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Hemp Ruler Shoes - Black & Natural


High-quality Hemp shoe Handmade in Europe

100% Organically grown hemp upper high top shoe equipped with zipper side access

100% Organic Hemp Shoe Laces

100% Organic Hemp insoles

36 (W:5-5.5) (M:3-3.5)37 (W:6-6.5) (M:4-4.5)38 (W:7-7.5) (M:5-5.5)40 (W:9-9.5) (M:7-7.5)41 (W:10-10.5) (M:8-8.5)44 (W:13-13.5) (M:11-11.5)45 (W:14-14.5) (M:12-12.5)

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