DIY Rainbow Wall Décor

DIY Rainbow Wall Décor

DIY Wrapped Rainbow Wall Hanging
Made with Hemptique’s Natural Hemp Cord

Add a little happiness and some pops of color to any room with this hemp string-wrapped rainbow wall hanging! This rainbow art is perfect for decorating a dorm room, a nursery, or a child's bedroom. It is sure to put a smile on anyone's face. We made this rainbow using our 100% natural hemp twine and our recycled cotton rope. Make your own eco-friendly wall décor with our hemp cord today!

Materials Needed:

  • Royal Corderié Macramé Rope Double Twist 6mm
    • We used the color white
  • #20 (1mm) Hemp Cord
    • We used the colors: red, sunset coral, yellow, sea foam green, aquamarine, and lavender
  • Scissors
  • Hot Glue
  • Washi or Masking Tape
  • Optional: Extra cord to hang rainbow, and a bead


  1. Measure and cut the 6mm rope in the following measurements to form the arches of the rainbow:
    1. 1 x 16in
    2. 1 x 15in
    3. 1 x 14in
    4. 1 x 13in
    5. 1 x 12in
    6. 1 x 11in
  1. Tape the ends of each cotton rope where you want to start and end wrapping your hemp string.
    1. The taped area and below will be the amount of fringe you will have.
    2. We taped off approximately 2 inches.

3. Wrap each rainbow arch, from tape to tape, with your hemp cord. Make sure to overlap the hemp cord for a small section at the start to secure it into place.
  • You can use hot glue at the start if desired, but it isn’t required.

4. Once you have wrapped the arch to the other end, secure with some hot glue. Be careful not to get any glue on the tape!

5. Repeat steps 3 – 4 on all rainbow arches.
6. Remove the tape from both ends of each arch.

7. Place your rainbow arches in order, and begin assembling them together working inside to outside. Use hot glue along the ridges between the arches, attaching them together.
  • Note: Using too much glue will cause it to ooze in the front and back being visible, so be careful to not use too much.
  • Shape your arches as you attach them together.

8. BEFORE you attach the last arch (the biggest and outer most), attach a 12in cord (folded in half) to the middle of the arch with a lark’s head knot. Lock this knot into place with an overhand knot. This will allow us to hang our rainbow.

9. Attach the last rainbow arch to complete the wall hanging.

10. Add a bead to the hanger string, and then tie the string in a loop with an overhand knot.

11. Trim the ends of your excess rope so they are even, but leave enough fringe to hang down from the wrapped sections. You can also unravel the ends if desired.

The full video tutorial is on our YouTube Channel.

And don't forget to share your project photos with #hemptiquecraft on Instagram. Happy Crafting from Hemptique!