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Hemp Clothing and Hemp Bags 

This is an interview transcription with Chirstina Souza Ma speaking about some of our Hemp Clothing and Hemp product line. 
Christina Souza Ma: This is Christina Souza Ma here at the natural products Expo West 2016 we are having a really good time with a great company that deals with hemp. Hemptique is the name of the company and with us is Dave Schafer to tell us all about it. How are you?


Dave Schafer: Awesome we are having a great time you're at the show too we're doing a really good job we're having a great time at the show. We are kind of the only ones that do this. We are showcasing and focusing on teaching people about hemp and showing why it's the best, most environmentally friendly plant there is an all the qualities of hemp and why people should buy hemp


Christina Souza Ma: That's fantastic. There are so many great products here from the beanie like the one you have on, and you have something in your hand very cool. Can you tell us about it.

Dave Schafer: Absolutely, this is our hundred percent hemp yoga mat we use our hemp woven fabric on one side and our hemp knit fabric on the other side. It is easy to travel with. Hemp is naturally mold and mildew resistant/anti microbial. So when you are into a really good workout and you are starting to sweat. It's going to get a little less gross then some of those plastic mats that almost everyone else uses.


Christina Souza Ma: And you throw it into the washing machine?


Dave Schafer: You can absolutely throw it in to the washing machine. You can wash it by hand or you can just throw it into the washing machine. The plant is the most durable natural plant fiber there is. It is the strongest natural plant fiber in the world.


Christina Souza Ma: That's amazing. Now, they also have these amazing bags. I have here right now in my hand. This is a computer bag isn't it?


Dave Schafer: Absolutely, this is what we call a laptop bag [Hemp Bags]. It's padded for a laptop. It is very easy to travel with. If you take this right here, it opens right up. It slides right over your carry-on luggage. You could pull it through the airport. It has a zipper right here. You don't have to pull it over your shoulder right here over your carry-on and you can pull it through the airport.  It is one of the most intricate bags we have. It is useful for all your needs. It is padded on the inside for your laptop so your laptop will be safe when you're traveling with it.


Christina Souza Ma: This is fabulous. This also has a pencil section. This bag has different sections I was checking it out. It is awesome. 


Dave Schafer: There's a lot of different zipper section so you could have everything you are going to need for business your laptop your bags it has a section for papers and your folders and everything else. It is a fantastic bag. To go right along with it this is what we call our tablet bag. Our tablet bag is padded for a tablet. This one right here is our best selling bag. You can put your tablet and it also has other sections for anything else you need. The size is very convenient. You can adjusted and bunch of different ways. And it is just really a fantastic bag. And because it is made out of hemp it is very very durable and it will last forever.


Christina Souza Ma: Can you throw these in the washer?


Dave Schafer: Absolutely because hemp is such a strong fiber. The fabric is so strong. Everything is done with double stitching. We use the best zipper so that this bag will last forever.


Christina Souza Ma: They don't just do bags or beanies. They do shoes, if you could see behind me, slippers, just amazing amount of products that you came up with. 


Dave Schafer: Anything that you can do with any natural fiber like cotton we can do it with him. Hemps way more environmentally friendly fiber in cotton. If you talk about organic cotton, Hemp takes a quarter of the amount of water to grow given the same acreage. You get twice the amount of fiber within that acre using hemp. There is no need for herbicides or pesticides when you grow. So everything about it is fantastic. It renews the soil so it is a great in between crop so in 3 to 4 months it grows to 18 foot tall, you chop it down and you can go with whatever you other crop is whether it is spring time or the fall. 


Christina Souza Ma: That is really amazing. Thank you so much. You even have cooking pads, and oh my gosh you have bath mitts


Dave Schafer: We have everything from thread to bath robs to Hemp Frisbee. You name it we tried to make it. It is really fun for us to push the limits of what we can do with this fiber. 


Christina Souza Ma: That is so fabulous. Thank you so much for sharing this with us. I look forward to seeing your bags in the market more and more. 


Dave Schafer: Absolutely, everyday you are going to see more and more stores start to carry this. Look out for Hemptique in the market place. If you have any questions about anything HEMP please call in. Very knowledgeable staff and we will educate you and why you should buy hemp.


Christina Souza Ma: Where can people look for you? 


Dave Schafer: and you can find our cords in every major craft store around the world. All our products go to Our contact information is there. Call in if you have questions and feel free to email and we will respond to you right away. 


Christina Souza Ma: Thank you for joining me at Natural products West 2016. Look for us at

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