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what is hemp cord: History & uses

This article is here to inspire you to use hemp cords more often in DIY craft, jewelry and macrame projects! We are happy to guide you in discovering everything about hemp cords, including history, uses, features and where to buy the best hemp cords online. Hemp cords have been used for many products for thousands of years, and many other hemp-based cordages are very popular today, especially with artisans and jewelry makers. Still, they can be used for clothes and even furniture. Hemp is becoming more popular in recent years because of its durability and versatility. It is also eco-friendly since industrial hemp does not require any pesticides to grow. If you value sustainable and biodegradable craft supplies, you are on the right page! You will be surprised how hemp-based cordage can enrich your next handmade bracelet or necklace. 


The use of hemp rope dates back centuries. It is commonly made from the long, tough fibers of the Cannabis plant, which are often called industrial hemp. Hemp rope is used by various industries, such as construction, gardening, and even sailing. Cords are thinner than ropes and are primarily used for crafting, jewelry making and home décor. The most common type of hemp cord is twisted hemp cord or twine, which is made by twisting together two strands of hemp fiber to make a thicker fiber. The twisting process makes the fiber stronger and more durable. Basically, the hemp plant's best fibers (outer bark) are used to make hemp cord. To make yarn from raw fibers, individual fibers are twisted together to form plies. These individual plies are wound together in the opposite direction to make a thicker and stronger yarn. A yarn strand is twisted from a variety of plies. Each size is formed by twisting together one or more strands. The underlying fibers are then polished with beeswax.where can you buy hemp cordHemp is strong but is also naturally resistant to UV light, mold, and mildew. Cotton is a short strand fiber that can break down and rot, so hemp is more durable. Because hemp cord is entirely biodegradable, it is a better alternative to synthetic materials such as nylon.Many industries are searching for alternatives to many of their resources to avoid contaminating the environment due to fears about climate change. Therefore, hemp products like cords, twine and yarn are becoming an increasingly popular way to reduce the environmental impacts of large-scale production. Hopefully, hemp products will become more commonplace, providing quality without harming the planet.


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