulk is a more Earth-friendly option than buying individually. This type of ordering saves on packaging, thus reducing waste, while fewer deliveries mean less fuel and less carbon emissions.
  • Global delivery – Hemptique ships items nationwide and internationally, ensuring global coverage and excellent client reach.

Who We Work With      

With the increased awareness of how wholesale and bulk ordering can save substantial time and money for businesses, various industries are opting to sign up for wholesale account with us. Here’s who typically orders materials and supplies like linen thread from us:
  • Arts & crafts shops
  • Apparel & accessory makers
  • Bookbinders
  • Beading makers
  • Clothing industry
  • Cordwainers, shoe makers, & shoe stores
  • DIY crafters
  • Drapers
  • Embroiderers
  • Event organizers
  • Fashion designers
  • Furniture makers & repair
  • Hand sewing artists
  • Hand stitchers
  • Handcrafted leather goods shops
  • Hobbyists
  • Jewelry makers
  • Leather glove makers
  • Leather hat makers (milliners)
  • Leather workers, leather smiths
  • Macrame crafters
  • Meat processors, sausage makers, & charcutiers
  • Model ship makers
  • Quilting & decorative textile manufacturers
  • Retail stores
  • Sailmaking and sail repair shops
  • Schools, colleges, and universities
  • Sewing companies
  • Seamstresses and dressmakers
  • Tailor shops
  • Textile industry manufacturing
  • Upholstery repair

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What is the difference between wholesale and bulk?

Although both types of orders are similar in terms of quantity (they are both large-quantity orders), there is a distinctive difference in how you plan to use them. While wholesale orders are designed for businesses that intend to resell our products, bulk orders are for those who need supplies for a one-time large project.

Don’t Wait! Call Today & Save Big On Superior Quality Linen Thread

Whether you are thinking of registering for our wholesalers program or ordering for a one-time large project you have, we are here for you! Let’s join forces and keep you stocked up on premium products while remaining eco-conscious and responsible. For more information, reach us directly at (760) 602-4864 ext. 403 and 405, or fill out a quick registration form.
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Private Label Production

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Product Development

Package & Label Design

Package & Label Design

Distribution & Shipping

Distribution & Shipping

Frequently Asked Questions About Wholesale & Bulk Orders

What is the minimum order quantity for a wholesale order?
When it comes to wholesale, the minimum order requirement comes to $250. We do welcome orders of all quantities and sizes; however, this amount ensures you get the maximum value while meeting all your business needs.
Do you provide product samples prior to placing an order?
Yes! We will happily provide a sample of our product, as per your request. We understand that having a sample in front of you allows you to see the quality and characteristics of the item and how it matches your needs.
How long does order processing take?
The time it takes to process the order depends on many factors, such as order size or its contents. However, we do aim to complete the processing and send the shipment out within 2 business days of placing the order. We strongly recommend to place your order on time, especially if you are ordering during high season  and holidays.
What are the available payment options?
Payment options for wholesale orders include credit cards, checks, ACH (Automated Clearing House) transfers, PayPal, Google Pay, Apple Pay, Venmo, Zelle, and bank transfers. For more information, contact our office directly.
What is your return policy for wholesale orders?
Please read our Terms & Conditions for details on return and exchange for wholesale orders.
What is your shipping method?
Although we offer various shipping methods, we aim to ship using the most cost-effective and reliable method. If you need to expedite the shipment, please inform our representatives about the preferred shipment method at the time you place your order. Please be advised that expedited shipping costs more than standard shipping.
Do you ship overseas?
Certainly! We ship internationally, making sure our products are available for business across the globe. keep in mind that international shipping typically takes longer and costs more than purchasing within one country.
Who pays for the customs and import fees for international orders?
A client is responsible and obligated to pay all duties, taxes, and fees on international shipments required by customs.
Can I apply a retail discount to my wholesale or bulk order?
Retail discounts are intended for individual purchases. What this means is that it cannot be used for wholesale or bulk orders. Rest assured, with specialized pricing structures in place for large orders, you are receiving optimal savings.