Hemp Yarn Unwaxed - Non Polished

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Hemp Twine / Hemp Yarn

Hemp is often considered a “super fiber”. Made from the fibers of the Cannabis Plant. It’s a high-yield crop that produces considerably more fiber per acre than cotton or flax that is used in the fabrication of linen. And has exceptional durability and strength. Green and eco-friendly, biodegradable, and that when cropped replenishes nutrients to the soil and prevents erosion.

Natural Hemp Twine by Hemptique is an excellent choice for use in gardening, and landscaping. Hemp is a pure and natural Eco-friendly fiber. 

  • 100% HEMP
  • Non-Polished Finish
  • Length:
    3 ply/50g= Approx.166m*
    6 ply/50g=  Approx.83m*
    12 ply/50g=Approx.41.5m*
    18 ply/50g=Approx.27.5m*
  • Biodegradable, Eco-Friendly, and Oil-Free.

* Due to the manufacturing process, the cord may slightly vary in color and length.
**The product images shown depict the colors as accurately as possible but note that due to monitor differences and color set-ups; pictures and color tones displayed may be different than the actual product.