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Hemp Atticus Shoes - Black or Natural


Shoes made from hemp, Arguably the most sustainable natural fiber are natural, vegan, and in style. If you are looking for an alternative to replace leather or toxic materials, hemp is stronger and more durable than other natural fibers, hemp uppers also soften with each wear and material that your feet will love.

Hemp material is sturdy and renewable, making it the perfect way to incorporate hemp in your wardrobe.

They have a tensile strength 8 times higher than cotton. The fibers are super long up to 18 feet. Hemp fibers have antimicrobial & antimildew, properties, naturally biodegradable, and eco-friendly wardrobe.

  • High-quality Hemp shoe Handmade in Europe
  • 100% Organically grown hemp upper high top with natural rubber soles
  • 100% Organic Hemp Shoe Laces
  • 100% Organic Hemp insoles
36 (W:5-5.5) (M:3-3.5)37 (W:6-6.5) (M:4-4.5)38 (W:7-7.5) (M:5-5.5)39 (W:7-7.5) (M:5-5.5)40 (W:9-9.5) (M:7-7.5)45 (W:14-14.5) (M:12-12.5)

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