About Hemptique

"Premium quality hemp products since 1997."

Hemptique develops and supplies premium-quality, sustainably grown, consumer friendly hemp products. 

Natural Quality is our guiding principle that is infused in everything we do. Hemptique® provides high-quality natural products at competitive prices and excellent customer service.

Hemptique® products are shipped from our distribution center in Vista, California warehouse with low turnaround time. We have developed an excellent system for managing inventory, production, and fill orders promptly. 

Quality and Sustainability go hand-in-hand at Hemptique®. The principle that "well-made and long-lasting natural  products" contribute to optimal environmental and personal health is the philosophy that guides all of Hemptique's® manufacturing decisions.
Hemptique's® "Mill-to Market" process allows us to offer extensive and effective full-scale custom order manufacturing and private label programs as well.

We provide:
Eco-focused, creative designs, special fabrics, styles and colors in addition to labeling and attractive packaging solutions.

Hemptique® uses
premier quality Fiber-reactive, Azo-free dyes that are the most environmentally-friendly man-made dyes. Their colors are bright and rich and they provide excellent colorfast properties.

Hemptique® can deliver cost-effective factory direct shipments worldwide.
A Word from Our Founder:

"Natural Quality is our signature and is the guiding principle that is infused in everything we do at Hemptique. We design and make high-quality products, while providing excellent customer service, and always finding ways to give back to the community." -Peter Nyari 

More about Hemptique and how we work:
As Hemptique® introduces hemp-focused products, we also educate the public about the many benefits of industrial hemp.
Hemptique's® ultimate goal is to make positive differences every day.
In addition to revitalizing the use of hemp and other natural fiber-based products, we are continuously developing mutual,  long-term relationships with clients and partners who value and appreciate our dedication and passion in creating more sustainable earth-friendly products.
We are in constant innovation mode to satisfy the ever creative and demanding consumer with our earth-friendly, sustainable hemp products.
 We strive to create positive experiences for every customer on any given day.
Only the very best of our ideas are carried into production under the Hemptique® brand.
 Hemptique® brand brings you premier quality and we hope you enjoy it.
Product development is Hemptique®’s business. 
Research and development make Hemptique® rise above the rest and we consider product development our specialty. We are constantly developing and creating new products and concepts – for our own brands or for our partners. Working with hemp makes innovations easy. It’s an awesome and versatile plant.
Product development with Hemptique® will help you create new, exclusive, and personalized to-your-business products.
Contact Hemptique®
about our Product Development services or Private "White" Label Production at:
store@hemptique.net or info@hemptique.net
*We assure and ensure consistently fine quality from start to finish.
Confidently Develop your Brand with Hemptique®
  1. We Listen and Communicate.
Hemptique® prides itself on working closely with our clients to develop their products.
Contact us to begin the development process. Tell us what you need. We’re here to help your products come to life. Please note The more precise and complete information we receive on your project or product needs, the faster we can start the development and production process.
  1. We Create and Communicate
After confirming the project details, we will produce a sample product for your approval. After you approve the product samples, we will initiate mass production. Production samples will be provided upon request.
  1. We Deliver and keep on communicating. *We know you need things done quickly.*
We will do our best to deliver your new product(s) on time. After production begins, our shipping department will reserve shipping space to make sure that the products are shipped on time. We want to make sure that all of our partners and clients are satisfied with the products and service they receive from us. We will follow up with you. We want your feedback.
Thank you for making Hemptique your best hemp supplier.
The Hemptique® Team.