By kilo or by yard

Hemp comes from a plant that has the ability to sustain life on our planet.  Provides warmth and it is soft like other natural textiles but with higher durability rarely found in other natural materials. Organic Hemp fiber has outstanding breathability and is biodegradable.

Hemp Fibers have good tensile strength even though other fibers have been used to create biodegradable products, like coconut and jute fibers, there is nothing that works as well as hemp does.

These ropes, threads, and/or cords have also been used in multiple ways to create all sorts of products including works of art, clothing, crafts, and handmade gifts. Cords aren’t just to tie things or hang things, they can be used to create decorated products and crafts.

Hemp was and is an organic and sustainable material for everyday use.

We want you to try these fabrics and fall in love like us and that is why you can find them by the yard or in bulk.