Hemp Cord #20 - 5 Spools - Choose Your Colors

$ 23.00
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Product Description

Value Pack! Choose 5 colors or let us choose 5 for you!

*** Please write down your colors choice in the order notes on the cart page ***

Here is a list of the colors available:

1. Black
2. Blue
3. Dark Brown
4. Dark Pink
5. Dark Purple
6. Gold
7. Green
8. Lavender
9. Light Blue
10. Light Brown
11. Light Pink
12. Lime Green
13. Natural
14. Navy
15. Orange
16. Red
17. Turquoise
18. White
19. Yellow
20. Bright Pink


Hemptique’s hemp cord is waxed and polished to eliminate stray fibers, maintain strand consistency, and enhance the brilliant colors of the product. Hemptique's Eco-Friendly and multipurpose #20 & #10 Hemp Cord can be used in many exciting ways. Whether you are a beginner or a veteran crafter, Hemptique's Hemp Cord is ideal for your creative projects