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Strong Ties, Stronger Business: Elevate Your Inventory and Save Huge with Bulk Hemp Rope Order at Hemptique!

When it comes to finding a reliable wholesale source for premium hemp ropes, your search ends at Hemptique. With a low minimum order requirement of just $250, we make it easier for you to stock up on our high-quality, eco-friendly hemp ropes. Perfect for nautical applications, DIY craft projects, garden and home décor and industrial needs, Hemptique's ropes offer unparalleled strength and durability. Ready to scale new heights with your business? We're the partner you've been waiting for.
Buy bulk hemp ropes directly from the manufacturer. No middlemen, no hidden fees. Wholesale account is your ticket to elevated profits and satisfied customers.


Bulk Hemp Rope Coils

Hemp Rope Coils

Hemp Rope by Meter Bulk

Hemp Rope by the Meter

SKU: HR12, HR20, HR40

Wholesale Hemp Rope Half-Kilo Spool

Hemp Rope Half Kilo Spools

SKU: HR4MM-NA-500G, HR6MM-NA-500G, HR8MM-NA-500G

Hemptique Rope Spool Wholesale

Hemp Rope Kilo Spools


Hemp Rope Cards for Large Quantity Orders

4mm Braided Hemp Rope Cards

SKU:HRC4M (5 color variations)

Braided Hemp Rope Cards for Wholesalers

4mm Twisted Hemp Rope Cards

SKU:HRC4M (10 color variations)

Hemptique Ropes Wholesale

6mm Braided Hemp Rope Cards

HRC6M (two color variations)

Hemptique Hemp Rope for Bulk Orders

Multi-Weight Twisted Hemp Rope Cards

SKU: HRCMW (two color variations)

Unlock Exclusive Benefits with a Hemptique Wholesale Account 

If you're in the business of crafting, interior design, or home décor, it's time to elevate your inventory and customer satisfaction. By creating a Hemptique wholesale account, you gain unparalleled advantages that boost your brand's value and your bottom line. Here's why partnering with us is a savvy business move:
  • Direct Manufacturer Pricing: Cut out the middleman and revel in unbeatable prices that can supercharge your profit margins.

  • Low Minimum Order: Stock up without breaking the bank; our $250 minimum ensures you can start small and scale effortlessly.

  • Quality Assurance: With our meticulously crafted hemp ropes, your clientele will appreciate the top-tier, sustainable materials you offer, ensuring repeat business.

  • Product Variety: Different diameters, lengths, and color options mean you can offer a wide assortment that caters to various consumer needs and tastes.

  • Fast, Global Shipping: Based in California but global in reach, we make sure your orders arrive on time, every time, no matter where you are.

  • Customized Solutions: Whether you want hemp ropes by the meter, on kilo spools, or craft coils, we provide tailored options perfect for your business model.

  • Exclusive Updates: Stay ahead of the curve with immediate insights on our new launches and innovations, giving you a competitive edge.

  • Sustainability as a Selling Point: Align your brand with the growing trend of eco-conscious consumerism; offer products that not only look good but do good.

A Hemptique wholesale account is more than just a business transaction; it's a long-term partnership paved with quality, variety, and ethical sourcing. Apply now and redefine what it means to be a reseller in today's conscious market.

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We Are Partnering With Creative & Decorative Industries

At Hemptique, we've woven more than just fibers; we've woven relationships with industries that value craftsmanship and aesthetic appeal. Our hemp ropes are a favorite among sectors that require a touch of artistic excellence and functional elegance. Here's where our hemp ropes are making a significant impact:
  • Craft Stores & Artisans: Whether it's for macramé, weaving, or handmade decor, hemp ropes offer the quality and variety that creative minds crave.
  • Home Décor Brands: Our ropes grace interiors, adding a touch of rustic chic to modern homes. Ideal for wall hangings, plant hangers, and furniture accents.
  • DIY Enthusiasts: Our craft coils and rope by the meter are perfect for those who love to get their hands busy creating customized home pieces.
  • Wedding & Event Planners: For events that seek an eco-friendly touch, our ropes offer a beautiful, sustainable option for decorations, from backdrops to table settings.
  • Interior Designers: Incorporate our hemp ropes into your projects for an organic feel, whether it's a themed restaurant or a contemporary residence.
  • Etsy Shop Owners: Our hemp ropes are a popular choice for small-scale artisans who sell unique, handcrafted items online.
  • Textile Artists: For weaving, knotting, and other textile arts, our hemp ropes provide both strength and a pleasing texture.
  • Furniture Designers: An eco-conscious alternative for decorative or functional elements in furniture, such as wrapped chair legs or rope shelves.

Choose Hemptique as Your Wholesale Hemp Rope Provider

Choosing Hemptique as your wholesale hemp rope provider means stepping into a realm of possibilities, not just for superior quality, durable, and sustainable products but also for business growth. Purchasing wholesale allows you to enjoy significant savings, thus maximizing your profit margins. When you stock up in bulk, the lowered cost per unit grants you the flexibility to offer competitive prices or enjoy higher profits per sale, giving you the edge in the dynamic market of crafts and home décor. 

Partnering with us, you benefit from the array of our sustainable products, our global reach, and our commitment to quality and service. Let’s weave a future where sustainability and profitability go hand in hand, ensuring a prosperous journey for resellers and a greener, more vibrant world for us all.


1.    Why choose hemp ropes for different applications?
From marine uses to pet toys, our hemp ropes offer unparalleled durability, flexibility, and safety.
2.    What sizes and lengths do you offer?
We offer hemp ropes by the meter, half-kilo spools, kilo spools, and craft coils in various diameters and lengths to suit your needs. Hemp Rope by the Meter Width: 12mm, 20mm, and 40mm. Hemp Craft Rope Coils: 4mm / Approx. 30 meters, 6mm / Approx. 25 meters and 8mm / Approx. 20 meters. Hemp Rope Half Kilo Spools sizes:4mm / Approx. 41 meters (44.83 yards),6mm / Approx. 23.5 meters (25.6 yards), 8mm / Approx. 13 meters (14.21 yards). Hemp Rope Kilo Spools sizes: 4mm / Approx. 82 meters (89.68 yards), 6mm / Approx. 47 meters (51.4 yards), 8mm / Approx. 26 meters (28.43 yards).
3.    Is the color variety limited to natural and black?
4.    Do you provide samples?
Absolutely, contact our sales team to arrange for sample pieces tailored to your needs.
5.    What's the minimum order for wholesale?
Our minimum wholesale order requirement is only $250, allowing even small retailers to benefit from our range and pricing.
6.    Are these ropes safe for pets?
Yes, our hemp ropes are pet-friendly, made with natural fibers and without any harmful chemicals.
7.    What is the shipping time?
Orders are usually dispatched within 2 business days, though custom or larger orders may require additional processing time.
8.    What payment methods do you accept?
From cards to digital wallets, we offer a wide range of payment options for your convenience.