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Hemp Knit Fabrics


Our knit fabrics are wonderful to work with. Durable and sturdy, yet soft to the touch, hemp knit textiles have a fluid drape and a natural raw look. This fabric contains no spandex, yet has just enough stretch for making clothing, hats and scarves, home décor and more! Sold by the meter only.
  • KN1: Width: Approx. 65cm - 25.5 inches
  • KN2: Width: Approx. 62cm - 24.4 inches
  • KN11: Width: Approx. 115cm - 45.2 inches
  • KNHB1: Width: Approx. 75cm - 29.5 inches
  • KNHB2: Width: Approx. 65cm - 25.5 inches
  • KNSS1: Width: Appx. 104cm - 40.9 inches
  • KNSS2: Width: Approx. 128cm - 50.3 inches
  • SW1: Width: Approx. 65cm - 25.5 inches
  • SHW1: Width: Approx. 104cm - 40.9 inches

Items are sold by the meter (1 meter = 1.093 yards)


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